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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Census Continues As Workers Go Door-To-Door

Census Workers Going Door-To-Door In Potter County

censusbureau2U. S. Census employees are going door-to-door in Potter County, visiting those who did not return their census forms or verifying information that appeared on returned forms. Visits will continue through mid-June. Potter County improved its response rate to the decennial census this year, with 72 percent of households returning their forms. That’s a higher rate than 2000 and put the county in line with the national response rate, which was also about 72 percent.

Results are used to apportion seats in the U.S. House and allocate federal funding. Census officials are pleased with the results, given growing public apathy toward surveys, not to mention political challenges ranging from anti-government sentiment to tensions over immigration. More than 600,000 census workers have fanned out across the country to knock on the doors of those who did not respond by mail.

Sharon Township residents were the most responsive in the county, with a participation rate of 95 percent, followed by Portage Township at 90 percent. Full results were: Sharon 95, Portage 90, Oswayo Twp. 87, Allegany 87, Ulysses Twp. 86, Pleasant Valley 86, Oswayo Boro. 84, Genesee 84, Bingham 82, Harrison 81, Summit 81, Hebron 80, Sweden 79, Pike 79, Eulalia 78, Homer 76, Ulysses Boro. 76, Galeton 75, Abbott 74, West Branch 73, Coudersport 73, Clara 72, Wharton 66, Shinglehouse 66, Sylvania 65, Austin 61, Roulette 56, Keating 56, Hector 48, Stewardson 12.


Anonymous said...

If they know the pecentage of people that complied then why do we even need a census?

Anonymous said...

we replied by mail and did our duty but STILL had someone come to our door??? What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

complying with the census is the law of the land. failure to comply should be an automatic prison sentence.

Anonymous said...

we sent ours in too and the woman has come back three times. we followed as instructed. why is she continuing to come back.

Anonymous said...

If it was sent in, in the time allowed then no one would be knocking. Those people are just doing their job. Next time send it early and save the tax payers $$$$$

Anonymous said...

A Clear Violation of your 4th amendment right.

No warrant No entry

But some sunshine patriots will defend this.


Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence


Anonymous said...

Nope. Not sending mine in. Just a ploy of the govt to try and find out information about me.

Al Capone

Anonymous said...

Count the people, dont gather personal information for their database.

Why do people freely give their personal information away at the drop of hat by some hired help bureaucrat?

and before some nitwit breaks out the "I dont have anything to hide tag line, read this article which exposes its faulty underpinnings.

I've Got Nothing to Hide' and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy


Anonymous said...

Al, you are a true Patriot!

Stand tall and be safe.

Pawns in the game said...

OPINION: JOHN FUND ON THE TRAIL FEBRUARY 10, 2009 Why Obama Wants Control of the Census


GOP Sounds Alarm Over Obama Decision to Move Census to White House


Mommy and Daddy said...

you people are truly insane...if you are not going to contribute to the census, don't complain about the funding going to philly getting all the money, don't complain about your roads, don't complain about anything involving money from the government. Demographic information is used for almost every grant submitted to the state and feds. If you don;t fill it out you just hurt yourself and your neighbors.