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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Other Candidate Vying For Specter's Job

Peg Luksik's campaign ignored by mainstream media
Philadelphia Libertarian Examiner--Aaron Proctor

Check out Peg Luksik. She's a Republican, a proud mom, a proud Pennsylvanian and loves, really loves, the Constitution. She's running for Arlen Specter's US Senate seat in Pennsylvania. How come you've probably never heard of her?

You've never heard of her because even The Bible (of politics) itself doesn't give her a snowball's chance in Al Gore's living room. More...


Anonymous said...

Want their country back from whom? This lady's a moron. The tyranny is all coming from the uneducated and misinformed teabaggers.

This twit is actually dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Your "hero" in the while house is the dangerous one. He, and ms. Pelosi, and janey napolitano. Those are the people that are taking away rights. Someone like this, who respects rights, is someone that we need in office.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, 11:42 poster, but your Republican congressmen/women vote for alot of the "rights being taken away", too! The teapartiers are afraid of socialism - but they all take the Social Security checks, now don't they?? A little socialism won't hurt this country. Capitalism is making the rich get richer and they sure don't care about the rest of us who are getting poorer.

Anonymous said...

"A little socialism won't hurt this country" --12:02

Well I can see that Ms. Pelosi and her Socialist pig cronies are doing their jobs well...persuading the American people that Socialism is not only acceptable, but needed!

Have you not attended a history class? It amazes me that you speak of ignorance, because anyone who supports Socialism cannot be educated.

"History repeats itself, so learn from history so that we do not repeat our ancestors mistakes", and yet here we find our once great nation heading down the path of Socialism. The next step is Communism.

Capitalism is not evil. Capitalism is the foundation that this country was built upon.

The evil is those in our governing bodies that exploit capitalism. Crooked politicians and corrupt regulatory authorities permeate our government today.

Capitalism is not evil, but like anything it can be abused if we let it.

A car is not evil, yet a person could drive a car through a crowd of people and inflict devastation. Capitalism is no different.

Instead of inviting Socialism(slavery) upon the American People, perhaps you would consider contributing to the eradication of corruption in Washington.

Turn off your TV's and pick up a book for once!

Anonymous said...

"Capitalism is not evil. Capitalism is the foundation that this country was built upon."

Excuse me, oh all-knowing.....I happen to be highly educated, thank you very much! Socialism is not evil either. Capitalism is not perfect, and to say that our governing bodies are evil....yes indeed, including the ones who share your mind-set!! You share the same attitude - every man for himself, stuff your own pockets, and too bad about the ones who can't get what I have - too bad about the poor and suffering.

And to think we now have people who have lost their homes and are living in tents in this country!!
And you have the nerve to tout Capitalism?!

What an ignorant person you are, to think that someone with a different opinion than yours is not educated! You make me sick! You and your ilk are what has ruined this country! YOU are one who voted for two terms of George W. Bush and his Republican-led congress, which brought us to where we are now. And in your ignorance, you can never admit that!

Anonymous said...

First, I NEVER voted for George Bush, and I certainly did not vote for Obama. I vote for Ron Paul.

Second, if anyone is living in a tent in this country it is by their choice!

Third, our governing bodies ARE corrupt beyond belief, and if you think otherwise I feel genuine sorrow for you.

Fourth, I only used the word ignorant in response to, "The tyranny is all coming from the uneducated and misinformed teabaggers."

The simple fact is that corruption in our governing bodies has led to the exploitation of capitalism. Without this corruption our country wouldn't even be in a position that considered Socialist propaganda such as yours.

If you want Socialism then move to China.

I will fight for my freedom, as generations of Americans have!

Anonymous said...

As a final thought 6:24, I am not "all-knowing", but I do have enough sense to learn from history,and to learn from the previous mistakes of others.

Maybe you should read our Constitution sometime.

Maybe you should read and understand that which our Forefathers warned us of.

Let me guess though, you'll criticize even those that built and fought for the country you want to destroy with Socialism.

Oz said...

"The teapartiers (tea partiers)are afraid of socialism - but they all take the Social Security checks, now don't they??"

And just how much Kool-Aid have you had???

First of all Social Security Checks come from EMPLOYER AND EMPLOYEE contributions NOT OUR GOVERNMENT, got that?!

Second of all "Tea Parties are "not a call for revolution but for restoration -- a call to undertake whatever measures are dictated by prudence and necessity to restore constitutional Rule of Law."

Some of you people need to get off the Obama soap box and listen with your own ears!

And to the person that stated "voted for Bush for 2 terms with his Republican-led congress", the Dem's had control not the republicans, had better check your facts before spouting off like that! Remember the "Dem's will make so many changes in the first 100 days crap"? Ya kinda like Obama's transparence, no new tax's for anyone making under 250K a year and the rest of his lies!

Anonymous said...

Is Solomon's Words now a registered Political Action Committee for the Republican Party???

Anonymous said...

"First of all Social Security Checks come from EMPLOYER AND EMPLOYEE contributions NOT OUR GOVERNMENT, got that?!"

Where do you think Socialist Governments get their money??? Bend it however you'd like, any taking from the people and its businesses and redistributing it back out is SOCIALISM!!!

Anonymous said...

I am the 6:24, 7:26 and 7:32 poster.

Lets get something straight, I am NOT a Republican. I did NOT vote for George Bush.

I am proud to say I am a Libertarian.

With that said, let me further clarify my views. I am not naive enough to think we can exist without government. We do need roads, schools, and other things that are paid for by the People. Is this Socialism? To a degree it could be argued so.

HOWEVER, it needs to be limited. Our government is out of control.

It saddens me that you Socialists do not see the bigger picture, and yes I say this with conviction. Everyday we lose more and more rights, all the while being taxed more and more.

For what? Because big corporations own the majority of our government, and that IS the truth.

Learn from history. Every successful civilization eventually leans towards or adopts Socialsm, such is the nature of the beast. In the end however it spells tragedy for the People and the State.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the ONLY tyranny out there is coming from a handful of misinformed dupes who originally called themselves teabaggers.

It's mixing private sector with public sector that brings the corruption you so hate. And yet, you want more private sector?

Yeah, you love tossing around buzz words like socialists and marxists, but there's a word for the union of private sector and government too, FASCIST!

Wear that tag, and be proud. You sold your country out for a lie.

Anonymous said...

You are clueless 7:32, and a hypocrite.

It is you who makes gross assumptions and then spews accusations.

It was YOU who first "tossed around the buzz word Socialist", and now you accuse me of it.

Originally you assumed I voted for Bush and under that premise made false accusations.

Now, you accuse me of being a Fascist.

What do you not understand about what I have said?

My views and philosophies are simple.

1.Limited Government

2.Separate Government from Church AND Corporate influence.

Tell me how am I a Fascist?

Anonymous said...

"I am proud to say I am a Libertarian."

Please we all know that is code for I did vote for bush but I don't want everyone to know how stupid I really am. Please save us your lies we all know you are a gun totin tobacco chewing redneck so do me a solid and FOAD!!

Anonymous said...

As I said you are clueless.

Why don't you ask some Libertarians who they vote for. Ron Paul! and I will continue to vote for Ron Paul until he passes on.

With that said I urge you all to visit and sign the petition to Audit The Fed.

I spent over 8 years protesting the Bush Administration and the war in Iraq, and yet you continue to spew lies.

It's obvious that your arguments have no merit, and so now you resort to lies and name calling. I am the furthest thing from a "tobacco chewing Redneck", but yes I do carry a firearm when my line of work requires it.

You have proven to me and probably everyone that has read this thread that you have no clue.

I will no longer entertain your lies, as you have gone over the line.

Anonymous said...

"This country could use some Socialism".

In other words you want more welfare and less personal freedom.

It saddens me that you are so greatly misinformed. It saddens me that Americans have become sheep, led by the lies of the Elite. It saddens me that you cannot grasp reality and see the bigger picture.

We have history classes in school. Why? Because we should learn from history so that we do not repeat the mistakes made before us.

Our "government" does not want us to learn from these mistakes. They seek control as any governing entity does. They use fear and propaganda and manipulate your perspective of reality in order to maintain this control. They use the media and even dictate what is taught in schools to achieve their agenda.

Don't take my word for it, do some research.

Washington Post

Anonymous said...

I love how people on the right believe that because people in their party talk about hunting and middle america and freedom someone how they aren't elitist. I bet you think George Bush is a good christian as well. HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I don't think their is a Republican on here. They are the weathiest in the country and would never have or take the time to write on here.

Right now as we argue they are busy
toiling away at getting the gas and oil out from under our feet, noses, or however you choose to address it.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Republican as I have stated here numerous times.

I do NOT support George Bush, nor have I ever.

However, your perception that all Republicans are rich is far from the truth. That's like saying all white men are racists.

Perhaps you should take a look at the Democratic Party, the Liberals, Obama and his cronies.

They are some of the wealthiest people in the world...Hollywood Elitist, Arab Elitist, and High-Society Chicago Elitist.

Really? said...

It amazes me that our president has the nerve to campaign that he feels there is a time when you have made enough money!

Really? How about that college education he received on the coat tails of working tax payers? His wife did it as well!

In the mean time me and my spouse have worked our butts off for 30 years, our child is very academically inclined BUT guess what? Since we have worked hard to make OUR money and pay OUR taxes OUR child does not qualify for a free education like Mr. O and his wife! Talk about discrimination, and not because of skin color either! It is being held against our child who is a young adult because of our hard work, assets and income! Why? Parents loose all rights except financial responsibility when the child turns 18, talk about a messed up system!

More of that "do as I say, not as I do" and all politicians do it in both parties!

Anonymous said...

Here's a video for you sheeples out there.

Watch This Video