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Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Pollution At Dimock/Cabot Denies Responsibility

Pa. cites Cabot for leak into wetland

By Tom Wilber •
Star Gazette

DIMOCK, Pa. -- State regulators have cited Cabot Oil & Gas for violating environmental laws after finding a dark fluid running from a drilling operation into a spring and wetland.

In a notice dated April 8, the Department of Environmental Protection cited the company for violating the Clean Streams Law, the Oil & Gas Act, and the Solid Waste Management Act.

The violations stem from an inspection on March 22, 23 and 24 that found "black fluid originating at the A&M Hibbard drill pad was not properly contained in a pit or tank," according to the citation. The fluid flowed into a hand-dug well, a spring near the location, as well as a wetland downstream, the document states.

Kenneth Komoroski, a spokesman for Cabot, said the company's analysis of samples collected at the site in Dimock Township show the pollution is unrelated to Cabot drilling. More...


Anonymous said...

Let me see if I get this:

1) DEP cites them for a "black fluid originating at the A&M Hibbard drill pad was not properly contained in a pit or tank,"

2) Flunky performs an analysis of samples collected at the site.

3) Flunky says "We don't know what it was, but we know it's absolutely clear it's not related to Cabot operations,"

4) Cabot cleans it up

Would it make sense, Ken, to read the analysis your company performed to know "what it wss"?

Is it me or do these guys sound like politicians?

Anonymous said...

I agree- if they don't know what it WAS, then how can they even fairly say that it WASN'T from them? And if it was found on their drill pad, then who else would it be from? Just one of those random "black fluid springs" that simply pop up, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Must be Jed Clampett was hunting for some food when up from the ground came a bubbleling crude!!!