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Monday, April 5, 2010

Vintage Base Ball Team To Play By 1860 Rules

Vintage Base Ball

A Vintage Base Ball team, playing according to the rules of 1860's will be forming in the Roulette/Coudersport area.

Base Ball (historically two words) was originally played for the exercise and the entertainment. The New York Knickerbockers was the first club to write down the rules of what has become modern baseball in 1845. Base ball then began to spread, and the Civil War of 1861-'65 took the game to the nation as soldiers played base ball with local townspeople, in prison camps, and to relieve boredom between battles.

The emphasis in the early game was on courtesy among the gentlemen and, occasionally, ladies, playing the sport for exercise. Initially, only few rules governed a match. The rest was left up to the umpire, who judged players' actions by the gentlemanly code of the Victorians. It was played without gloves and in a non-competitive atmosphere where fans cheered for good plays by either side.

In forming this base ball "club", as it was known, we will need players of ages 18 and older. For this type of play, persons of all skills are eligible for playing. For those who feel that they are not able to participate actively on the field of play, we also need non-playing members to provide interpretation of rules to the public and for umpiring.

A practice will be held on the farm field of the Kapel’s in Roulette on Saturday, April 10th at 12pm. Follow the wagon trail west on Main Street of Roulette and upon crossing the bridge, the field of play shall be on the right side.

Donations are being accepted to offset the initial cost of starting this program for the benefit of all people! Please contact Randy Lambert at or call 419.569.6496 for more information.

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