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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Volunteers To Monitor Water Quality In Potter County

Plans Announced For Volunteer Water Monitor Team

ngtfmay2010ryan2Plans are being assembled to form a volunteer water monitoring team as companies step up their drilling for gas in Marcellus Shale formations throughout much of the county. Dr. Pete Ryan (left), a dentist and avid fisherman who is president of God’s Country Chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU), discussed the project during the May meeting of the Potter County Natural Gas Task Force.

Robert Volkmar, a retired environmental management professor at Duquesne University, is heading up the local team, which would be similar to the “Water Dogs” patrolling the Pine Creek Watershed. Ryan emphasized that volunteer stream monitors would have to be trained and provided with equipment. TU has applied to the Heinz Foundation for financial support, he added.

“We’re not a bunch of crazies who are declaring, ‘The sky is falling,’ but we are concerned,” Ryan said, in reference to the gas rush’s impact on high-quality streams. “We have a history of working with people. We want to be sure that things are done well and are done right.”

He reviewed the 31-year history of the local chapter and some of its award-winning activities, including a project to protect headwater streams from erosion and sedimentation problems caused by dirt and gravel roads that became a statewide standard. TU also worked with private industry and state regulators to establish a major natural gas pipeline route that limited environmental disturbance, and has been active with acid mine drainage remediation in the Kettle Creek Watershed.

Dr. Ryan and TU volunteer David Saulter also invited local residents to support the third annual Project Healing Waters event to be sponsored by God’s Country TU on June 15-18. A dozen disabled military veterans will spend four days in the area fishing, tying flies, learning fly-fishing techniques and relaxing with local volunteers.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the people heading this up are already "secure" in their retirement and have their nest egg already in place. Dr Ryan and professor Volkmar, I hope you can be open minded and fair. Please don't try and shut this down because YOU don't want or need it to happen.

Poor Joe Farmer who Lives up the Road

Festus said...

Dr Pete Ryan is a class act. Rest assured that his endeavors are fair and in the best interest of everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Festus.

Farmer Joe - we all need clean water. I don't they are trying to shut anything down. Just looking out for our other resources. Dr Ryan is not exactly the hair down to his ass, dope smoking, living in a tree hippie (like me)......he'll be fair.

Anonymous said...

Woulda been nice if they'd included contact information.

Hey Joe. Sorry your finances are in sad shape. But is it worth destroying the natural resources that have kept this area going in good times and bad for 25 years worth (literally, a spec in time) of good times?


They ARE gonna drill the hell out of potter county and it will NOT pretty. At the very least, we should do everything in our power to make sure it's done right.

Is that unreasonable Joe?

Anonymous said...

Excellent news. Stay positive, something can be done if we come together to protect our communities!

~Poor Joe Worker Who Cares More About Health Than Money

Anonymous said...

Poor Joe is one of us...A local, he needs this. Be sensitive to that fact.

We just gotta "do it right".

The whole process is dirty and not easy to "do right" though.

We need help. The state is out of money and the departments charged with doing this have had to cut back.

So, help us Joe. Watch them. See what they do with that Frac fluid and CHARGE the employees with treating the environment with respect.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if they want to pay me for using my land, I'll buy bottled water. I never did like the tastem of my present water.

Anonymous said...

Did you just say FU to your neighbors?

I'm asking. It makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

All's I'm saying is I've worked my ass off all of my life to own my 500 acres. Now that I finally have a chance to make a few million off of it, I don't want a dentist and a prof to mess this up for me and my family. This is my land, everyone has always trusted the farmers to be the stewards of the land. How come now that I have a chance to make the kind of money the dentist and the prof have made, they think they need to step in and help protect me? Believe it or not, I am just as smart as the two of you, I just don't have a piece of paper hanging on my wall that says so.

Joe the Farmer

Anonymous said...

I do believe that this place we call"GOD'S COUNTRY" is doomed! Just go to Bradford Co. and you can see what Potter may look like in a couple years. We do need progress and an economy boost ,but is it worth destoying what is left of this place we all have loved for so long? I think we need guys like Pete and Bob to make sure it does'nt turn into a shithole.I personally don't want to have to buy bottled water.

Anonymous said...

To Farmer Joe: You CHOSE to be a farmer, nobody made you do it. Now you are being a bit greedy. Yes, it is o.k. to want to get ahead financially, but NOT at the expense of the entire environment around us, which definitely will affect all of us living here - not just you. Greed, greed, greed - it is the undoing of this country.

Anonymous said...

You may be one of the lucky one's to make a couple dollars from all of this and good for you. But just remember that 95% of the people in our county will NOT make one red cent from all of this. These gas companies will be making billions ,maybe trillions of dollars and the poor simple people who live and visit here could loose it all because of a few dollars. Just remember one thing, when greed takes over bad things happen. WE NEED THESE WATCH DOGS OR WE WILL LOOSE THIS PLACE CALLED GOD'S COUNTRY!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm greedy? I've worked this land for the last 50 years and I don't have anything material wise to show for it. Do you know what it means to work 18 hours a day, 365 days a year and still show a loss? I didn't think so.

I finally have a chance to provide for my grandchildren for generations to come and you don't think that makes me proud and excited? Every year that I plant corn in the ground, there is no guarantee that I will be able to harvest it. On the same note, there is no guarantee that the 10 wells we are planning is going to destroy anything. Nothing in life is guaranteed, people. Everything is a risk.

P.S. My land is still open for hunting and I will still pull you knotheads out with my tractor for free when you get stuck in the woods. (Only next time maybe I'll have a new tractor)

Farmer Joe

Anonymous said...

Make your money Joe, just understand this, this FRAC fluid mix is NOT environmentally friendly. It's even WORSE when it comes out of the ground. Carcinogens, heavy metals like arsenic, endocrine disruptors and even radium and uranium. This kind of pollution affects everyone. Especially those nearby. It needs to be handled safely and treated properly otherwise your 500 acres will be worthless industrial wasteland 25 years from now and your neighbor's drinking water and fishing streams will suffer as well.

Anonymous said...

Worse then the DDT and others I used to, and in some cases still do spray by the concentrated gallons on my farm?

You should read the warning labels on some of those. Almost enough to make me quit using them...

Joe Farmer

Anonymous said...

Farmer Joe(if you are indeed a farmer and not a gas employee attempting to drum up sympathy from fellow citizens) my friend I sincerely sympathize for you.

I am saddened that corporations such as Monsanto have leveraged their legislative powers to create a situation where a farmer works for 50 years and has nothing to show for it.

Now, that is the reality. Here is some more reality for you Farmer Joe. Big Oil has also created these same types of situations. Do you not realize Farmer Joe that by allowing these crooks to come in an destroy our land you are in fact a cog in their machine of greed and corruption? Do you not realize that by allowing this you are essentially supporting that which has prevented you from making a profit in 50 years.

It's like being a slave for 50 years, and then your master says to you, "I'll give you freedom if you take up this whip and manage my other slaves for me."

I do agree Farmer Joe that this is essentially your release from slavery, but understand that your release from slavery is going to in effect create hardship on all the other slaves, and empower the master that kept you in chains for 50 years.

I've known many farmers in my day, and I can say that most that do work the land for 50 years do so because of principle. Most farmers (what we have left) possess integrity and pride, and would never forsake their neighbors for their own benefit.

I sincerely doubt that you are indeed a real farmer, Farmer Joe. Something tells me this is nothing more than a media ploy, such as Big Oil is accustomed to.

I have yet to hear one single argument for drilling that didn't start with a gigantic $$DOLLAR SIGN$$.

America has already sold their souls to Walmart and McDonalds. Our health and our children's health has been drastically affected as a result. It's time to restore America to the nation of values, pride and integrity that it once was. If this means a bit of sacrifice now to create a better future....well guess what those are the principles that made this nation what it is!

Anonymous said...

I sincerely doubt that you are indeed a real farmer, Farmer Joe.

Son, I have pulled more calves, milked more cows, planted more crops and worked more hours than you will ever know. You write a nice bit, though.

Farmer Joe

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, Joe. Much, much, much worse than the DDT you spray...

Watch this 45 minute video and then tell me you feel safe around this toxic industrial waste:

Anonymous said...

Well Farmer Joe I'll take you for your word. Lets say you are indeed a farmer then, and perhaps I was a little quick to make the assumption that you were a Big Oil troll.

I do write well Farmer Joe. Let me tell you why. For nearly thirty years I worked for the likes of companies such as Monsanto and Exxon Mobile. I also worked for our Federal Government during that period as an independent subcontractor. My job was quite simple. To put it in laymans terms, I was hired to sway public opinion in various matters.

I was not the only one. My primary job was to use propaganda and rhetoric to convince citizens that the actions of our Government and Corporations were indeed beneficial to them, despite the fact that it was not. We influenced everyone we could from politicians to news reporters. I retain some self respect in the notion that it was my sinister counterparts that really did the dirty work.

You have no idea.

The term conspiracy doesn't come close to describing what I have witnessed. Bombings, thefts, setups, assassinations, bribery, and even enslavement of humans. Most of you will never know this world, be thankful.

Shortly before 9/11 many of us were secluded in the Western US and others that I knew of in the Phillipines. At that time we were told that an attack on The United States from a foreign Nation was imminent, and we were prepped for action.

We were told initially that Americans may feel sympathy towards the attackers, and therefore our services were needed.

Shortly before 9/11 we were fully briefed on the situation.

Let me sum it up for you the best that I can.

The United States was in deep trouble. OPEC, influenced by anti-American sources was leveraging their control over crude oil exportation to the US to artificially inflate the cost per barrel of oil. It was explained that such control could essentially bring down The United States as we know it. Everything in our country is dependent upon oil. Without it our economy would completely collapse, law and order would cease to exist as riots broke out, and soon civil war would ensue. If OPEC were to move their hand (and they were planning on doing so we were told), they could actually take down America. A few asked the question, "Why would OPEC stop selling to one of their biggest customers", and to that I ask, "Why would someone commit suicide to blow up an American?"

To sum it all up this was the choice America faced; allow OPEC and certain Arab regimes to destroy the United States, or take action. It was quite obvious at that point in time that the American people would not support a war over oil. The average citizen would not have given the thumbs up to kill people for oil.

Then 9/11 came and went. You do the math.


Anonymous said...

I will tell you one thing, the day after 9/11 I walked away. I have spent my entire life since then protesting the war and the corruption that is so rampant in this country it literally makes me ill.

I do everything in my power to not use anything derived from crude oil. I do not use natural gas, oil or propane to heat. I am dedicated to doing what I can to make America self-sufficient again. This means renewable and clean energy sources that are massively abundant.

The only reason our country is dependent upon oil is because Big Oil has made it so. Look what our government will do to protect the interest of private corporations whose product is derived from crude oil.

Oil is only one commodity in this country that holds such power. The pharmaceutical and food industry is now just as corrupt, and with good cause; most of the people who have high financial stakes in oil, now have put some of their eggs in the baskets of drugs and food. More alarming is the fact that these same people and organizations also control the world banking industry.

This is not conspiracy theory, this is the reality of a world with billions of people controlled by a select few.

This is why I ask you Farmer Joe, please do not pick up the whip, but lay it down, escape and then help to free your fellow slaves.

ORDO AB CHAO said...

5:33 be safe & know that you made the right choice and you are not alone.

Hope to meet you someday.

As for farmer Joe.....

The Creator gave us the land

Man gave us Money

It's a question of who you will serve

What will you say to your grand daughter when she asks why she cant't live and drink the water on papa's farm?