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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quigley: Citizens Being Played For Chumps

State Forest Land ‘Fragile Balance’ In Jeopardy

duqquigley1Of all the topics being covered during the opening day of a jam-packed Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Policy Conference at Duquesne University, the only one that generated enough passion to elicit a spontaneous round of applause was a call to limit the amount of gas drilling on state forest land.

Citing the devastation of most forest land in the state during the 1880-1910 “lumber era,” Pa. Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary John Quigley said Pennsylvania’s forest management policies and successful balance of conservation and economic development are models for the nation.

“Pennsylvania is at the forefront of 21st century conservation, but this fragile balance is in jeopardy,” Quigley said. “The face of Penn’s Woods — the character of its communities — is going to change profoundly over the next decade. We’ve maintained the balance and if we don’t continue to do that, we’ll erase all of the gains we made.”

Quigley cited some calls in the legislature to continue leasing more public acres to help solve the budget crisis: “One-third of the state forest, about 700,000 acres, is now available for gas production and there are serious legislative proposals that would require us to put the entire state forest up for leasing . . . The citizens of this state are being played for chumps.”

As proof that a gas rush is coming across much of Pennsylvania, Quigley pointed out that oil, gas and mineral rights on 25 percent of the state’s entire land mass are secured by energy companies. That figure is rising and already includes at least half of the property in the 12-county “Pennsylvania Wilds” region, the secretary said. With major international corporations making multi-billion dollar investments in Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale gas production, Quigley noted, there is no doubt that intensive drilling is imminent.

He echoed the earlier comments of his colleague, Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger, calling for tough water quality standards and enactment of a severance/production tax on natural gas.

Potter County Commissioner Paul Heimel filed this report from Pittsburgh.


Anonymous said...

WAKE UP PEOPLE! THESE SCUMBAG OIL COMPANIES ARE RAPING OUR LAND!you can test the water all you want after its polluted.these people dont care about anyone in this area because they dont live here.also the people that rendell has put in charge of policeing these nuckleheadshave their hands tied.oil and gas profits pay their wages and retirement.we are all screwed!

Anonymous said...

Well 3:31, your grammar leaves something to be desired. But you got across the point.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who don't think Big Oil will kill you for money, take a look at what Big Oil has done to the world.

Watch this one quick, it probably won't be online for long.

Anonymous said...

I work for the gas company and live local so don't say everyone doesn't care.

You did not state one fact in your rant, rather an opinion (full of spelling and grammatical errors) telling only one side of a story.

By the way, PA is by far the most regulated state in the nation currently allowing natural gas exploration. That completely rejects your notion that nobody is watching.

By the way, there is such a thing as libel so be careful what you print.

Anonymous said...

I hope the country appreciates what we are losing for it.
Wind turbines will destroy or beautuful mountains just to keep the lights on 24/7 in new york city, and our drinking water will have to come from bottles.

Anonymous said...

"I work for the gas company"


"By the way, there is such a thing as libel so be careful what you print."

Not surprising to hear that.

Ever hear of freedom of speech mr. gas company worker? oh I forgot that's not convenient to you and your $25/hr. job.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like a lot of you posters are just ignorant and jealous. "you and your $25 an hr job?" Perhaps you should seek employment yourself and then you wouldn't have time to sit at your computer and blabber on about things of which you know NOTHING. Most people are already drinking bottled water and guess what?....THAT is even worse than what comes into your house from your spigots. Read up simpleton before you mouth off.

Anonymous said...

$25 an hour?Heck,the local lawnmowers,with their equipment,are making $48 an hour!Atleast the gas people pay taxes!How many of these self employed are paying taxes?!Know lots of people selling firewood and bragging,"CASH"....