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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shell Enters Marcellus Play In A Big Way

Shell buys East Resources for $4.7 billion

East Resources, a Pennsylvania oil and gas exploration company started locally in 1983, is being purchased by Shell for a whopping $4.7 billion, the companies announced Friday.

Terrence Pegula, chief executive of East Resources, is formerly of Allegany, N.Y.

The company, now based in Warrendale near Pittsburgh, is one of the biggest players in the natural gas exploration of the Marcellus Shale, controlling 1.25 million acres across an area from West Virginia to New York. More...


Anonymous said...

While East Resources was certainly a large company, their "local" connections makes it more likely they would take steps to be as environmentally neutral as possible.

Super Mega International Royal Dutch Shell has very little incentive to practice environmentally sound practices. Like BP, their primary incentive is profit. Which does not bode well for these painted hills.

Congratulations East Resources. But I think this is a sad day for those of us who can see beyond the next 25-50 years.

Anonymous said...

Yep, none of these companies can afford to do business in PA if there's any taxes imposed on the Marcellus Shale gas.

They obviously don't have the money.

Rape baby rape, oops, I mean drill baby drill.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that when the Potter Commissioners started putting together their Task Force and talking about this Marcellus stuff I thought they were just blowing smoke but now I can see that this is for real so good job and way to stay on top of things gentlemen (and lady).

Anonymous said...

The DEP holds every company to the same standards whether you are Shell or East Resources.

Maybe people should start realizing that there are regulations in place for drilling, completing and producing wells. In fact, Pennsylvania is one of the most regulated states in the nation.

What you call raping the land, I call moving forward producing a clean burning, abundant and domestic resource that will not only reduce carbon emissions, but could eliminate dependency on foreign oil.

I guess you folks that say rape baby rape would rather fund terrorist nations and burn coal that emits far more pollutants than natural gas.

I didn't hear anyone complaining when good old Obama was pushing for clean burning coal about an oxy moron!! Maybe that should be just moron(s).

Anonymous said...

6:06 enough with the BS about "being dependent on foreign oil".

We've already covered this false argument about natural gas, so stop lying to us.

The only argument you can win is over money...and sadly even then we all know most of the profit will go to Big Corporations and a few land owners.

Enough blowing smoke up our assess, unfortunately for you we are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

@6:06:00 PM

While regulations exist, there is little manpower to enforce them.

So, net effect is unregulated frac waste treatment.

Unregulated frac waste transfer and handling.

Unregulated land use.

Stop peeing on my leg trying to convince me it's raining. You know as well as anyone who pays attention to business in PA, layoffs have hit DEP and DCNR much harder than other portions of the state payroll. SO hard, in fact, that Gov Rendell has had to beg residents to be the eyes and ears of DEP and DCNR.

But when leaking, unregistered rail cars are regularly used to ship FRAC waste to Franklin PA, No One Listens.

When FRAC waste is found dumped in a field, no one is metering.

When fish kills occur due to waste dumping, no one was there to prevent it.

We've already had serious environmental incidents due to the limited drilling currently underway. What do you think will be the case when 10,000 wells are in pro9cess here in Potter Cty?

Your rosy scenario does not match up with reality and belongs in the same place as your head. Located where the sun doesn't shine, because you could not be more wrong.

We don't really know what's in it, so we can't effectively treat it.

We don't have enough treatment facilities anyways, so it backs up in storage tanks.

When it backs up enough, it delays drilling, which is unacceptable, so it gets dumped.

And well pads and roadways are turning once pristine wilderness and vibrant forest into industrial waste zones.

Wildlife, habitat and people have all suffered in every single place they've done this. Colorado, Wyoming, Texas. The same kind of stories keep coming. Autoimmune diseases, cancers, wildlife dying off and farms no longer suited to raising crop.

Regulations my eye. Regulations are worthless with no staff available to enforce them.

Anonymous said...

Blowing smoke up your asses???

Maybe if the worthless Government you radical environmentalists voted into office did more to lessen our dependency on foreign oil rather than trying to bankrupt our country by "fixing" health care and bailing out a corrupt wall street, you would see that eliminating dependency on foreign oil is achievable.

If money was granted to switch vehicles we all drive to CNG, that little light bulb may go off that says this is actually achievable. By the way, this would cost less than what the Obama administration gave to the auto industry.

Why don't you go to Bradford County PA and start asking around how many people are benefiting from the natural gas industry. I bet it is more than the "couple" you quote.

As for the other arguments that the DEP is cutting positions. FACT: They have recently opened another staffed office to do nothing but inspect the industry and also have hired numerous support staff in the Williamsport office to assist in regulation. Not sure where you get your facts.

FACT: As far as treatment facilities, many companies now are reusing almost 100% of there produced water. Therefore there is far less waste than you seem to think.

I also like how one isolated incident concerning rail cars turns into an industry wide rampant problem. I don't even believe most companies use rail cars to dispose of waste.

Who's pissing up who's leg now?

There was not one fact in either response to my previous post. Like I have said, get out of that small snow globe of a world you live in, get educated, and then spout off about something you know about.

Anonymous said...

Just like BP, Shell is a foreign owned company.

Anonymous said...

I'm no radical. I'm a middle aged veteran who has read every thing I possibly could about this process.

And everything I put out there about the content of this waste and the way it's treated is absolute truth.

Every single thing you could do with natural gas can be done with hemp seed oil. Plus the plant can be used to make construction materials, glues, clothing, plastics and more.

Natural gas is a terrible waste, because it is so not needed.

Go shill your dirty polluting industry somewhere else.

And think carefully before you call people names. It is not appreciated. I am an American who put my life on the line to help protect your freedoms and think that your name calling is way out of line.

Radical my butt, Hemp science is far more mature an industry than fossil fuel. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

PS, I live here and pay taxes here and have a say in the local government, so don't you dare presume to dismiss me with your juvenile name calling.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so concerned that Shell is a foreign owned company? With the way businesses and Government is run, most of America's investments are now foreign owned.

You say that you read everything you can about the industry. Everything that is printed is negative and most of it false. How can one learn anything?

Have you ever visited a site, been on a rig, viewed a completion project or spoken first hand to a landowner that has been part of a drilling process? I can say yes to all of these.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate everything every veteran has ever done for America and its freedom.

But you are very much mistaken that everything that can be done with natural gas can be done with hemp seed oil. More mature of an industry? Smoking does not make an industry mature. Besides, there is not nearly enough hemp in the world to even remotely compare it to natural gas.

"Dirty polluting industry"? That is name calling an entire industry. Talk about categorizing. Once again, not one proven fact in your "argument"

Anonymous said...

You don't smoke hemp, sir. It contains no measurable thc.

Hhenry Ford built a model T in 1933, entirely out of hemp and hemp extracts and then fueled it with hemp. Yes, anything you can do with Natural Gas, you can do with hemp. They were doing this in revolutionary war times. Read your history.

Gas and Oil extraction is dirty, disrupts the environment and does pollute. It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Gasland, The Movie comes to HBO on June 26th. Please watch it.

And this professor made this following movie totally based upon false information?

No, sir. I disagree completely. Every single place the new Horizontal Frac drilling process has been used, they've polluted the environment, killed wildlife, compromised water wells (Dimock, PA and Bradford, PA are 2 very close examples), destroyed farm land, caused fish kills, and thumbed their noses at the local population.

Look, I'm not advocating a halt to drilling. The Gas should be extracted. But dammit, the entire industry is treating the affected populations like dirt. And that needs to stop. The drilling needs much stricter oversight. Metering of the Frac fluids, monitoring of radioactive substance that IS being extracted with the waste, and most importantly, striking down the exemption to the Clean Water Drinking act.

We're asking you all to be responsible human beings. Why the hell is that so hard to grasp?