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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Natural Gas Production Doubles Earlier Estimates

Gas yields higher than expected

Driller’s expansion OK’d

Sun Gazette

Containing an estimated 500 trillion cubic feet of gas, the Marcellus Shale is thought to be among the largest natural gas shale deposits in the world.

Some natural gas wells in Lycoming County are producing significantly higher volumes of gas than expected. More...


Anonymous said...

The rush is on to get as many wells drilled as they can in PA. There are bills to protect our land and land owners but they are sitting in Harrisburg, it has become a political hold up..What a shame. The oil companies are thrilled that PA is so far behind other states with their regulations. Now that the world is watching the gulf crisis the companies are now changing their long term plans and setting the stage for land drilling in the USA and Canada. What is wrong with the world? Not hard to figure out.

Anonymous said...

Yady Yady Yady your just jealous you don't have lnd or wells. Maybe I can stay warm this winter. Drill Baby Drill

Anonymous said...

Too many people don't understand the need to drill for the US Shale Plays!! We as a nation need these developments to be less depend on foreign resources, to build our on supplies and have other nation dependent upon us!In addition, drilling for shale natural gas will allow us to provide the much needed time to develop and implement renewable energy for our future generations. Before attacking oil and gas companies and our government, understand why they are allowing the drilling to continue!!! Drill Baby Drill

Anonymous said...

That is good and all but I worry that in the rush to get the gas they are going to possibly do more damage than good. I understand the need for energy resources but what good is staying warm if I don't have fresh water to live off of? I don't want to overgeneralize that all drilling is doing that but when there is a mistake it can be far reaching. We all know the companies want to sweep those under the carpet and ignore the problems they have created, even in contrary to evidence proving them in the wrong. Maybe in this case more rules and regulations aren't a bad thing. Maybe it would slow them down and there might be fewer problems and accidents causing damage to other resources.

Brother Nature said...

Check out this website :

It shows that only 13% of our natural gas is imported and it's mostly from Canada. This crap about becoming independent of foreign exports is bullshit. The gas companies aren't on this to help Americans..they are in it to line their pockets. Why would they spend millions to drill each well if they weren't going to make it back 100 fold. You people are getting the natural gas drilling confuse with big oil...

The next natural resource we will be importing will be water becasue we won't be able to use ours. Wait until you have to pay more for a gallon of water than you do for a gallon of gas!!!

Anonymous said...

You are stupid and ignorant 12:53 or you work for big oil. Plain and simple I'm done mincing do not deserve the courtesy of such.

We do not need to drill for oil to become a dependent nation, so stop the freaking BS already.

We need non-harmful renewable energy sources, and THEY ARE AVAILABLE if you just step outside the freaking big oil shadow.

Get a life, and save your BS that we need to destroy our land for some other idiots. Why they are doing it? MORON FOR MONEY!!! Ever hear of the almighty dollar? Apparently the "root of all evil" has corrupted your mind also.

By the way I own a ton of land assholes, so next time you wanna accuse people of being jealous get your freakin facts straight.

Anonymous said...

3:42:00 PM you and brother bear need to take a chill pill, NOW!

Anonymous said...

I am the first poster and yes we do own the gas and oil rights to another family's land. We would love to lease it and will but right now, would like to see if some of the bills in Harrisburg pass before we do. My grandparents leased to S. V. in the early 1940's and yes the made out very well from the lease. Unfortunately their water was ruined from drilling. Just want to make sure someone besides the surface land owner is held accountable. I'm not against drilling just for responsible drilling.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to take a chill pill, there is TOO MUCH AT STAKE!

The time for chilling is over, it's time for action!

Anonymous said...

With all the money floating around, it won't be long and our local taxes and fuel cost will drop like a lead ballon.

Drill Baby Drill !!!

Anonymous said...

For $5,000.00 an acre, I'll buy bottled water.

Brother Nature said...

"With all the money floating around, it won't be long and our local taxes and fuel cost will drop like a lead balloon."

Quit smoking that crap!! You haven't seen the price of a gallon of gasoline drop have you? Well...there is a surplus in our country right now. The price of natural gas is not going to will increase in spurts just like gasoline does. That is how these big multi-billion dollar companies market their goods. They have a big increase that they they hope nobody really notices and then they publicize a small decrease so that the next big increase they make doesn't really look that big. It's not about supply and demand any's about how they can make the most money along with taking out bailout money. I don't know about you people, but I use a hell of a lot more water than I do oil or natural gas.

Anonymous said...

Some Drill baby drill idiot got all patriotic and spouted the same old lies. "We need this to ease our dependency".

What a total crock of shit. You are a liar and a thief.

The gas pulled from the Marcellus shale play is sold on an open international market and does NOTHING...absolutely NOTHING to resolve our energy problems here in the US.

And the reality is, you are planning on poisoning your neighbor, having said as much, so that YOU can enjoy a nice payday and maybe a time share in the bahamas.

You've sold your soul and have actually helped to bring evil into your community. I hope that someday, you will come back here and see the industrial wasteland you helped to create and beg forgiveness.

Until then, you're just another asshole sellout riding the lies of the fossil fuel advocates. At the expense of the very people you break bread with.

You have as much right as anyone else to voice your opinion, but seeing as you've already sold your soul and are even planning on screwing your neighbor over, your credibility and integrity here are at less than zero.

Good luck in life, scumbag. You'll need it.

Anonymous said...

Well damn 7:55, very well said. For a second I thought maybe I posted in my sleep and forgot about it! lol

To you 10:02 you seem to not comprehend the fact that maybe you are getting $5k per acre, and you are ok with using that money to buy bottled water, but what about your neighbors who'll now need to buy bottled water because the water on THEIR land will no longer be drinkable?

Screw your $5k per acre, where will you be when we as a community are spending far more to cleanup the mess down the road.

Do what you want on your land, until it affects my land...and pumping millions of gallons of cancerous and toxic chemicals into the ground on your property so that it can run under ours...well it doesn't take a rocket scientist.

Right now I'm putting together a team of litigators. Understand something, if you were to throw radioactive cancerous waste on my land you would be fined and I would sue you. This is no different.

I have conducted various tests with independent laboratories on all my land in Potter County.

This information will be used in court to prove that my land and the water on it was not toxic before you began polluting it.

I WILL sue you. I will trace back the source of pollution.

I hope that $5k per acre pays for your attorneys, because I've got plenty of resources for this battle and I will be dedicating my entire being towards justice!

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with the 7:55 poster. Good luck in life to all you money grubbing scumbags. You will indeed need it. Maybe not as much as those of us you are screwing over, but your day will come.

Anonymous said...

7:55:00 AM

You could have made your point while choosing your words a lot better, potty mouth!

Anonymous said...

Poison in Barnett Shale

Anonymous said...

11:07:00 I LOVE your idea of suing the pants of the folks who sold their leases and now I find my water next door is poisoned. I definitely would like to find our how you're going about it! Maybe the greedy land-leasing buggers will think twice.

Anonymous said...

... they'll just claim mental insanity and get off scott free ...

Anonymous said...

10:28 it is quite simple actually - I have had countless tests conductive to prove the state of my property as of now.

Once it has been contaminated, we will use this data and other data such as video, picture and even arial imaging to prove that these companies and landowners polluted my land.

I have no doubt that this will be the outcome, and I have no doubts that I will be successful.

I urge you all to also have your land and water tested now before it's too late!