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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two Natural Gas Lobbying Organizations May Become One

Two Pennsylvania Gas/Oil Organizations Expected To Merge

Potter County Today

pogamTwo state organizations representing energy companies large and small are nearing a merger in preparation for natural gas production that is expected to reach historic proportions in the next several years. If the merger is approved by both memberships, the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association (POGAM) and the Independent Oil and Gas Association of Pennsylvania (IOGA), will become one organization — the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association.

Some companies have joined both organizations. IOGA-PA has at least 500 members. POGAM, one of the nation’s oldest oil and gas trade organizations, formed in 1918, has between 200 and 250 members.

iogaIn a notice of the proposed merger, POGAM observed, “Marcellus Shale drilling has attracted the attention of landowners, regulators and legislators — not to mention radical environmental activists — to our operations. Never before has our industry so needed a strong unified voice advocating for our cause.” Veteran industry leader Lou D’Amico will initially serve as president and executive director of PIOGA. For details on the merger:


Anonymous said...

Radical environmental activists?? I think they mean anyone who cares more about the health and welfare of the earth and our ability to live on it than the immediate almighty dollar.

Anonymous said...

merge & creat a monopoly & charge whatever you want

Anonymous said...

"I think they mean anyone who cares more about the health and welfare of the earth and our ability to live on it than the immediate almighty dollar."

What is "define tree hugger?


I'll take wacky pot heads for $500.00, Alex...

Anonymous said...

Too bad the wind energy companies didn't get this kind of excessive promotion on the county commissioners blog. God's country might have had to deal with such major issues as "flicker shock" versus those minor things like water and soil contamination, busted up roads and tons of machinery and pipelines all over the countryside. Wonder where these will go when the boom goes bust???

Anonymous said...

... they sure aren't gonna maintain them or take them with them when they are done.

Anonymous said...

Why don't some of you naysayers that contstantly complain that the roads will be destroyed and the companies will just leave without repairing them or that all the drinking water will be contaminated contact the supervisors of Towanda or any nearby township. I am quite sure they would be happy to fill you in on the positive experience they have had with natural gas companies.

I would tell you to go over and stay in a local hotel and spend a day there but you won't get a room. They are all booked from workers in the natural gas industry. They also keep the gas stations and restaurants full so you may want to add some additional time in case you plan on eating and filling up there.

Maybe if people took the time to actually get educated before spouting off on blogs, there wouldn't be quite as much bitching.

Anonymous said...

AMEN 9:22 pm...We work in Towanda,for the last 18 months.Pay $2000 month for a ROOM.Maintain our home in Coudersport,pay all LOCAL,state,property taxes here.And have NEVER worked here.There are MANY of us from Coudersport doing this.

Brother Nature said... need to come out of your house and drive some of the roads around here that are being pounded by the over weight water trucks. Do you think the gas companies are going to fix the roads? For every article that you find about the positive experiences of natural gas well drilling, I can find a negative one for you. The proof is in the facts.....we have already had multiple incidents with frac water contamination and overweight trucks. You should feel guilty for being on the side of these multi-billion dollar companies while the DESTROY our county just so a few hotel and restaurant owners can make some money. Sure...they do give jobs to some local people, but the cost to the environment is not worth the price.

Anonymous said...

So only the hotels and the food places are going to make money? You can't be taken seriously when you are so closed minded. Not only will the hotels and food places make a pile, how about the landowners, excavators, gravel pits, landscapers, grocery stores, log companies, pipe suppliers, garages... Seems like everyone but the hippie 60's guy trying to keep his rented 1/10 acre "untouched, untamed, unspoiled."


Anonymous said...

Thank you 11:14. I don't recall,but did this kind of complaining go on when big log trucks were on the road so much, or trucks carrying around loads from stone quarries, or cement and gravel trucks? I hope not because there will be more of them traveling the highways as our economy grows too!

Anonymous said...

Can a guy owning a few thousand acres keep the person owning the mineral rights underneath from destroying his land (clear cutting the right of way, putting in the wells and pipelines, access roads)?

Anonymous said...

Nope. They own the rights to the minerals and have reasonable access to get them. You will be fairly compensated for the damage though.

Anonymous said...

"You will be fairly compensated for the damage though."

When HELL freezes over!!! Just as the state of Pennsylvania right???

Anonymous said...

"They own the rights to the minerals and have reasonable access to get them."

DAMN!!! I wished I owned the mineral rights under downtown Coudersport!!!

Really? said...

I am so tired of listening to you people piss and moan about log trucks and logging companies, why don't you all wipe your ass with plastic then?!

It is just unbelievable, you do no know just how much money logging companies and log trucks pay to the state of PA and Fed's in fuel tax, road tax, road bonding fees, road repair fees, permit fees and the list goes on and on.

NOW, maybe you all should contact Fast Eddie and ask him WHY this money is not being put back into the area it is being paid in. Maybe you should ask him why he is spending this money South of 80 when we companies North of 80 are paying this money and these fees to maintain and repair the roads and bridges we use!

Every business in PA is taxed and regulated by Harrisburg, maybe some of you complaining about the roads should make a few phone calls because believe you me some of us have been paying out the nose for years!