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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Woman Who Took $171,000. From Fire Company Sentenced

Ex-fire company officer sentenced to prison

Sun Gazette

A woman was sentenced Tuesday to serve slightly less than two years in Lycoming County Prison for taking more than $171,000 from Keystone Hook and Ladder Co. in Muncy while she was the volunteer fire company secretary-treasurer.

"I apologize," said Nichole Lee Rupert, 37, to fire company members at the hearing before Judge Marc F. Lovecchio.

Rupert is to serve 11 months and 14 days to 23 months and 28 days in prison and must make full restitution to the fire company. After her time is served, she is to be monitored by the adult probation office for up to 20 years while she pays back the fire company. She also is to perform 200 hours of community service. More...


Bad for Business said...

2 years for what should be a Federal Grand Larceny charge thats all? The 20 years probation will be a nag though.

Wondering Why said...

I understand that this is a major crime and i am glad she has to make a full restitution, and the 20 year probation thing will surly be the nag as las poster stated,
but here is my thought,this seems to be a little over the top compaired to lets say drunk drivers,rapest and child molesters,
why cant we be that strict with those people,we have no real monitoring of these people, sure we have megans law, but we have drunk drivers on there 15th to
16th dui not to mention the innocent lives that have been lost because we have no one following them for 20 years, and so these crimes just keep going on repeted again and again. maybe someday we will get it right! just some food for thought
Sorry about the spelling for those that like to monitor that also.

Anonymous said...

This may be different in that it involves money that could have been used to fund life saving services.

food for thought said...

Different that would be the way that this judicial system and government work,
if it has to do with money its seems to be more of a crime than someone raping our children.
like i said
maybe someday we will get it right.
but to this country money is the most important thing right now..
peace out