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Saturday, February 6, 2010

PA Lumber Museum Member Drive

Lumber Museum Associates Member Drive Underway


An organization formed more than three decades ago to partner with the state in support of the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum in central Potter County has launched its 2010 membership drive. Supporters have many options for membership, from a basic affiliation at $10 for singles or $15 for families to other levels.

Pennsylvania Lumber Museum Associates, which has more than 300 members, has been supporting museum programs, projects, events and exhibits. Major PALMA projects have included construction of two log cars, restoration of a Barnhart log loader, relocation and preservation of a Civilian Conservation Corps log cabin built in 1936 and many others. PALMA also started the popular Bark Peelers’ Convention.

More information is available at 435-2652, or at the website,


Anonymous said...

This is a nice place and a good association but they just received a very large amount from the state, our tax dollars that should go a long way for a long time!

Remember your local libraries and fire companies too!

The state cut the funding again on libraries, help them with donations if you can.

Anonymous said...

they are getting 5 million from the state which is a joke. how many people visit the museum every year.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we hear, towns, counties, states and the Federal Government are broke and working in the red. So what do they all do? SPEND, SPEND, SPEND. They just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

This is a project that was in the works and approved LONG LONG before the Great Ression of the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if it was approved "LONG LONG before the Great Recession" you idiot. It is NOT needed. The money could be used in more practical ways. Yep, SPEND, SPEND, SPEND. That's all our illustrious so-called leaders know how to do. And with OUR money and we don't even have a say in how it is spent. It's a free country we live in all right. FREE SPENDING.

Oz said...

February 7, 2010 7:45:00 PM
You are so right!

Anonymous said...

Geez 7:45!!! Chillaxe!!! 4:35 was just saying a simple fact! Not that they agreed or disagreed, just a fact!!!

Why is it that the ones calling other's "idiots" seem to carry the title the best....r~e~l~a~x

Anonymous said...

What a waste of money... someone is playing pocket pool with the right people to get this type of money and really, for what? So you can see what kind of buck saw was used 100 years ago..... WHOOHOOO!!

Anonymous said...

Geee ... then I guess Smithsonian (spelling) in Washington is a big waste of money.

Anonymous said...

The Lumber Museum receiving a 5 million dollar grant (our tax money) is a joke. The director and the folks who were in the picture a while back supporting this boondoggle should be responsible and reject this prime example of pork and government largesse. Use some of the money to get a dialysis unit at Charles Cole and send the remaining $4.5 million back.

John Q Public said...

So I guess that we should quit spending any money on maintenance for the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian, and the Jefferson Memorial too? At least some of our tax money is getting spent in the area.....

waste said...

Maintenance money for the Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument and the Smithsonian is one thing, we do not need 5 million to maintain our Lumbermans' museum, they are expanding it, why?!

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen when they start asking for handouts to renovate the Potter County courthouse this year?

Anonymous said...

Let the courthouse rot and fall down. Not our problem. Leave it for the next generation as long as it keeps our taxes down.

Anonymous said...

Maintain what we have, and that included the Potter County Court House, that 5 million could have really helped out that building, we do not need expansion like the Federal Government!

Jobs, jobs, jobs, ya quit a few more Federal government jobs were put into place from the federal tax money we pay in! Or the money that they just keep printing when we do not have enough from our taxes paid in!

That is the point, no need to keep expanding just maintain!