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Friday, January 15, 2010

Man Wants Wellsboro To Regulate Indoor Furnaces

Council encourages use of seasoned wood in Wellsboro

Sun Gazette Correspondent

WELLSBORO - The borough will put information with its next water and sewer bill, imploring residents who burn firewood to follow certain guidelines "to achieve a clean burn and reduce smoke pollution."

Among guidelines are seasoning wood properly, choosing the right size stove and maintaining a clean chimney.

However, according to one resident, that is not enough. Ron Patt of Highland Street told council that it should do more about the pollution caused by indoor furnaces, including considering an ordinance to regulate indoor furnaces. More....


Anonymous said...

After reading the linked article it looks like people need to stop complaining about their neighbor, unless they want to pay the heating bill of an alternative heating source that would not smell.

To the ban on Jake brakes. give me a break. If they don't like the noise it makes, move. Trucking is one of the few businesses that are still hiring.

Anonymous said...

"councilmen had met with the resident in question and looked at the specs for the stove. "It met all the standards," he said, although he noted the homeowner was going to add 3 feet to his smokestack."

Patt said that wouldn't make a difference.

I guess even when you meet all the specs and willingly rise you smokestack this neighbor is not happy.

Guess he needs to live out in the wilderness if he feels he needs to be judge and jury! Go live somewhere where you are all by yourself, get over it!

As far as the jake brakes go, trucks have been in the Wellsboro area for many many years and now they have one more regulation to follow?! They should all park their trucks and tell you wood burners to freeze and let your shelves in your stores go empty!

Unknown said...

1St Admendment - Freedom of Speech

IF people would use common sense, alot of these regs (both proposed and in effect) wouldn't be needed.

UNFORTUNATELY, not all people have common sense. And in the long run a lot of these regs cause additional headache for both business and homeowner.

Anonymous said...

Gotta be a Dem.... Move if you dont like it. Miami probably has very few wood stoves.

Anonymous said...

If you extend the hight of the stacks they will not draft and you will have many more house fires. I wonder if all these people that are complaining ever had a campfire. Probably that will be next. You probably can't even have a fire in your back yard and roast marshallows or hot dogs.What about the pellet stoves. Those pellets are compressed with glue or something like that. This is just crazy.pay my gas bill and I will quit burning wood.

Anonymous said...

People have been burning wood to heat their homes for centuries. All of a sudden, its offensive? Maybe instead of government attacking the people just trying to make ends meet, they should attack the utility and energy companies for their overpriced products. They are the ones forcing people to use alternate sources of heat. Whether you have always lived in this area or relocated, you have to be a fool to think we will stop burning wood for heat.

Borough Bob said...

Any body who is burning in one now should be grandfathered anyways so Ron Patt can go to where the smoke and fire is always billowing.

Borough Bob

Anonymous said...

maybe they should tax fire wood like cigarettes , you know the state has to get its pockets full.

lisa said...

I hope if that guy's house ever burns down that he gets fined for polluting the air. what a fuctard.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, good one! I've never heard of that variety of tards before!

lisa said...

yep they exist i think they come from fuctardia.just east of where the dildines come from.

Oz said...

Saw it coming before this happened.

First the outdoor wood boilers then the indoor wood burning heating systems.

Some people should not live in towns or neighborhoods, nit pick, complain and bitch, ya that sounds about right!