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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Obama Signs Law To Put 1000 Out Of Jobs In Area

WESB NewsRadio--Obama Signs PACT Act

President Obama has signed a bill into law that the Seneca Nation says could leave as many as 1,000 people without jobs.
The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act bars the US Postal Service from shipping cigarettes through the mail. Seneca Indian Nation business owners say the PACT ACT will kill legal Native American commerce and take 1,000 tobacco-industry jobs in New York with it. Synergy Business Managment in Salamanca has filed a notice with the state labor department, saying it will lay off an undertermined number of workers effective June 30. The tobacco-related company which employs 130 people is not affiliated with the Seneca Nation.


Anonymous said...

There are other ways to ship these products. Just because you cant put them in the mail doesnt mean they cant/wont get where they need to go. Ever heard of ups? everyone has someone to blame for everything. Chances are these employers were going to lay people off anyway and now they found an excuse. Lets blame Obama, seems to be everyone's scapegoat. Besides, I never could understand why people pay money to get cancer by smoking. DUH

Anonymous said...

We're all going to pay for their health-care now and the president once he develops cancer from his tobacco usage.

Anonymous said...

Each and every politician that voted to push this health care reform plan through should be MADE to have this as their health coverage, not better coverage than us everyday working tax payers paying for their garbage plan they have passed for us!