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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

$105,075. In Drilling Company Campaign Donations Won't Affect Decisions

Pennsylvania drilling tax unlikely in 2011, Scarnati says

By Brad Bumsted
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

HARRISBURG -- It's unlikely lawmakers will tax the extraction of natural gas from the Marcellus shale formation in the 2011 budget, Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati said Tuesday.

Gov. Ed Rendell is pushing the tax as a way to help close a $1.3 billion deficit expected by June 30. But Scarnati, the lieutenant governor, said although such a tax probably is inevitable, the Legislature isn't prepared to pass it immediately. He cited issues that must be explored, ranging from potential local government regulations and eminent domain to taxation policies on other natural resources such as coal. More...


Anonymous said...

The Marcellus Shale play is the biggest in this country, probably the world. It's imostly in Pennsylvania. Only an idiot would believe that these companies would not drill here if there's a tax imposed. There's not anywhere else that is nearly as profitable, tax or no tax, to drill for natural gas.

As has been the case in our political landscape for a long time, follow the money and you'll find where the decisions are coming from.

It sickens me that our elected officials are making and supporting policies for people that didn't elect them, nor will be able to vote for them since they are not RESIDENTS of their districts.

God MONEY, I'll do anything for you. God MONEY, just tell me what you want me to do.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with first poster!!

Anonymous said...


That is the type of response that has killed the U.S. for years. If
it makes money tax it. You people make me sick. when will you learn that tax and spend will not work. It just keeps costing more and you have to tax more to pay for it. Let bussiness pay its own way through town then they can afford to pay others and it will allow for more jobs less welfare and less taxes.

You libs. can't grasp that can you.

When a government is big enough to give you anything you want it is also big enough to take anything it wants.

Thank you Mr. Scarnati for sticking up for the true taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

"Opponents contend a tax could keep drillers, and jobs, from Pennsylvania." And just where else are they going to go? This is where the gas is. And we are literally GIVING IT AWAY! I cannot understand why we cannot impose a tax RIGHT NOW so we can have revenue for road repair, environmental "repair", everything that needs to be repaired due to the drilling activity. The rest of us pay taxes on everything, these incredibly rich gas companies that are raping our land pay nothing.

Anonymous said...

The gas companies already have bonds to cover roads and are responsible for the environmental impacts.

Why is it everyone's answer to tax, tax, tax? Just where does everyone think the money is going to go? It is not going to end up supporting local areas where the gas is extracted. It is going to go to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia where all the elections are won.

Anonymous said...

7:54:00 PM
You are so right!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the current bond required by a well driller is $2500? That won't pay for someone to come out to the site and give an estimate of what needs to be done, let alone repair the damages.

Really? said...

9:22:00 PM

Road bonds are much more than that, I know, we bond roads in PA and it is 10,000.00 or letter of credit for that much from your bank!

You have been misinformed if you think it is only 2500.00!!!

Anonymous said...

"Thank you Mr. Scarnati for sticking up for the true taxpayers."

To the moron who wrote these words of stupidity....
We're ALL taxpayers, unless your money is worth more than mine because you're a blind, koolaid, republican.

Mr. Scarnati wanted to toll I80. Where were you when he flipflopped on that tax several times?
Also, if we don't tax the gas extraction for our infrastructure, do you think a $10,000 bond will cover ANY road damage? YOU, like most of the jackasses on here that talk about tax and spend, think that big drilling companies will 'make it all better' before they leave, and you're living in crazytown. Ask your township supervisor or any road crew foreman what the real cost of fixing roads is. If you think $10,000 is going to cover anything more than about 10 feet of road, you're goofy and stupid.

Anonymous said...

If these drillers are so responsible and pay so much money to cover environmental impacts, then why are so many landowners left holding the bag when it comes to their polluted water and contaminated air. Tell THEM that everything is fine "as is".....

Anonymous said...

TAX them until their eyes bleed!!!!

Really? said...

7:45:00 AM
"If you think $10,000 is going to cover anything more than about 10 feet of road, you're goofy and stupid."

Blah, Blah, Blah, boy are your misinformed or just plain stupid?!

The bond for 10,000.00 is a DEPOSIT, got that, duh?!

A deposit of financial responsibility that will be held and used to repair the roads IF you do not do as the state instructs you. THEN if you do not comply the 10,000.00 is kept and you will be BILLED the difference! DUH

And do not even get me started on the lazy townships that charge more than double what the state does!

This only makes it harder for the businesses that have been doing business in the area for 20+ years!

Most of the townships are GUILTY of stock piling gravel and so on from each and every local company that bonds, repairs and uses the township roads! Don't believe me ASK THE LOCAL GRAVEL PITS, hard for them to find a spot to pile the gravel!

I know of a few people in business in the area that have been here for years and all ways leave the township roads in better shape than when they started using them!

Will be hard for the smaller businesses now that the gas companies are in the area using the weight limited roads during spring thaw and rainy days. The businesses that have been here for years KNOW ENOUGH TO STAY OFF THE ROADS IN BAD WEATHER!

Anonymous said...

FACT:The gas companies are paying whatever it takes to fix the roads and leave them better than before.

FICTION:Most people that post on here know what they are talking about.

Really? said...

8:49:00 PM


FACT: The gas companies are UNFAIRLY TRYING TO PASS ON TOO MUCH OF THE EXPENSE to fix the damage THEY caused by running on BONDED ROADS that many other local companies also had to bond to run on.

FICTION: The gas companies STOPPED RUNNING ON THESE BONDED ROADS IN BAD WEATHER, like the local companies that also bonded the roads did!

Get your facts straight there lil man!!!

Local businesses that must bond there roads year after year know when to stay off of them, during rainy weather and spring thaw. The gas companies did not realize our roads have no base for heavy truck travel!