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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Medical Marijuana OK'd In New Jersey

NJ approves medical marijuana bill

This is about suffering and pain and compassion

Doctors would be able to prescribe the drug, which would only be available from government-regulated dispensaries.

TRENTON - Both of New Jersey's legislative bodies approved a medical marijuana bill Monday, clearing the way for Gov. Jon S. Corzine to sign the measure and make New Jersey the 14th state to legalize the drug's use for medical reasons.

The medical marijuana measure was approved by the Assembly in the early afternoon by a vote of 48-14. The Senate approved it later in the night by a vote of 25-13.

Proponents said the passage would help ease the suffering of patients with terminal or debilitating illnesses. They noted that the bill would permit doctors to prescribe the drug to patients suffering from a set list of illnesses and that patients would be able to obtain the drug only from government-regulated dispensaries. Patients would not be able to cultivate the drug at home and would be able to purchase a maximum of 2 ounces each month.

"We are the strictest state. We have the most oversight and most controls," Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, D-15th of Princeton, said in a speech on the Assembly floor before the vote. "In the end this will provide the opportunity for people to be able to use marijuana compassionately. This is an opportunity to relieve their suffering." More....


squirrel said...

now we can only hope that the potheads in pennsylvania will move too new jersey

Anonymous said...

nah, they have a list of specific ailments that you must have one of in order to get the medical mary jane

regardless of that, this is one step in the right direction. it starts with ending suffering and pain, it end with ending prohibition.

Anonymous said...

Amen 6:49
As one who suffers pain from an incurable disease, I am totally opposed to "medical marijuana".
Most of those pushing for this have a much larger agenda: getting pot use to be more common than it already is and then fully legalized.

Anonymous said...

Why not. It is a naturally occuring substance. This is about control. Who cares what a person does to their own body. However, they should also be ready to accept the consequences of their actions and not look to everyone else to help them after they have screwed themselves up. Let people know the what possible outcome a certain behavior might have and let them decide on their own.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 11:56.

Legalize it.

Mr Realistic said...

I care what people do to their own bodies, becasue it is usually the people that are abusing stuff like this that end up at the hospital and don't have health insurance and the taxpayer has to foot the bill in one way or another. Poison Ivy occurs naturually to, but you don't see people rubbing it all over themselves!!! Coal occurs naturally to......why don't we server that up to you on a plate for a week.

Come on people...the naturally occurring herb argument doesn't work any more. It is plain and simple...pot is an illegal drug and it impairs your abilities.....period!!!!!chams

Anonymous said...

Like I said, they should take responsibility for their own actions. Step up and take care of yourself. This nanny state crap needs to stop while there us still a state.

Bad for Business said...

Its people like you who claim marijuana is so bad for society, that child molesters walk freely on probation. You want strict laws to stop people from consuming a natural herb. Where is the thought of punishing the people who kill the souls of our kids by molesting them. None of you ignorant pieces of crap would rather vote on stricter punishments for chesters. You got your heads in your ass's and want people to do as you please. You guys want to keep hiding the facts that one of your family members is a child molester that is why you do not push our government for strict punishment on molesters. You would rather something with less damage and meaning be prosecuted on a higher level. You guys make it ok for someone to make a child a victim, but if an adult smoke weed they are the worst criminal in history. Well this goes out to you all who think marijuana should not be used medically. I hope you get MS, Cancer, or A.I.D's and suffer on your high potent narcotics the government prefers to hand out so you can Die Quicker.

Anonymous said...

Yes, like prescription drugs are so wonderful. Look at how many people abuse them and sell them illegaly on the streets.

Anonymous said...

8:56 Two words: Sadistic/Narcissis!

Two of the best quailities someone should have has they argue for legalization of a drug!