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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Please Vote To Help Fund Research On This Cancer Killing Machine


Current treatment methods of chemotherapy and radiation therapy are both physically debilitating and expensive. John Kanzius’ theory of using radio waves to stop cancer offers a better way.

Early research has focused on pancreatic, liver, breast, prostate, colon, lung and leukemic cancers. The preliminary findings indicate that the Kanzius Radio Wave Cancer Treatment is non-invasive – that is, no surgery is needed and 100 percent of the cancer cells are destroyed without damage to neighboring “good” cells or tissues!

In 2010, upon receiving approval from the FDA to build a larger, human-sized device, pre-clinical testing will begin. The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation’s goal is to begin Phase I Human Clinical Trials by 2012.

The widget at the top right of the blue section will allow you to vote in the Pepsi competition for $250,000. in funding. With only 9 days left, John Kanzius' cancer killing machine is number 3 in the competition. This research is nearing human trials and has promise to eliminate cancer without surgery or chemo.

Please add your vote to help eliminate cancer.


Anonymous said...

Cancer will not be curable in the US until the American Cancer Society, Big Pharmaceuticals, and the Federal Government are reigned in and cracked down on.

Ford will not build a car that lasts forever as a Pharmaceutical company will not make a cure for cancer.

Do some research, you'd be amazed to see the difference in curable cancer rates amongst varying countries.

There are already numerous methods of curing cancer that are far less destructive to the human body with greater success rates than chemo or the likes.

We will never see these methods as long as the greedy continue to profit at the expense of our well-being.

Prevent cancer: eat right (non-gmo, non-additive, natural foods), exercise(playing wii is not exercise), and whatever you do take as little man-made drugs as you can.

Anonymous said...

Cancer will not be "cured". It's too much of a money making disease. After all, they cured polio and the medical and drug industry hasn't made any money on it since!

Anonymous said...

This isn't a cure, it is a treatment that they could charge thousands of dollars for. If someone can make money at it, it might make it.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe there is some pro-cancer conspiracy. I lack faith in our health care, as do many of us- but no one is untouched by cancer. Everyone has lost someone to cancer, or will suffer it at some time in there life. I've read about this mans invention- and I hope it becomes a commonplace treatment- these things take years (and a lot of money) to develop.


Here is the contest mentioned, though I don't see this one in the running. Still worth looking through. A lot of good ideas listed here.

Anonymous said...

10:27:00 AM
You are so right, cancer has become a big money maker for far too many for far too long!

Population control is what it amounts to! That and the fact if you get cancer around your retirement age, your money will end up staying in the social security system for the government to waste on something else, provided you do not have a surviving spouse that does not remarry....think about it.