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Monday, March 22, 2010

Geisinger Says Health Care Bill Good For Most



Oz said...

Geisinger is a good hospital so I am not taking anything away from them with my thoughts on this matter BUT Geisinger does not participate with Medicare for the retired workers. If you have heart problems in Northern PA and are life flight you darn well better make sure they take you to Sayre PA.

Sure Blue Cross wants more people to BUY their insurance as they have the market cornered in PA. Their premiums are a joke, our coverage has gone up over 100.00 since July of 2009 and we have yet to use the insurance! And with Obama cares new tax on health insurance companies I do not see our monthly premiums going down EVER as they will pass this cost on to us the consumer.

Geisinger does NOT participate with quit a few insurance companies they have their own insurance plan and coverage. Well we do not live in Danville PA and have to have insurance hospitals in are area participate with so we get screwed!

Anonymous said...

poster 9:26 pm. yes they do accept medicare.100%

Anonymous said...

why would the insurance companies raise costs for us. lets not forget all the money they will be saving as their will be no need for lobbying creating huge savings for them.

Anonymous said...

There will not be caps (AS WE USE TO HAVE ON ELEC) on what they can charge.

There is nothing saying that pre-existing conditons will be as cheap as healthy premiumns.

Anonymous said...

"yes they do accept medicare.100%"
You are right, BUT only if you have their insurance plan!

Anonymous said...

You ask why health care insurance goes up? I've done some research on this because I personally thought it was "greed."

Greed has a play no doubt but the BIGGEST Issue is the current health of the American population.

Overweight people in America has sky rocketed, which causes numerous of other health related issues. There's a BK, McD's, Wendy's, Arby's on EVERY Corner in America. Many of us grew up without any of these fast food joints, well we all did living in Coudy.

This is not a bill we needed. I'm not against HC Reform, what I'm against were all the backroom deals, the taxes that will come with this and I want to be able to purchase my HC Insurance where ever I please, not just in PA. Plus in this bill the government took complete control over student loans. Socialism will be here, if we don't wake up and vote'em out!

Anonymous said...

Student Loans is ONE of the riders hidden in the Health Care Reform bill.

Who knows what else is hidden there.

Anonymous said...

Some facts we received via e-mail as our young adult is in college and has student loans:

How The Federal Student Loan Overhaul Affects Students, If Enacted

You will soon apply for all federal loans directly through your college. All lending from the bank-based Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) would be transferred to the Direct Loan Program. Private banks will no longer lend government-backed loans to students and all federal loans will originate in the Direct Loan Program.

(so the student will be charged at a higher interest rate)

Pell Grant funding will be increased. The government will use $61 billion in savings over 10 years to help boost the Pell Grant Program and other education priorities. With this, the government will be able to better meet the high demand for the Pell Grant and more students will receive needed aid.

(at what house hold income level? If you are a 2 income family, good luck qualifying for very much IF ANY amount of money)

Student loan borrowers will get a $1.5 billion expansion of income-based repayment options. This means that the burden of debt on recent graduates will be lower as the funds will go to income-based repayment programs for those with low income.

(to keep you in debt for longer and pay more interest to the Federal government!)

Increased aid would be directed to historically black, Hispanic, and tribal colleges. These schools will receive an additional $2.55 billion over the next 10 years.

(Does this surprise anyone? Not me!)