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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Recap Of Today's News From Gerri

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Aaron Martin,24 of Coudersport, has been sentenced to spend six months on probation and pay a $100 fine for disorderly conduct and spend eight days in jail with credit for time served, followed by a consecutive term of six months probation and pay a $100 fine for simple assault. He was also ordered to perform 50 hours of community service.

According to Potter County DA Andy Watson, Martin was arrested this past September 9 for an incident at the Northwoods Tavern. Martin followed Mark Carpenter of Coudersport out of the bar and grabbed him by the hood. Several patrons broke up the fight and Martin went to his truck to retrieve a knife , approaching the bar.

A witness grabbed Martin and put him in a headlock, causing Martin to drop the knife and leave the scene. More News...


Anonymous said...

Love your post Gerri!!


Anonymous said...

PS: Next time a fight breaks out, charge admission & call it entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Only thin is sum ppl dont know jack bout wht hapen and jes say martin mess up but ther mor 2 it an no dildine get nortwods tavrn parklot

First Impression said...

"Only thing is some people don't know jack about what happened and just say Martin messed up. But there's more to it."

For those of us who made it past eight grade.

Point well taken, but 99% of the public will believe what they read or hear first.

So you have to get to them first.

Anonymous said...

Cop say knife but martin dont try hurt none ppl jes gess he got dildines in truk so what they his.

Anonymous said...

Dude he didn't have dildines in the truck and if you get your facts strait you know the cops done what they had to do.