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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drill, Baby, Drill......

Coalition says moratorium on land leases 'bad policy'

By BRIAN SHULTZ - For the Express

LOCK HAVEN - The Marcellus Shale Coalition of Pennsylvania has voiced strong opposition to a proposed moratorium on any future leasing of state forest for natural gas drilling.

Kathryn Klaber, executive director and president of the MSC, a coalition representing the drilling industry, released a statement Tuesday in response to a bill currently before the state House of Representatives.

House Bill 2235, co-sponsored by about three dozen lawmakers, including state Rep. Mike Hanna, D-Lock Haven, would require the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to monitor and assess the impact of current leases granted for the purposes of natural gas exploration, drilling or production on state forest land that took effect prior to and during a moratorium and continue to monitor and assess after a moratorium expires. It would then report those findings to the General Assembly and the governor. More...


Anonymous said...

Yep drill now and let our kids deal with the consequences, ###### MORONS.

Anonymous said...

List the specific consequences....fact, not rhetoric if we are all morons and you carry all the knowledge.

Anonymous said...

On April 18,th 2010 I took photos of a leaking RR tank car.
It was located in Eldred, PA on the train track along Duffytown Road.
The inspection on two RR tank were overdue by two years.
The valve was leaking on one of them dripping residual waste
from a local well onto the tracks.
I reported the leaky valve and overdue inspections on the tanks to the Department of
Environmental Protection and the Department of Transportation.
On April 21, 2010 the tank cars were hooked up to an engine and
taken over the PA border to NY State.
The residual waste truck driver that filled the tanks said they were going to
to Franklin,PA.
On April 27, 2010 I received a phone call from
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (railroad Safety Dept)
in response to my report.
That was NINE days after I reported the leaky overdue
(expired in 2008)inspected tank cars.
Seems like the dept of transportation or the Department of
Environmental Protection passed the (buck)report on to them.
The person who contacted me wanted more information.
He explained that he wanted more information
to figure out if this falls under his departments jurisdiction.

The monitoring is clearly not in place in Pennsylvania,
concerning the storage and transportation of the well drilling frac fluid.
Clearly there are gaps in our current oversight and regulations.
Rendell said when they do tax the gas 90 percent of the money
will go into the general fund for PA, to make up for the deficit
in the states budget.
It's haphazard to continue full steam ahead.
We need greater oversight and regulations in place,
to make sure this is done with as little risk to our
environment as possible.
We need part of the revenues
from the (state forest/ game lands)leases to go toward
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources,
Department of Environmental Protection.
The budget cuts they suffered last year hinders their
efforts to regulate and oversee the gas drilling activities.
A moratorium of 5 years seems a bit drastic.
They should consider putting an indefinite hold on future
gas drilling until they can step back and restore the budgets
to the agency's and commissions that oversee the environmental issues related to gas drilling activities.
On a side note, it may take 5 years for the DEP,DOT and PA public utilities
commission to figure out who is responsible to enforce the out of date inspections
on the RR tankers the frac fluid is being transported in.



Anonymous said...

@ April 29, 2010 6:27:00 AM ...

Well, there ya go. Well fracturing waste is being transported haphazardly and even leaking.

And this is a year and half into the activity.

And a well on rt 6 across from Roulette has caught fire twice in that time frame.

In light of even these basic shortcomings, the Drill here, drill now crowd does seem moronic.

Apparently YOUR not paying attention to the waste.

Anonymous said...

Wait til some "nut job" blows up one of the wells.

Kinda fishy in the Gulf don't you think? After the Pres gave the GREEN light to drill baby drill.

Just a 1st Admentment right (opinion) used here.

Anonymous said...

Yer welcome to your opinions. Unfortunately, you're not welcome to your own personal facts. And the facts do not support your hypothesis.

No one in this thread was saying don't drill.

We're saying do it right.

English, it's supposed to be the language of choice in America. I suggest you use it.

Anonymous said...

I just finished up a post that was intended to give a lesson about learning from history.

Facts, you ask? How many other small town people have came forward warning us of the dangers? How many companies have been fined, how many drinking wells contaminated in other areas? The list goes on and on, and it is not rhetoric as you say.

It is one thing to allow people to do what they wish on their own property, it is however an entirely different matter when the activity they partake in affects another person's property or health.

If you truly believe pumping toxic and cancerous chemicals into the ground is safe, then...there is nothing I can say that would influence your depraved opinion.

As for using State Forests for private and commercial profit, this should be common sense. NO. We have protected wildlife areas and State Forest for a REASON.

It's a crying shame that Americans have become so spoiled, self-indulged and self-righteous that we seek out the almighty dollar in disregard to our health, and the health of our children.

We should be thankful for what we have, and stop complaining about "how bad the economy is".

Tell me, how many of you are starving? How many of you personally know someone around here who doesn't have, or have access to shelter, food, and water?

I'll gladly trade my material possessions for my health and the health of our future generations. How about you?

Anonymous said...


AMEN! Great post!!!


Anonymous said...

AMEN 5:06!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is bashing the drilling??? I am confused, do you not understand that the only complaint on here is about train cars that have leaking valves..... Guess what they are the same cars that have been transporting waste water and materials on these local train tracks for years, that has nothing to do with the drilling companies. That is our local people knowingly letting that happen. You also posted that you contacted the proper state departments and they passed the buck??? So really who is to blame on this? I agree that there is some companies that are just running over the state dept. but lets get to the root of the problem and get after the people that are regulating this not the drilling companies who actually have no control over the transportation of the fluids once they leave the drilling site.

Anonymous said...

Re :Sunday, May 2, 2010 12:31:00 PM EDT.
"That is our local people knowingly letting that happen."

It would be easy to remedy if we had local oversight of regulations and enforcement.
We don't.
No local department or commission is responsible for the oversight of the transport of residual waste
from the wells when it is in RR tanks.
Somebody from (out of the area) Public Utility Commission)
thinks it may fall under his jurisdiction and is going to travel to this area to investigate if it does.
(tanks are gone to Franklin,PA now, so if he does come he will not see them)
I am trying to raise awareness in the gaps in/lack of regulations,
lack of oversight and enforcement.
If you know of any other regulatory authority, please let me know.
The overdue,rusty,leaking un-inspected RR tanks have been and continue to pose a serious risk to the Allegheny River( they cross over it),local wells(there are homes along the RR) and the environment.
I had difficulty tracking down a responsible agency to report violations to.
It would be nice to have regulations and oversight in place.
Unfortunately it will probably continue to be a risk to our environment,aquifer until one of these out of date,rusty,leaky, RR tankers have a catastrophic indecent.
For the record, I am not absolutely dead set against drilling for gas in the Marcellus Shale.
I would like to see a moratorium
on the drilling until we can put regulations,oversight and enforcement in place.
I would also like to know what hazardous chemicals the leaky tanks are introducing (dripping) into the ground,rivers and streams as they pass over them.
Unfortunately due to the frac act The well drilling companies do not have to disclose what is dripping from the RR tanks between here and Franklin,PA.
Laurie Barr

Anonymous said...

UPDATE....the Public Utilities Commission Railroad -
hazardous waste dept. went out to ELDRED today.
They called me and said it's OK!
It was confirmed it was just "BRINE"(dripping onto the track) from a local well.
Brine from a well drilling operation is NOT considered hazardous waste!
He suggested I call the DEP.
Can you believe this poop.
How much longer do we let under regulated,unsafe drilling practices,improper
handling of the frac fluids and waste water from drill sites,put our area's public health,aquifer at risk.
Safeguards and regulations are worthless without oversight and enforcement.
Rampant and chronic safety violations are going unaddressed.
This happened out in the open for all to see.I started calling people and reporting this on April 18th.I took photos and video
of the tank dripping and sent them to the DOT DEP and Public Utilities Commission RR Safety Dept.
It makes me ill to think about what is going on in our State Game Lands where there is much less visibility.