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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coudersport's Don Hoak Played This World Series Game

Baseball Lore: The worst day ever for school detention became the greatest

On Oct. 13, 1960, school was dismissed at the regular time. My buddies hurried to the nearest radio to tune in to WFRM AM 600 in Coudersport, Pa., to listen to the seventh game of the World Series. But, unfortunately, I was not with them.

I was sitting in detention for committing yet another act that my fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Succowich, judged to warrant a one-hour delay to my freedom. I was crushed. More...

Tom Shirey of Freeport, principal of Highlands High School in Natrona Heights, can be reached at tomandcindy@zoominternet.net


Anonymous said...

Loved the article...........I live in Roulette and our Little League Baseball Field is the Don Hoak Memorial Park.............only for some reason, the powers that be took Little League out of Roulette

Anonymous said...

Roulette lost it's Little League because we didn't have enough kids playing. The League has rules, and if you don't have enough kids to make a team, you don't have a team.

It was a sad thing for Roulette to lose and it had nothing to do with "powers that be." A lot of people put in a great effort to keep the League here, it just didn't work out.

Anonymous said...

Great story!