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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Potter County Hospice Receives Numerous Donations

Potter County Hospice received the following charitable donations recently.

Gifts were made in memory of George Blackwell by Ronda White; in memory of Marguerite Geiser by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Geiser; in memory of Edie Lou by Donald Howard; in memory of Joseph R. Becker by Howard Saunders and Kathleen Lamaz; in memory of Donald E. Kelly by the estate of Donald E. Kelly; in memory of Edith Lowe by Delores Taylor; in memory of Nancy Williams by Joan Irvine; in memory of Dr. Joseph DeRenzis by Dona Oviatt, Bonnie Kratzer, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Vosick, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sorrell, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Roberts; in memory of Gloria Hodge by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bly and Oswayo Valley Teachers’ Association; in memory of Helen Robinson by Jane Miller and Karen Masteller;

in memory of Glenn Klein by Mr. and Mrs. David Trask, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gucheon, Sherri Kinney, Mrs. and Mrs. Dale Chastain and family, Joan Stromberg, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nelson, Marian Eicher, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Milton, Mr. and Mrs. Audrey Burdick, Julie Baker, Joyce Boyd, Elaine Steinbaugh; in memory of Marjorie Hinkley by Donna Martin; in memory of Robert Platt by Donna Batterson, James Benjamin, Linda Plummer; in memory of Claude Knight by Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nasto, Dr. Mark Carlson, Seneca Highlands IU9, Veri Sign, Inc., family of Claude Knight, Roulette Chemical Engine #1; in memory of Judy Connelly by Roulette Chemical Engine #1; in memory of Marian Shaffer by Ruth Dietz; in memory of Anthony DelGrosso by Paula Hayes, Diane Button, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Thompson; in memory of Ronald King and Sandy Pease by Linda Pease; in memory of Marian Shaffer by Mr. and Mrs. David Rider and Lorena Lemons; in memory of Fred Knowlton by Lucille Church; in memory of Rena Pagano by Mr. and Mrs. James Price and James Dunham;

in memory of Pam Kelly by the Charles Cole medical staff; in memory of John Blass by Charlotte Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petersen; in memory of Kirk Newton Sr. by June Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Billie Haskins, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Depp, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newton, Tracy Crosby, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lyman, Roberta West, Brenda West, Arnold West, Victoria West, Shane West and family, Dona Oviatt, Mr. and Mrs. John Rigas and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cochran, Cecilia Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smoker, Marjorie Gooch, Dawn Newton, Thelma Swift, Eleanor Westfall, Mr. and Mrs. James Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mahon and family and Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Furman;

in memory of Patricia McClain by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Warnick, Carol Moses, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Snyder, Goldie Basil, Deborah McDonald, Muriel Tanner, Otto Eldred Police Department; in memory of Marguerite Raymer by Alice Walters and Mary Campbell; in memory of Kitty Gordnier by Eloise Daisley, Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Furman, Leslie Conklin and Loren Oter; in memory of Wilma Nelson by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lewis, Carla Sabin, Marie Hamilton, Cathy Ranson, Cynthia Bennett, Thomas Traynor, Sharon VanEtten, Edna Logue, Linda Cunningham, Jeanette Barker, Joan Easton, Level 3 Communications, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Linza, Mr. and Mrs. W. Snyder, Vivian Cornell, Marilyn Peffer, Darla Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roys, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Black, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Black, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Craig Black; in memory of J. Blaise Alackness by Jane Thompson; and in honor of all Odd Fellows by Odd Fellows Home of Western PA.

Miscellaneous donations were also made by Office Girls Club, Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Easton Sr., Elizabeth Staub, Fay Long Booth, National Fuel Gas Company Foundation, Andrew Bristol, Douglas James, David Robbins, B. Seligman, Thomas Slawson, Ceres United Methodist Church, Gaines Thimble Club, Elery Walizer, United Methodist Women, Galeton Presbyterian Church, Lucille Maxon, Galeton Ed. Class/Galeton School District, and Robert Devling.

For more information, or to make a donation, call 274-0384.

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