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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Will Corporations Elect Our Next President?

Go Green...........


Anonymous said...

Corporations are not our enemies! They make jobs. They employ people. They are not faceless entities. They are owned by American citizens. Corporations are "us". Get a grip.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Thank you so much for the lesson in corporations. I am really happy that they limit stock to only American Citizens, as I was really concerned that we might end up with a Chinese or Mexican president next time. I can stop worrying now. Corporations 'R' US.

Leo said...

Bought and paid for.
Rule by corporation and globalization go hand in hand. Globalization destroys national sovereignty. Another word for the synthesis of government and corporations is fascism. Fascism is extreme right wing, and the fake staged left-right party pendulum will swing further right as Obama sets the stage with failure on the left. The host of the Whatreallyhappened.com radio show says that fascism is what you get when capitalism fails. Ross Perot wrote a book "Not For Sale at Any Price." Ron Paul tried to bring us back to our Constitutional roots. Clinton/Bush/Obama = total globalist sellouts. The Supreme Court is confirming that private money can buy government control. Big Media entertains us with Hope and Change, and continue to tell us who the enemies are, and international money interests continue to buy and control us. Two links to share with you. Wake up or lick boots.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know where to begin 8:41.....................

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones,
You're usually on the right track w/ your political analysis and from time to time I totally agree with Leo. I'm a big Ron Paul fan.

But instead of the propaganda video I suggest reading this article which explains what the case was about and what the Supreme Court actually ruled on:


People own corporations and work for them. As far as "free speech" goes corporations should have it too. This decision upheld "free speech" it didn't thwart it.

In fact if you think contributing to candidate's campaigns or even saying a candidate should win or lose an election is "speech" which it is! Corporations are severely limited. They cannot contribute to federal elections or any state or local elections in Pa or on the federal level pay for any advertising that endorses the election or defeat of any candidate.

On this one I would say get the facts before suggesting we fire the Supreme Court or going green.
Roger Shalansky

Anonymous said...

They may not be able to contribute big bucks to elections but they continue to lobby in their best interest!!