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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To Fill A Backpack Walkathon Raised Nearly $850.00

The "To Fill A Backapack" program held their first Walk/Bike/Skate-A-Thon on Saturday, May 15th with 25 people participating over the course of the day.

The participants ranged in age from 3 to over 60 and the modes of transportation around the Walk-A-Thon path were assorted. We started out with one participant on roller blades, a couple walkers and the remainder were bikers.

One trip around the path on roller blades was enough for Zach Haskins of Roulette...he switched over to a bicycle and look out cuz he was on a roll again.
As the day went on, more people showed up with their donations and to take a little jaunt around the path. Around 11:00 am we started cooking hot dogs for the participants to make sure that they were well fed and had lots of energy to keep going.

Everyone enjoyed hot dogs, chips and juice drinks along with LeeAnn the clown who came to visit for the day, Rovercomer the dog made a visit as well as the Red Power Ranger. LeeAnn made balloon animals for the kids, took a ride around the Walk-A-Thon path and entertained everyone with her juggling.

Rovercomer showed up and made 3 trips around the Walk-A-Thon path handing out candy to passing participants and anyone that he could find walking along the streets. Later in the day the Red Power Ranger came to show off his mighty morphin powers. He took a walk around the path to let everyone know that he was there to protect!

As the day progressed, participants started dropping out. They had enough for the day or had to go other places and weren't able to stay. When it got down to the last hour there were only 5 participants left and 2 of them were in a battle for the "most laps" prize which was a MP3/MP4 player donated by Cindy Knapp of Port Allegany.

Sierra Lepold and Zach Haskins were pedaling as hard as they could trying to complete as many laps as possible. Mia Snyder and Jameson Haskins were battling for the prize, peddling as hard as they could after riding their bikes all day.

At that time we weren't sure if Jameson would appear on a different bike or if he would continue on his current one. Jameson had changed bikes at least 5 times over the course of the day including a 2 seater that he and Alex made a couple of trips around with.

Apparently with the battle that was going on he decided that he better just stick with his current bike and take no that point he was one lap behind Mia (or so we thought)...a slip of a chain or minor crash could take him farther out.

Both of them were making very good time coming around the path and at each stop at the start/finish line they would verify who was in the lead. With about 20 minutes left they both appeared at the start/finish line within seconds of each other and as they took off, Mia was in the lead (again...or so we thought) but Jameson was pushing it hard to catch up.

We waited at the start/finish line for them to appear again and after waiting for a length of time we started calling the check stations. The upper check station hadn't seen them yet so we checked the lower station where we found out that as Mia rounded the corner at Fishing Creek and Main she hit a patch of loose gravel and took a spill not far from the next check in station.

This is one of the good parts. At that time, Jameson was one lap behind (or so we thought) and could have just went on, made his trips around to take over the laps, win the prize and thought nothing more of it.

Instead, he stopped to help Mia and waited for her to be able to get back on her bike to finish so that they could both finish at the same time. Now this is where it gets even the one check station, their cards had gotten switched on purpose just for a little torment after a long day. Both were getting the same credit for their laps but it was getting punched on the other persons card.

After they figured it out they would come to the start/finish line and hold their thumbs over the names so that the puncher couldn't see them. When we called it final and started handing out the prizes we found out about the card switch. The prize that Jameson was suppose to win because of the most laps had been given to Mia because according to her card when it was punched she had the most laps.

Again Jameson had come through and was going to let Mia win the prize even though it should have been his. Because of Jameson's caring and generosity, a couple of the planners have pooled their money and will be getting Jameson a MP3/MP4 player also.

And now for the numbers to show exactly what happens when you get a group together to help raise money for a much needed organization:
$40.13 Walkup donations
$604.00 pledge donations
$154.00 corner donations (cars stopped at intersections)

$45.50 in hotdog, chip and drink sales
$843.63 total monies taken in between 9am and 3pm

Now for the prize winners:
Youngest walker - Levi Howard from Port Allegany

Oldest walker - Priscilla Watson from Austin
Most money collected - Aimee Miller from Coudersport

Most laps - Mia Snyder and Jameson Haskins both of Roulette

We would like to thank the following people and businesses for their donations of prizes - Johnson Trucking of Roulette, Sheetz of Port Allegany, Cindy Knapp of Port Allegany, Beth Sigafoes of Roulette, The Two Mile Inn of Port Allegany, Drabee's Mini Mart of Roulette, The Friendly Inn of Roulette

We would also like to thank Solomon's Word, KISS FM, WPIG and Black Forest Broadcasting (Gerri Miller) for helping get the word out about the Walk/Skate/Bike-A-Thon.

A special thanks to the Roulette Baseball Association for allowing us to use their building for our start/finish line and we would also like to thank everyone who allowed us to use their yards for our temporary signage.

Thanks to KOS, Inc. of Coudersport for taking care of our sign printing needs and Beth Sigafoes for the making of our roadside signs.

Another thank you goes out to the Roulette Volunteer Fire Department for helping us get our walking path set up to keep our participants safe and the Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department for taking care of our water cooler needs.

We would also like to thank LeeAnn the clown, Rovercomer the dog and the Red Power Ranger for stopping in...everyone enjoyed your visit. We would also like to thank Colton Gerhart and Holden Ottolini for coming down from Coudersport to help collect donations.

Also thank you to Andy's Guns & Stuff of Roulette for the donation of safety vests and Gauld's Corner Store of Coudersport for the donation of hotdog rolls.

If we missed anyone that donated I apologize. We tried to keep track of everything that we received but something may have slipped by....again I apologize. For those people that helped the day of the Walk/Bike/Skate-A-Thon...Thank You for your time and willingness to spend the day with us. I don't know about anyone else but I had a ball (and got a nice sunburn).

We've already started planning for next year with some changes to be made and hopefully more participants. On behalf of the organization and the children that will benefit...."THANK YOU VERY MUCH" to everyone.

Andrew L. Kulp, Jr.
"To Fill A Backpack"
81 Burleson Avenue
Roulette, PA 16746
(814) 544-8032

Visit us on the web:
Email us at:


Anonymous said...

Who were the photographers?

Andy Kulp / Founder said...

Good question Jen....Jennifer Stambaugh Fleck took the majority of the pictures. Thanks to Jen also...!!