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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Public Warned Not to Eat Fish from Pymatuning Reservoir

Public Warned Not to Eat Fish from Pymatuning Reservoir in Crawford County
Officials Investigate Cause of Large Fish Kill

HARRISBURG -- The departments of Environmental Protection and Health and the Fish and Boat Commission have issued a “Do Not Eat” consumption advisory for all species of fish taken from the Pymatuning Reservoir in Crawford County while officials investigate the cause of a large fish kill that has occurred over the past two weeks.

The advisory was issued after approximately 2,500 dead fish were found in various locations in the reservoir beginning on Saturday, May 15.

Water samples have been collected and are being tested at the DEP laboratory in Harrisburg. Fish samples are being tested by the Fish and Boat Commission and at Cornell University. The Ohio Department of Parks is assisting in the investigation.

The Do Not Eat consumption advisory will remain in place until investigators can determine that there is not a danger to public health and safety.


Anonymous said...

Check out the article just below this one.
"DEP Investigates Illegal Dumping in Lycoming County"

Get use to drinking bottled water!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I'd almost be OK with drinking bottled water....but what about showers? Are we gonna have to buy huge tanks and hundreds of gallons of water for that too?

What about the tourism that we are surely going to lose?

Fishermen, hunters....what was once a major contribution to the local economy here...people downstate are already making plans to go upstate New York and down south instead of coming to Potter County as they have for decades.

What about the wildlife here? Some of us actually depend on hunting for food...yea believe it or not people such as myself still exist.

What about the fish? For generations my family has shared the tradition of camping/fishing and nothing is better than cooking fresh caught trout over the campfire at the end of the day...well so much for that I guess.

I guess we can find comfort in knowing that our neighbors (I mean the people from downstate who own the land next door) will be making some big bucks on this whole thing.

Unknown said...

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