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Thursday, March 11, 2010




With Census Day April 1, 2010 less than 1 month away, the United States Census Bureau is recruiting workers to fill various positions. The part time temporary jobs offer good pay, good hours, paid training, and the ability to work close to home. The pay ranges from $11.75 for census takers to $13.25 for crew leaders.

Applicants are required to take and pass a test, must be 18 or older, and pass a background check.

Preference is given to veterans and U.S. Citizens,. More information including a practice test is available at this web site , or call 1-800-801-2010, to learn about testing scheduled for your area.


Anonymous said...

I got mine this morning in Roulette, it wasn't even for my address. It was for the neighbor 2 doors down, but I hadn't noticed this until I filled it out. I called the neighbor and he got the one for the house between us. This means that there are 3 and possibly more that are out there at the wrong address. Apparently the Census workers couldn't care less who gets what, as all of our addresses are clearly marked.
I called the census bureau, and after 1 hour on the phone with 3 people, 2 of them supervisors, I was told that if I don't mail it in, they will send someone out to ask the questions. When I explained that they will be sending someone to the neighbor, not me they seemed puzzled... Not brain surgery here... So it appears that if the person that got my questionaire fills it out and sends it in, then that will be tallied as my response, and if they don't then I will get a visit. Apparently these people could care less if the census is accurate as well. I was told I could fill out a blank one, but if they get the one that is bar coded, it will override the hand filled one as to prevent duplicates...

In a nut shell, I suggest that you all check the front of your questionaire to make sure you have the one that is for your address in Roulette, cause the girl handing them out is clueless...

Oz said...

You are right, CLUELESS, that is our federal government!

Why would they waste our hard earned money we pay in in the form of Federal Tax to send us notices that we will be receiving our forms soon! Talk about waste of money, idiots, we have over paid idiots running our country!

Why should this be any different than the social security, post office and medicare programs?! Darn near nothing surprises me anymore, have lost all faith in our government!

We have a president and speaker of the house that could give 2 shits what we the voting hard working tax payers want for our country, if they did they would STOP their health care reform crap NOW. If they really cared what 60% of us want they would open the state lines and let health insurance companies compete for our business, that would solve a large problem. Instead of letting them stay in bed with the state politicians and corner the market and continue to raise monthly premiums and offer less coverage!

Running Scared said...

CHANGE - What you want to what WE (the government) want.

ALL bills carry riders. Some are well hidden, and some are pork projects. Wouldn't surprise me to see one that allows Obama to be president til the day he dies ... even if it means we will have him for the next 50 years, tacked on some stimulus bill.

Anonymous said...

Do not use the phone number listed in the article. It is incorrect. The correct phone number should be 1-866-861-2010.

Anonymous said...

US Census Bureau employment hotline number is 1-866-861-2010....not the 800 number printed. Direct number 814-689-4370. Call for jobs!!! We NEED people in Potter County right away! Tests in Ulysses and Galeton several/week next 2 weeks. Walk-ins welcomed - bring 2 valid forms of ID. Help Census gain an ACCURATE count so Potter County receives appropriate federal funding and legistlation!