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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Causer Host s Ceremony Honoring Area Vietnam-Era Veterans

Causer Hosts Ceremony Honoring Area Vietnam-Era Veterans
1490 NewsBlog
Bradford dentist Dr. Dennis Faucher gives the keynote address during a Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Ceremony, hosted by State Representative Marty Causer, Saturday morning at Bradford Area High School. An emotional Faucher told his fellow veterans that their service in Vietnam is "part of us and partially defines us." He was a distinguished helicopter pilot and received many honors, including the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and the Distinguished Flying Cross.
Anne Holliday was there. Read more and see photos.....


Elaine Goodreau said...

My husband was one of those veterans today and it was so good to see the Viet Nam Vets honored and welcomed home, even after all these years. Unless you are a veteran of that era or married to one, you have no idea what we all went through. Thank You Martin Causer!

Anonymous said...

9:45:00 PM
Amen, you are so right!
Hats off to you Marty!

Anonymous said...

I also am married to one of these men and am so thankful that after all these years someone cares enough to give them the thanks they deserve. Thank you, Marty Causer and to all those who worked so hard to put the program together.

Anonymous said...

I was seven months pregnant when my husband left for duty in Viet Nam. I was proud of him then and I'm proud of him now. Thank you Marty Causer for a fine tribute to these brave men and women. It was an honor to be at the ceremony.

Anonymous said...

My dad was part of that ceremony. I was not able to attend but my daughter went with him. I'm so glad that I have a dad that served his time for our country. I also have other family members that have or is still serving their time for our country. Everyone should be so very proud of all these fine men and women for dedicating their lives just to save ours..GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!