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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rep. Causer Advocates For More Leasing; House Says NO!

State House Approves Halt to Drilling

WESB/WBRR News Director

The state House has passed a bill that would immediately impose a three-year moratorium on natural gas drilling on state forest land.

Sponsors of the bill want a thorough environmental assessment of the impact of drilling on the land before more can be leased.

Speaking on the House floor against an amendment to the bill, State Representative Marty Causer said passing the bill would delay development in the Commonwealth.

He said the counties he represents have some of the highest unemployment in Pennsylvania and drilling is “one bright spot that we actually have.”

“This is one potential area where we can put people to work … and that’s what we need to do,” he said, drawing cheers from some of his colleagues

Causer continued, saying the overall goal of the bill is to stop drilling all together.

“Make no mistake, the people pushing this legislation want to stop the drilling, whether it’s on state land or private land – any land. They want to stop the drilling, and that’s really what the focus is,” he said.

He added that everyone knows a three-year moratorium will grow to five or six years “because we all know how government works, and it’s going to take longer than people say.”

And, he said, there’s no need for the bill because currently Governor Ed Rendell and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources have the authority to decide where to drill.

Furthermore, Rendell’s February budget proposal counted on raising $180 million through another round of leasing for drilling. The last round raised $128.4 million on 32,000 acres of land in the Elk, Moshannon, Sproul, Susquehannock and Tioga state forests in Cameron, Clearfield, Clinton, Potter and Tioga counties.

“Don’t you trust your governor?” Causer asked on the House floor. “Trust your governor, and let’s move forward with drilling.”

The bill now moves to the state Senate, where a spokesman for the Republican majority says there’s no plan to act on the bill.


Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out why the State Game Lands can lease but not allow any suface acreage use? Could it be because the private landowners are going to be forced to have stations built on them? Not a thing can be done to stop them from taking your land. As the law in PA states...they can take suface acreage within a reasonable amount. They decide reasonable....

Anonymous said...

If Causer remains steadfast regarding no moratorium on remaining DCNR lands, then I will need to vote for someone else.

Anonymous said...

No plans to act on the bill??!! What is wrong with these people?? What is wrong with taking a breath to determine just what the environmental impact will be from gas drilling? MY GOD! I hope these people get voted out of office! The sooner the better! I cannot believe their attitude - that the state forests do not belong to all of us and all future generations! How dare they not pass this bill??

Anonymous said...

Well Marty it's sad to say but you have lost my vote.

Anonymous said...

"And, he said, there’s no need for the bill because currently Governor Ed Rendell and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources have the authority to decide where to drill."

Like Philly Rendell is going to give a hoot about what happens to the environment in Potter County.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like the drill baby drillers have been greasing Marty's palms.

You are supposed to be a representative of the people Mr. Causer, not a representative of Corporate America.

Maybe you should consider such things and re-think your position on this matter.

Anonymous said...

You were elected to support the will of the people, Mr. Causer. You have also lost my vote. Typical Republican knee jerk response by an elitist from TurtlePoint, PA.

Anonymous said...

But he has an (R) next to his name, that makes him a good guy right?

There are a few people out there to whom I'd like to say "I told you so"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Causer should go and view "Gasland", since he is so determined to destroy our environment.

As for you drillers and gas workers with your "tree hugger" name calling, I doubt you'll ever see the film, you don't want to hear the truth because it's bad for your wallets.

Now we are hearing that global warming is! Where do the lies end??

Koch Industries alone can be tied to atleast 40 "non-profit organizations" that are trying to debunk the scientific evidence pointing towards global warming. The worst part about this is that many legitimate groups that question what our government and big oil is doing have bought into this propaganda, thus reducing the legitimacy of their otherwise noble causes.


This is one of the most important issues facing the world today. Stand up, learn the truth, speak your minds and save the world!



Anonymous said...

Shame on you Marty! There is no room for a politician who is either as corrupt or short-sighted as you!

New Boss Same as the Old Boss said...

Stop worshiping these politicians.

They are our servents, we hire them. just like your plumber or proctologist.

They come into town and we fawn all over them, shake their hanr, get our picture taken with them, write them up in our news, we speak of them as king and queens rather than the hired help & the local ones scurry to pay homage at their feet.

R or D it does not matter.

Take away the high pay, great benefits, ego esteem & the power if fills them with and most would not even consider the job.

It's vital to understand their goal is to get and stay elected.

When they speak, always ask yourself, Cui bono? and you may understand why?

Cui bono ("To whose benefit?", literally "as a benefit to whom?", a double dative construction) is a Latin adage that is used either to suggest a hidden motive or to indicate that the party responsible for something may not be who it appears at first to be.

Commonly the phrase is used to suggest that the person or people guilty of committing a crime may be found among those who have something to gain, chiefly with an eye toward financial gain. The party that benefits may not always be obvious or may have successfully diverted attention to a scapegoat, for example.

The Roman orator and statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero, in his speech Pro Roscio Amerino[1], section 84, attributed the expression cui bono to the Roman consul and censor Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla:

“ L. Cassius ille quem populus Romanus verissimum et sapientissimum iudicem putabat identidem in causis quaerere solebat 'cui bono' fuisset.
The famous Lucius Cassius, whom the Roman people used to regard as a very honest and wise judge, was in the habit of asking, time and again, 'To whose benefit?'

Anonymous said...

Excellent post 4:46!!!! Hats off to you!

At least someone has the sense to learn from history.

A riveting time in history that all could learn from. An understanding of the politics, the deceit and how it came about is a great lesson for all.

From Pompeii to the rule of Julius Ceasar and his assassination in the Senate, to his benefactor Octavian and the House of Julii, Cicero's death and the scandal, the politics, and the corruption a lesson for all in human nature, government and man's desire for power!