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Monday, March 8, 2010

Dairy Farmer To Quit Farming/ Pay $12,920.00 Fine For Manure

DEP Reaches Penalty Agreement for Fish Kill in Fulton County
Responsible Farmers to Pay Fine, Cease Operations by May 1

HARRISBURG -- Three operators of a Fulton County dairy farm responsible for a November 2009 fish kill in Big Cove Creek, Fulton County, have paid $12,920 and will cease agricultural operations, according to officials with the Department of Environmental Protection and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

Under a consent order and agreement with the state agencies, Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Hege and Mr. Glen Hege will vacate their leased farm near McConnellsburg by May 1. The Heges failed to manage the farm’s manure and manure lagoon adequately.

The lagoon discharges into Big Cove Creek, which is a tributary of Licking Creek in the Potomac River basin.

“Given an option, the Heges chose to cease farming operations and vacate the McConnellsburg site rather than perform major upgrades needed to bring the facility into compliance,” said DEP South-central Regional Director Rachel Diamond. “As part of the agreement, the Heges developed and must now implement an interim manure management plan for this farm, as well as develop and implement comprehensive nutrient management and agricultural erosion control plans for a farm they lease in southern Huntington County.”

Farms in Pennsylvania that conduct plowing or tilling activities are required to have written erosion and sedimentation plans. Those that generate, store and/or apply manure are required to have written manure management plans.

Under terms of the agreement, the Heges paid a $10,000 penalty to the Clean Water Fund and a $2,920 penalty to the Fish and Boat Commission.

The Fulton County Conservation District assisted in this case and will continue to provide technical review and further assistance along with the Huntingdon County Conservation District.

For more information, visit, keyword: Manure Management.


Anonymous said...

Yo have got to be "shitting" me!

Even farmers are regulated to DEATH, hope we all do not mind drinking imported NON-REGULATED milk because that is what is in our future!!!

Anonymous said...

truck the stuff to D.C.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to the Ulysses farmer who spelled out D-I-L-D-I-N-E in the snow with manure to protest the Big Brother DEP tactics.
No wonder our farmer's are leaving the business.

Timm said...

I wonder if the gam commission is required to have a Turkey shit plan and a Deer shit plan?

Anonymous said...

where do law enforcement go when they are out in the country or woods?

Anonymous said...

just more BS in this area to open the doors for the gas well drillers and the upcoming wind farms.No wonder there is a decline in the wildlife population in Nortern Pa

Anonymous said...

Dump it on the White House lawns or deliver it to N.pelosi residence

Anonymous said...

they are running people out of business, which means jobs are being lost, which means the cost of products are going to skyrocket...

our gov't is a joke

Anonymous said...

Torrey's got a picture of the dildine protest sign made out of manure and should post it on the Conversation District website and send it to the newspapers to be printed. Take that DEP! Leave out farmers alone so they can stay in business.

Anonymous said...

No wonder milk is so high. It isn't the farmer that gets the money. It is the big wigs sitting in a big beautiful office thinking of all this shit to give to the farmers. Lets fire all of them and get back to basics. I thought shit was a good fertilizer to make thier crops grow. Oh No they want the farmers to buy it. Its a bunch of hog wash oh I mean cow wash.

Anonymous said...

Large farming operations are needed to provide for our country's
nutritional needs. The environment has needs too. Water pollution, whether done by frac water, a local roadside dump (yes, we all know they still exist), an oil spill, fertilizer from lawns,etc. is STILL water pollution. If the offending source is large enough to seep into the water table and streams, causing damage, then an alternative way of dealing with the offending spills,seepages, and run-offs needs to be found. May-be that's easier said than done, but we're not a nation of idiots. Harder problems than that have been solved, and not always by rocket scientists. Some large farm operations contain the methane gas put out by tremendous amount of animal waste, and turn it into energy for power in other areas. I bet the extension offices know something about this.
Eating a fresh caught fish, swimming in a deep spot in the creek, filling the backyard pool or wondering about the water source used by your community is NOT SOMETHING citizens should have to worry about!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Everybody is regulated to death, but farmers should be held to the same scrutiny as the oil and gas industry etc. Everyone seems to get a little more emotional when it is a farm for some reason. If people choose to keep Pennsylvania a Democratic state this is what we are up against.

Anonymous said...

It’s the peeing; not the pooping; that will get you in trouble every time!!!

Anonymous said...

Did ALL you people miss the point of this article?

The discharge was SO BAD it caused a major fish kill!

Do we need a state filled with fish-less creeks?

Can you imagine how bad the discharge had to be, to kill all the fish in the creek?

What is so bad about our "evil government" protecting a little bit of our environment for a change?

Had the "farmers" and I use that term lightly, been good stewards of the land, and abided by reasonable laws, they wouldn't have had to pay a fine.

Anonymous said...

What about all the salt and salt brine the state places on the roads in the winter? In the summer its well brine to keep the dust down, what heavy metals are in that soup?

Anonymous said...

I saw the giant DILDINE sign on the snowy hillside by Torrey's but did not connect it with DEP. What is the connection?

Ugotta B Kiddin said...

I'll hang up my fishing pole for a glass of cold milk any sday of the week. 11:11....are you going to be so adamant about this when the frack water kills everything in pine creek when the ice thaws????

Anonymous said...

On the road that branches off toward Oswayo coming off Rt. 44 in Millport there is a huge sign up in the snow on the side hill that says "Dildine." Is this some message to DEP? It looks like it was spelled out with logs or like the person on here said maybe with cow chips.

Anonymous said...

I seen the D-I-L-D-I-N-E on the hillside but the snow is melting and it is hard to see. It is just off Coneville (not Millport) and if you want to send a digital picture to DEP I can send you my phone picture by email. Pretty cool sign. Did Torreys do it?

Think Green said...

D - I - L - D - I - N - E

A more effective and lasting effect would be to plant pine trees spelling out the word.

Like they did some years back in Gold. The word G - O - L - D was spelled out by planting pine trees on the hillside in Gold.