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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bill To Be Introduced To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Bill to be Introduced

State Senator Daylin Leach is introducing a bill that would allow Pennsylvania to join 14 other states and the District of Columbia in offering doctor-supervised marijuana programs to residents with debilitating medical conditions. New Jersey passed their safe access law earlier this year.

The legislation would allow physicians in Pennsylvania to prescribe medicinal marijuana to eligible patients. According to recent studies, marijuana has been proven to counter the side effects of chemotherapy, control pain and relieve symptoms of glaucoma and other chronic conditions.

A poll conducted in 2009 by Quinnipiac University found that 59 percent of Pennsylvania residents support the legalization of medical marijuana for use by eligible patients.

e-mail from Senate Democratic Broadcast Services


Anonymous said...

I'd vote for that.... there is no reason to make it illegal. What do you think all your great pain relievers are made of? This is just another way of medicating... and for us who have the pain and pressure of glaucoma... I can't wait. The medication we have at present(beta blockers) cause other complications, and bad side effects. Medical marijuana is needed.

Anonymous said...

11:38----agree!!! So many of the new pain killers are so evasive to the body that in the long run it is not worth the risk of taking them. After a few years of being on a pain killer you find that other more serious complications show up as a result of those pain killers and you end up on even more meds, to me the more natural the better.

Anonymous said...

Actually pain relievers (pharmaceutical grade) are typically far more detrimental to your body than marijuana.

Even over the counter pain relievers such as Tylenol kill more people every year than marijuana does.

Beta blockers are horrible. I took them for years because the Doctors said I needed to. Later I began to question why I needed this chemical in my body...turns out I didn't. Despite the fact that the warning label says, "DO NOT STOP TAKING THIS MEDICATION or you may have a heart attack", I was assured it was harmless. This was not the case. After doing much research I finally decided to stop taking them, and several months of fatigue, dizziness and down right shortness of breath to the point of passing out ensued. My body finally got over the withdrawals of the chemicals and I feel tens times better than I ever did taking the drug. Also notable is the fact that my tests are now improved after not using the drug.

There are many people who make massive amounts of profit from marijuana being illegal. Private prisons, drug dealers, Mexican drug cartels, lobbyists, and even NORML stand to lose major sources of revenue if marijuana were legalized. This is why they continue to lobby against such and fill your minds with propaganda and lies about marijuana.

Many of you probably think marijuana causes brain damage, or makes you stupid. "Pothead", "dopers"....yada yada you get the picture. You believe this because that is what you were told, that is what we are taught from a young age.

The truth is (according to REAL laboratory and medical studies recently) that marijuana is actually beneficial to many, it stimulates brain activity and in some cases promotes cell growth amongst many other things. This isn't even touching on the benefits it offers patients suffering from many diseases such as glaucoma and cancer.

The truth is, when our government "studied" marijuana side effects in the 50's, they did so with bogus tests.

Here is an example: They used chimps in a study. They used gas masks to force the chimps to inhale marijuana smoke. Their conclusion was that marijuana smoke causes brain damage, and there was the false research that stemmed such terms as "doper", "pothead" etc.

What they didn't tell you about the study was that the marijuana smoke was so heavily concentrated when given to the chimps that the lack of oxygen the chimps were receiving is what actually caused the brain damage, and not anything in the marijuana.

This is just one example of how we have been manipulated so that the privileged few can retain their power and profits.

Remember the 'reefer madness' movies they showed teenagers in the 70's? You'll go crazy and rape and murder people if you use pot!! The same propaganda continues today. Just recently I saw a headline from a conservative blog (I'll not give this liar's name here) that read, "Was Pentagon Shooter an Obama Approved Pothead". The article went on to allege that this man was crazy and his actions a result of marijuana use. WOW! Are you serious?


Are you a sheeple?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post 9:08 !!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I don't smoke pot, (anymore) but when I did partake, it was nothing other than a mild sedative/pain reliever. I'm a 49 yr old married mom of 2 boys, and I'd like to see marijuana legalized completely...not just for medical use, although I guess you have to start somewhere. I'd much rather have my boys smoking reefer, than out drinking alcohol. Alcohol kills many more people than marijuana ever will, and alcohol used to be illegal also. Maybe someday our kids will read about this in history the same way they now read about prohibition.