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Friday, March 5, 2010

Overweight Trucks Taken Seriously In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania state police issue $26,000 in fines for overweight trucks

Vehicles owned by Texas-based energy company

By Jason Whong •jwhong@gannett.com
Star Gazette

Truck drivers for an energy industry services company were fined for weight violations over two consecutive days in Wysox this week.

State police in Towanda issued more than $26,000 in fines to drivers from 5J Oilfield Services LLC of Palestine, Texas, after stops Tuesday and Wednesday.

Police said Larry J. Russell, 25, of Weatherford, Texas, was driving a truck on U.S. Route 6 in Wysox at about 3 p.m. Tuesday when they found the truck was in violation of its permit.

Police seized the permit and weighed the vehicle. More...


Brother Nature said...

Yeehaw!!! Go get 'em boys!!! Make 'em work to ruin our water supply and roads!!!!

Anonymous said...

$26,000.00 - That's nothing to them.

We see a penny on the ground and walk right on by. They see $26,000.00 on the ground and they walk right on by.

Anonymous said...


lol, yeah, that should cover it.

Anonymous said...

Brother Nature......why don't we ever see anything in the newspapers when a log truck is caught in vialation of its permit.

Why do you always have to bring up the subject of water when any article pertaining to natural gas is brought up.

You either have way too much time on your hands and need a hobby or your attitude has driven all who knew you away with your less than optimistic attitude.

If you are so knowledgable of this industry and have so much to say.......sign your name and quit hiding behind a blog.

Brother Nature said...

1)Traffic violations are not published in the paper.

2) I bring up water contamination because the gas drilling industry doesn't want anyone to see the downside of hydro-fracturing. I've been adding roads onto my opinions because the water trucks are destroying them.

3)Why should I be optimistic about these companies invading our beautiful county and driving their overloaded trucks on our road? There is no gain for the general public in this endeavor, but there is a lot to lose if they screw up our water table.

4) I've never said that I'm all knowing about the industry...I'm going strictly by the posts as they come up.

5) This is a blog site...it is meant for people to post their opinions such as I do. If you don't want to hear my opinion, then don't read it.

I apologize if the truth hurts....

Also...I like how you signed your name too...Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The way folks here harass & gossip about people who disagree with them, only a foolish person would put their name on here. I personally can't wait for the incoming rape of the land here, it's my ticket out, my property should fetch a nice price in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Spring Road thaw will be a big issue


A combination of the annual March thaw and a parade of heavily laden trucks involved in the gas exploration boom is wreaking havoc on the region’s roadways. An example of the vanishing roads is this view Wednesday morning along Clapper Hill Road (SR 1001), a formerly paved road in Stevens Township that’s become a mud bog. PennDOT has closed the road, except for local traffic, between Stevensville and Silvara while repairs, which are expected to take about a week, are underway. Meanwhile, local residents are finding alternative routes and traveling extra miles to get to work.

t’s an ugly combination: The annual March thaw coupled with a continual procession of heavily laden trucks involved with the natural gas boom.

The result is that local roadways are disappearing, forcing motorists to travel alternate routes. Karen Bond, a Clapper Hill resident, said she is being forced to drive an additional 10 miles to get to and from her job each day,

On Wednesday, PennDOT announced that it closed the Clapper Hill Road, SR1001, which runs between Stevensville and Silvara, except for local traffic. The reason, according to PennDOT, is “severe deterioration.”

Local residents say there are quagmires along portions of the entire roadway where the pavement is gone and motorists are confronted with deep, muddy ruts.

Meanwhile, dump trucks and water trucks headed to and from well sites on Clapper Hill continue to roll.

PennDOT said “responsible parties have been contacted and are completing repairs.” Those responsible parties are presumably gas exploration companies.

It’s expected to take about a week to complete the repairs to SR1001 according to PennDOT.

Same Story in Terry Township

It’s pretty much the same story anywhere a parade of heavy trucks travel country roads not designed to handle the pounding.

In Terry Township, Trudy Gerlach said SR 2015, which runs near Spring Lake, is destroyed. “The road is gone,” she said. “There is no road.”

Anonymous said...

Listen I have been doing this for a long time and yall dont like it right now but when everything starts producing and money starts rolling in. Your roads will be better than before and you will be alot happier about life.One thing that is not going to happen is the police can only do so much and then it turns into harrasment and that want be good for them.They think they are getting somewhere and they are not. There is to much money involved.(like the saying goes money talks and bull.... walks)The people around here must not know how far up the totumpoll this goes.But you can probably guess right.So everybody just be patient it will get better.