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Learn IRA Basics, new 2020 rules for IRAs, and answers to frequently asked IRA questions at JAVA with JVB, on Tuesday, February 25, at 12:15 pm, at the JVB Coudersport office on East Second Street. Light refreshments will be served along with Java, of course! See you there!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Pennsylvania State Police have notified us that they will be setting up a SOBRIETY CHECKPOINT in POTTER COUNTY sometime this weekend.

Drunk Drivers are invited to check out the games they play like WALK THE LINE and TOUCH YOUR NOSE.



Anonymous said...

Love the spin you put on this:)

Anonymous said...

Why were there three of them at the foot of Denton Hill this morning? Their lights were flashing, but they waved me through.

Anonymous said...

I love the invitation. I don't least of all drink and drive. But I think that the games and prizes are great. I hope they they get a lot of the players off the roads not just this week end but every day and night. The drivers are scary every time you get out on the roads. Pass you on the right ,pass you like you are sitting still when you are at 55 miles an hour, pass at the intersections on the solid line-you name it. Go for it P.S.P.-the life you save may be one of my kids ,friends or me.

Mr Sarcastic said...

I think they should set up some "stupidity" checkpoints to...that would get all of the other idiots off the road. You know the ones....they drive 40 in a 55 when you are on your way to work, or pull right out in front of you at Sheetz.

Anonymous said...

I would be nice If they would set it up in the Austin Area, Coudersport area, not some where like cherry springs, that would be the idea of are PSP that way they don't have to do anything.... Oh and Conrad might be the best spot... LOL

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

10:19 - great idea!

Why tell us this though? The only people that would be concerned about it are those who will be heading home from a good drunk at the bar. Or, those who don't have insurance on their vehicle. Maybe a couple people who don't have valid plates. Could be quite a few more driving on a suspended license from a previous drinking & driving charge.

Anyone ever watch that show on TV called "Over the Limit?" Maybe the PSP should sell seats at their checkpoint. It would be funny to see it all live and in person.

Anonymous said...

Way to go PSP...get the drunks off the road. Maybe they will grow up and learn there is way more in life than drinking. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

All Great Ideas... wish they (psp) would read this, get those drunks off the road. I too saw them on the denton hill area, they only pulled over trucks.

Anonymous said...

Well for those of you who know nothing about sobriety check points, PSP has to abide by certain rules and regulations from the state. So they can't just put them up anywhere unfortunately.. If you have a problem in Austin, ask your PD to do one, there is funding throught the DA's office.

Unknown said...

I didn't realize that drunk driving was a humorous subject. I agree that sobriety checkpoints are great and that driving while drunk should be punishable. But I don't think that the families of those killed by drunk drivers would find your little "spin" amusing. It's disgusting that this website can make such a joke out of something that has caused to many innocent people on the road to die. Apparently there is no limit to the depravity you can find here.
Jessica Watson

Ugotta B Kiddin said...

Shit happens every day that kills people that is more frequent than drunk drivers. Pull your head out!!! This is a blog site! It is meant for people to voice their opinions. Not everyone take life as seriously as you obviously do. In my opinion some of the PSP and our state officials are big jokes.

Anonymous said...

gonna rain (maybe) so it may not happen at all, state does,not work in the rain....shrinks uniforms.

Anonymous said...

To: Ugotta B Kidden

Maybe you should "pull your head out". The post above you was written expressing her OPINION on a BLOG SITE! Maybe you should actually read what you are replying to. Unless this is only a BLOG SITE for OPINIONS that are not serious. But isn't what some people consider serious an OPINION? I probably confused you. Try rereading the posts to see how idiotic you actually sound.

Anonymous said...

Seriously?! Like what Ugotta B Kidden said! Like this is a blog! Like a joke, like who really takes life seriously?! Like why write your opinion on a blog like and be so serious?? Like people are a joke, like I don't know why you would think that this matters at all?? like come on?! like Ugotta B Kidden just made the best point ever and like he rules!!!

Oz said...

Jessica you need to realize people have lost loved ones in all walks of life and in all different kinds of tragedies.

You should have stopped reading and gone to the next item when you realized who disgusting you felt it was instead of getting yourself upset!

Laughter makes the heart ache lighter and in this day and age things are getting TOO POLITICALLY CORRECT!

I agree with Ugotta B Kiddin.

Anonymous said...

Before we sing the praises of the police and check points too loudly, review the Bill of Rights. Your fourth amendment right protects you against search and seizure without probable cause. Do not give this away lightly. How about check points to see if your children are in proper child seats, if you are wearing appropriate glasses, if you have purchased health insurance, if you have payed your taxes, if you have registered your guns... the list goes on and on. Responsible citizens should neither drive drunk nor give up their rights.

Anonymous said...

tell us what happens when an off duty officer comes by this check point after having a few...or i guess they would know well in advance where not to be or maybe it would'nt matter anyway. i have seen a number of them out having a pretty good time but have not ever heard of any them being charged with dwi.

Anonymous said...

7:06:00 PM
You are right, we have given up way too many rights, BUT, there are agencies that are all ready in place at the Federal and State levels of government. They do in fact "run checks" on your social security number each and every day to see in fact if you are paying your taxes and have your guns registered.

As far as car seats, that has been done in the past and as far as health insurance, hold on because that will be next thanks to our Federal governments latest health care scam!

You give up your rights the minute you place your signature on your drivers license in the Commonwealth Of PA, that is the way it is. I was informed of this once in a casual conversation with a judge of the commonwealth that stated "a license is a privilege not a right". So in order to keep the privilege of possessing a drivers license you must pay a fee and follow the rules, he was right!

Anonymous said...

I agree with ya 10:09PM, I used to know a bunch of the quota hounds when they first came to Coudersport years ago. I knew one state boy that totalled his Mustang when he was blistered.. Double Standard hello..