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Monday, June 21, 2010

Thieves Steal Tillers/Lose One In Parking Lot Along With TVs and Caribou Head

Ceres Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer
Kane Troopers are investigating a Theft at a Ceres, PA, outdoor power equipment center that occurred overnite on Saturday night.

Unknown actor(s) arrived at Canfield's Lawn and Garden, 2932 King's Run Road, in Ceres, where they loaded 2 tillers in the back of a vehicle and proceeded to the Wayne Paving parking lot, where the suspects began to do doughnuts with the vehicle.

One of the tillers fell off there as well as 2 TVs, VCRs, three 5 gallon fuel cans, beer cans, and a Caribou head. The tiller that was not recovered was a McCulloch 900 Tiller valued at $400.00.

Anyone with information that can assist with information on these recovered items is asked to contact PSP Kane at 814-778-5555. Trooper Andrasko is the investigating officer.

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