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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simulation Training Added At Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

Simulation Training

by Lucy Lajscak,
Patient safety and compliance officer
Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

Providing safe, reliable, and coordinated healthcare is one of Charles Cole Memorial Hospital’s Promises and Commitments.

Effective teamwork and communication are critical requirements for the delivery of safe, reliable, and coordinated care and maintaining a culture of safety. One method that has long been used in healthcare to sharpen teamwork and communication skills is practicing potential real-life scenarios, an example of which is conducting “mock codes.”

However, a powerful teamwork and communication training method used in other industries, such aviation, known as “simulation training,” is gaining momentum in healthcare. Simulation training takes teamwork and communication to the next level of sophistication.

With the use of a life size, life like, computer-operated mannequin (“the simulator”), trainees have the opportunity to manage real life, unpredictable or unusual medical emergencies in a training environment, and hone teamwork and communication skills which are so critical in emergent situations.

The resources needed to purchase and to maintain computerized simulators and to develop the associated curriculum are significant. Consequently, it is not unusual to find simulation training in larger or academic medical facilities but not in small, rural hospitals – that is, until now!

Recognizing the potential that simulation training has to advance patient safety, CHART Institute, an arm of the hospital’s insurance carrier, CHART Services, is helping to make simulation training a reality for its members, including Charles Cole Memorial Hospital.

CHART Institute is funding the purchase of simulators for its members similar to those used in leading medical schools and will also be assisting with training on the use of the simulator and with curriculum development. CHART’s simulation training program launched this year and Charles Cole is slated to join the program by the end of this year.

Simulation training is another step being taken by the hospital to meet its Promise and Commitment to provide safe, reliable, and coordinated healthcare. We look forward to partnering with CHART Institute in this ambitious initiative.


Ryan Butler said...

Gail is the best nurse we have here at CCMH. Hands down

Anonymous said...

We agree with the 7:10:00 am post! Brent and Cathy