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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bradford Era Questions Emails Allegedly Setting Quotas For State Police

Era still waiting for state police to turn over alleged e-mails setting quotas for arrests

The Bradford Era will be waiting a little longer to see whether the Pennsylvania State Police will turn over alleged e-mails setting quotas for arrests.

The Era made a Right To Know request on May 25, asking for alleged e-mails sent from the Punxsutawney Troop C headquarters to area police barracks. The e-mails allegedly contain quotas for the number of arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol, the number of warning notices to be written, the number of seat belt violators to be ticketed and the number of people to be stopped for speeding.

Quotas are illegal in Pennsylvania since a 1981 law banning the practice of directly or indirectly suggesting an individual police officer should issue a certain number of traffic citations.

The state’s Right to Know law sets a five-day time period for response from an agency. More...


Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised one bit. The PSP is an invaluable group of brave men and women. However, if this allegation is true, I say prosecute them. The individuals who are supposed to enforce the law need to abide by it too both on-duty and off.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick and tired of hearing about quotas. If you do not violate the law, you cannot get into trouble.

As far as quotas being against the law, that's another issue.

I hope PSP, as well as, every other law enforcement officer starts to ticket or arrest every violator. Warnings are a joke and probably should be outlawed. If the police want to exercise discretion they can do that by deciding to make the traffic stop (or whatever) or not, not decide after they've made the stop.

The money they would bring in would certainly help the state budget.

And, maybe if idiots stopped speeding (since they'd be getting ticketed more), less gas would be used and lower our "dependence" on foreign oil, shutting up the other idiots who think that drilling for Marcellus Shale will do that.

Then we can all be happy.


Smokin Joe said...

1:58PM - Nice but ignorant theory. Ignorant because you preach nonsense about follow the law and you won't get into any trouble. Really? What narcotics are you taking? Police officers are humans too in which they make mistakes, prone to emotion, and all the while carrying a big stick. Who watches them? Who prevents them from abusing their power? What happens if one them decides to dislike you? We live in a rural area where faces and vehicles become relatively easy to recognize and subsequently targeted. The idea of "probable cause" is a joke... Example: Your license plate light is burnt out at 2:30AM but magically works at 7:00AM. (Hmm, you might have to think that one over!) Further example: You could be sitting in a parked car at 2:30AM and yet it somehow manages to swerve towards the fog line! (Please, only attempt this on a closed course and with a professional driver!) My point is, maybe YOU forgot but you have the right to your privacy, you have the right to not be harassed, and some of us REALLY like our civil liberties. Your reasoning in the name of "safety" is, "shoot first, ask questions later" and that's what's partially wrong with this country. It's sickening and completely misguided. Get a clue.

Police State Anyone?? said...

1:58 You're one of the idiots that are part of the problem.. Morons like yourself are the reason we are becoming more and more like the communists countries we opposed for many years. Lets ticket everybody all the time. No need for discretion, just ticket across the board.

You're on those imbeciles who want to throw the book at every little infraction. I'm sure you are just giddy with this drug task force. Hell, why don't we just get more kids with a permanent record, load juvenile hall, watch the suicides increase. It's amazing the Crazy kids from my day who got into trouble, the cop would drive them home, mom and dad would deal with it, and guess what? those people are your neighbors, your friends and maybe even you..

Big deal we have rogue cops out there pushing quotas right?

We have new laws every year on the books. (That's all they do, make laws and take away our rights.) Lets just keep piling on and watch our freedoms continue to go away.


Anonymous said...

Smokin' Joe,

Sounds like you've broken enough laws to make the police watch you, hence your attitude about this.

And, Police State Anyone,

Are you kidding me? You equate the police enforcing laws and regulations that are put on the books by our ELECTED officials communist? Sounds like you could use some education about communism.

You both sound like a pair of backwoods hicks that give the rest of us in God's Country a poor reputation. Next time you have a thought, just let it go. We'll all appear much smarter if you do.


Anonymous said...

6:57, Love it!! Sadly though you've been attacked by the five member anti-law enforcement renegade that patrol Solomons word to slam our local Officers. My guess is they've created their very own shiny badges, exciting aren't they?!

To be a member, you must have an extensive criminal history, smoke (or swallow) weed on a daily basis and have no intellect in the area of common sense or community safety.

The only thing you can do is hunker down and take the embarrassment that comes with knowing that people like that live in our County, but don't forget, although they are loud and ridiculous, in the end you can really only feel sorry for them. Kind of sad!

Anonymous said...

People have broken the driving laws either on purpose or accidental. I do not agree with the post that everyone should get a ticket ("I hope PSP, as well as, every other law enforcement officer starts to ticket or arrest every violator. Warnings are a joke and probably should be outlawed.")Police should have the discretion to give warnings and quotas take away from that. I have been pulled over for speeding and have been given a warning and I was grateful and more mindful of the signs after that. When officers are told they have to ticket a certain number, the results change from doing what is best for the situation to making the situation best for them.

Anonymous said...

So if people are getting warnings, then how does the quota conspiracy even make any sense??

The way I see it, if they had a quota nobody would get a warning.

Common sense?!

Anonymous said...

6:57 and 8:18 you need to get a clue.

I love how you come on here bashing people and accusing them of being potheads to try and win a ridiculous argument.

In other news... Philly began a leniency policy on marijuana today. Less than an ounce? slap on the wrist summary offense.

I bet you oh so intelligent "non-potheads" knew that huh? considering how uber smart and better than the smokers you are.

I guess I need to find a term for non-smoking people, something that has a negative connotation, that way I can sling the word around without any merit or substance and still think I made a valid point.

The funny part is that it is in fact you who are the ignorant one when you make false references to marijuana users. You are only making yourself look stupid to everyone (and guess what it's 2010 and that's the majority of Americans) that knows the truth about marijuana.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anyone noticed that the first of the month lots of arrests then it tapers off but by the end of the month lots of arrests because they have to fill their quota. At the end of the month they will stop you for most anything..It's all politics.

Anonymous said...

If you choose to not smoke pot it's OK. Always remember "Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you
with experience".

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 10:45, whats the difference between the end of the month and the beginning of the month? Answer- a couple days.

Years back my mom's (ex)boyfriend was drunk and smacked her in the eye. The state troopers came and hauled him away. They were at the house for about 25 minutes. At Tasillo's office the trooper showed up with with a stack of papers that had to be at least 2 inches thick. Mom asked the trooper what all the paperwork was and he told her it was the report he had to write up about what happened. Mom laughed and said I thought he only hit me, he didn't kill me did he? They both laughed for second and then mom turned and said for me to stop complaining about my homework. I've never forgotten that. My point is the mountain of paperwork that the state troopers have do is probably what keeps them from being out writing tickets all the time.

And yes I do support our police. They helped my mom when she needed it and they couldn't write me enough tickets to forget that

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting article but it never says anything about who blew the whistle about the emails or how the information got out to the public. Is the ERA operating on a "hunch" and if so is that a legitimate right to know issue? Do we have the right to request copies of State Police emails? Seriously, can we just send a letter to the police station that says "I heard you guys were sending emails about XXXX and I want to know more"? If we can do that then I have a few requests to make myself! If the allegations are true then someone needs to be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Please, you people that believe the police are right and just are full of what you are spewing, especially in this area. They do target people and make up excuses to pull you over. Pulling people over for having an air freshner hanging from their rearview mirror...are you kidding me?
and the "oh, what's the big deal if you are doing nothing wrong?" The big deal is my freedom and my rights. What's the next step? Walking into my home or banging on my door just to make sure "everything's ok". There are police that still stand up for the rights of people and protect...for those I salute...but it sure seems like there are far more just out to get people for whatever they can and you are just happy as pie to sit back and let it happen.

Anonymous said...

Ok, first thing I want to say is, I have never been arrested, don't do drugs and happen to have many great friends that are cops. There is a definite problem though when as someone said earlier, your license plate light is "mysteriously" out when you are pulled over but has never been since then, you pass a field sobriety test but still get hauled to the hospital for blood tests and lo and behold you are exactly .08 so now you know have to attend classes, pay a very large fine, lose your license for 6 months and be on probation. Meanwhile, someone can be punched while minding their own business on their own property and when the state police show up they do nothing, no citation, no fine, absolutely NOTHING. Guess there are no quota's for assault.

Anonymous said...

The answer to all of this is very simple! don't break the law! don't like the law? take that up with your local representative.

Almost Ran Over said...

Speaking of traffic violations ... how many of you realize that the speed limit coming into Coudersport drops to 25 at the firehall.