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Friday, January 22, 2010

Rescued horse dies from ordeal

Rescued horse dies from ordeal
Courier Express
HAZEN - Wrangler, the horse whose rescue from an ice- and water-filled ditch stirred volunteers to rescue him and touched the hearts of those who found out about it, has died.

Jennifer Fitzgerald described Wrangler's passing, noting that he was her daughter Mackenzie's first horse.

Wrangler was trapped in an icy ditch on the night of Jan. 13 and was rescued by the Fitzgerald family, members of the Jefferson County Animal Response Team, the Warsaw Volunteer Fire Department and veterinarian Dr. William Wise. In all, 50 people helped in the rescue. More...


Bridget Reed Photography said...

That's so sad :( I was pulling for Wrangler.

Anonymous said...

so sorry for your loss of Wrangler, remember he is now in a better place, and you will be with him again someday. I also feel your pain as I lost my horse about a month ago. Horses are wonderful friends, remember the good times, until you meet again.

Anonymous said...

as avid horse lovers here ourselves we feel your pain. Rest in peace Wrangler.