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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Potter County Memorial Day Observances

Memorial Day Observances Scheduled Across County

flagPotter County Office of Veterans Affairs has assembled a list of Memorial Day observances taking place in the county. Any veterans’ organization that wishes to add an event to the list is asked to contact VA Director Lenny Kalkbrenner at 814-274-8290, Ext. 210, or lkalkbrenner@pottercountypa.net. He issued the following list of local events:

  • Coudersport: 10:30 am, parade assembly on Oak Street; 11 am, parade to the courthouse square, where services will be heldwith Mayor Wick Furman as speaker. A dedication of the World War II Memorial Bridge – now known as the Main Street Bridge — will also be held. Details will be announced.
  • Austin: 10 am, lineup for parade at school; 10:30 am, parade from school to town square; 11 am, services at the Veterans Memorial.
  • Ulysses Area: 10 am, parade assembly at medical center; 10:30, parade with services to follow at Ulysses Cemetery; 1:30, services at Mills Cemetery; 2 pm, services at HarrisonValley Memorial.
  • Galeton: 10 am, parade to cemetery; services to follow.
  • Shinglehouse, 10 am, parade from the monument to Maple Grove Memorial; services to follow.
  • Genesee: 2 pm Sunday, May 30, services at Genesee Cemetery.

“I wish to express my thanks to local veterans’ organizations for all that they do for our veterans on Memorial Day,” Kalkbrenner said.

The director has also announced that his next veterans’ outreach visit is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2, at the Galeton VFW from 11 am to 1 pm. Kalkbrenner is available during regular office hours in the Gunzburger Building on Mondays and Tuesdays, 9 am to 3 pm, or Wednesdays through Fridays by appointment. More information is available under Veterans Affairs on the county’s website, http://pottercountypa.net/.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Obama won't be celebrating.

Instead of laying the flag at the Arlington National Cemetery as most true Presidents have done, he'll be hanging with the homies in Chicago this year.

You are a disgrace to the Presidency Mr. Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Hussein Obama.

Anonymous said...

"hanging with the homies?"
You who wrote that are an ignorant racist who is a disservice to the fine Americans who laid down their lives to fight for our freedom and for equality.
Because we have freedom of speech in this country, you have every right to show readers here how ignorant you are.
Can you correctly spell the name of all of -- make that any of -- the U.S. Presidents? Start with an easy one like Taft or Ford or Bush and work up to the ones with 5 or more letters. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Nice smackdown 1:40. I am a Republican but I agree with you and not the imbecile who started this string.
How many Presidents' middle names can you cite there, Obama basher? You wouldn't be citing President Obama's middle name because it happens to match the name of an executed villain (no relation), would you?

Anonymous said...

1:11 blogger used his freedom of speech. By the time obama is done destroying our freedoms, one at a time, we will no longer dare to even say "Freedom of Speech".

God bless America, and all our military men and women.

Oz said...

I agree with the first poster, what a disgrace to our great nation! When I heard on the news that our president would be in Chicago instead of Arlington I was pissed to say the least.

Middle name or not he is a joke and hopefully a ONE TERM PRESIDENT!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all you can stick your race card where the sun doesn't shine - frankly I'm sick of it.

Btw I can recite every single President from George Washington up to our current so-called President, Barrack Hussein Obama - and if you don't like me using his name, then perhaps his mother should've given him a different one.

In fact I'd bet I know more about every single American President than you know about all of them put together.

I have studied American history for over 20 years. I, unlike you, learn from history. So, perhaps you should take your own advice and do a bit of studying.

I am a white man. OMG yes I said it, and I'm sick and tired of people like you calling true Patriots such as myself a racist.

It's pretty damn sad that there are communities and states in this country considering banning the American flag in schools right now because it offends Mexicans.

It's pretty damn sad that I cannot even mention our Presidents full name, because it offends even you.

It's pretty damn sad that as a white man I have to walk on egg shells because at the turn of a dime I'm dubbed a racist, no matter what I say.

It's pretty damn sad that I can say George Bush showed his true colors...but if I made that statement about Obama - well I'd be crucified.

It's pretty damn sad, and it's even sadder that it is people like you who are the ones who really fuel the racist fire - by calling everyone racists the minute they say "homies".

By the way, "homies" is exactly the term your great President Barrack Hussein Obama referred to his friends as, who he'll be "hangin wit" on Memorial Day instead of laying the wreath at the Arlington National Cemetery like our President should.

Do not call me an ignorant racist, I am far from ignorant, and if standing for my rights is racist, then well we all know how hypocritical your race card blame game is anyway.

Anonymous said...

""hanging with the homies?"
You who wrote that are an ignorant racist who is a disservice to the fine Americans who laid down their lives to fight for our freedom and for equality."

--No I think Obama spitting in their faces by not laying the flag on Memorial Day is the real disservice.

Anonymous said...

Oh how freakin' ignorant and "backwoods" you are!! Who says the President HAS to lay the wreath at Arlington Cemetery? Is it written in the Constitution?? If Bush had decided to do something else on Memorial Day, you wouldn't have said a word, and you know it!! As for standing for his rights, unless it is a law that the President has to do this, then he has the "right" to spend Memorial Day however he chooses! Just because it's a tradition doesn't make it a necessity! White Presidents have been a tradition, too, but guess what? We the people broke that one, didn't we?? You are a disgrace. Do not go preaching rights when you diss others' rights.

Oz said...

8:50:00 AM
You are sooooooo right!

And the fact that no charges were brought against the "Black Panthers" that were standing outside the polling booths with their billy sticks in hand was the icing on the cake if you ask me!!!

Guess the story would have ended differently IF a few people just stood, that is right STOOD outside the polling booths wearing BED SHEETS, now wouldn't it?! Ya, double standards is what it is, do as I say not as I do and I am darn fed up with this race card crap too! I do not give a crap if his skin color is purple, he sucks as a president and is proving it each and every day.

1500 national guardsmen to the border is a joke, now 10 to 15,000 guardsmen would show power in numbers, what a waste of our tax dollars and time...wish he would go back to Chicago and sit in his ministers church again...(if only we could set back the hands of time and could have seen what Acorn was going to do to put this man in the white house...because that IS how he got there!)