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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

State Cuts 40% From Drug & Alcohol Programs County Is Mandated To Provide

State Budget Cuts Hit Local Drug/Alcohol Services

dollarsqueezePennsylvania continues to put the squeeze on counties by shifting the financial burden for social service programs from the state to the county level. Potter County Human Services Administrator Jim Kockler reported this week that the trend was most recently seen with a 40-percent reduction in state support for drug and alcohol abuse services that the county is mandated to provide.

His agency has already reduced services due to budget restraints, Kockler told the Potter County Board of Commissioners, and the most recent state cuts will have a major impact. Kocker said the agency is already down to two staffers handling counseling, referral and administrative duties. With less operating revenue, he explained, Potter County Drug and Alcohol Services will have to suspend all referrals for in-patient rehabilitation services and — for the first time — has been forced to establish a waiting list for new patients.

At the same time, the state legislature is considering measures that could further reduce state support for county-provided services. Those decisions won’t be reached until the state’s 2010-11 operating budget is approved. All forecasts suggested another protracted battle over the budget in Harrisburg.


Anonymous said...

right. so we cut treatment and rehab yet the super awesome drug task force will get a tank for those pesky potheads? what is wrong with us???

Anonymous said...

8:50, could you please put that in English? I have no idea what you are trying to say.

Anonymous said...

I'll translate: our priorities are all messed up.

Anonymous said...

Okay.....drug and alcohol abuse services and Drug Task Force with tanks. Makes plenty of sense......

You ever see the rain when it's wet outside?!

Oz said...

If and when the state cuts funding for any and all state mandated programs, the programs should be CUT, no funds, no services, PERIOD!!!