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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Penn State Study Paid For By Natural Gas Drillers Says Tax On Gas Extraction Would Drive Away Investments In PA

Natural gas tax would reduce benefits of drilling in Pennsylvania, study shows


To tax, or not to tax: That is the question for Pennsylvania legislators faced with an unprecedented natural-gas boom and a looming budget deficit.

Pennsylvania is the only state with natural gas that does not make companies pay tax on what they extract.

On Monday, the state House Appropriations Committee approved a measure that would impose an extraction tax for Marcellus gas. The House was expected to debate the legislation Tuesday night, but adjourned for the day without taking up the issue. More...


Anonymous said...

It's pretty clear that the stakes are high here. The tax would definitely hurt our good situation here in PA. Also you can see tax money is already generated and in addition income tax is paid. Why do people hate prosperity??

Anonymous said...

If you define 'prosperity' as big gas companies coming in here, taking all this gas out of the ground without having to pay the state for it, then you don't know the meaning of the word.
This gas isn't going anywhere! Why not tax it, make money to improve the roads and water and everything else they're using for free?
What happens when they're gone, and there's a mess to clean up? Think they'll come back and clean up their mess? Nobody else does unless they're on the gas company payroll.

Anonymous said...

What does the state have to do with the mineral estate that somebody OWNS and then LEASES to the gas company?? That is our problem in this world. GOVERNMENT

Anonymous said...

What does the state have to do with my paycheck 10:50?

As a hard worker I pay taxes...it should be no different for corporations.

Furthermore, they are drilling on Public Land! in state forests!

Stop trying to say we are getting income tax from these workers...most will never pay income tax to PA, they'll pay it to Texas. How many permanent workers do you think they'll actually register to pay PA income tax?

Anonymous said...

Ok if they are drilling state land then the state gets rental payment and royalty just like private landowners. What??? Like I said everybody wants somebody else's cream off the top including the state. Its BS

Anonymous said...

They should be paying tax but it should be going to the school dist. and the county, just like real estate.
DRILL BABY DRILL just pay your fare share....

Anonymous said...

12:00:00 PM
Then I guess our state auditors and Labor and Industry had better get their heads out of their butts and DO THEIR JOBS to make sure any state tax tue to PA is in fact withheld from their wages and paid into the state!

Be mad at the gas companies all you want but we do have state employees on the payroll paid by our tax dollars that are to be looking into these things. If they are not held accountable for doing the job our tax dollars pay for we have only HARRISBURG to blame!!!

Anonymous said...

If you're waiting for the state to kick it up and do what they should have done a couple years ago, you're in lala land.
With all the info out there (see the 'Gasland' presentation advertised here on this blog) there's no excuse for anyone to NOT be informed.

Oz said...

10:50:00 AM
"What does the state have to do with the mineral estate that somebody OWNS and then LEASES to the gas company??"...

I agree and to let you all know that in Tioga County the county is now charging the 2% transfer tax on the mineral rights that are being leased, they all ready got the 2% transfer tax when the property transfered hands from the previous owners, talk about double taxing!

It would be okay IF and that is a big IF the land owner that paid the 2% transfer tax does NOT OWN the mineral rights when they purchased the land BUT if they do own the rights why are they being taxed twice for the same land when NO LAND HAS CHANGED HANDS!!!

Think about it...