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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thought Maybe I Was Having A Stroke

McKean County Courthouse Rocked By Quake
By James Jones

As I sat in a chair in the hallway of the McKean County courthouse this afternoon, my legs started moving from side to side all by themselves. It seemed to go on for about half a minute and stopped.

I sat there musing through my mind what could have caused that. My body doesn't usually make motions like that on it's own. I thought, "Am I having a stroke."

To my relief, about 5 minutes after the shaking, a person came out of an office and I overheard her saying, "Did you feel that too?"

At that point I got up and joined the conversation, telling them that I too had felt the movement.

People started coming out of the offices and into the main lobby of the courthouse. I could hear people saying, "What was that, I felt it too."

I got right on the phone to my wife, Cynthia, who was manning the Solomon's words website in my absence. She hadn't felt it, but our son reported that he" had felt it there in our home in Roulette."

Cynthia immediately posted the information that I was able to get to her, asking our readers to report if they felt it. She was immediately swamped with comments from all over the area.

While I was on the phone to our newsroom, Terry Wankel from Bradford, who publishes BradfordPA.Info, called my cellphone. He had accessed the US Geological Survey website and confirmed that there was indeed an earthquake, and that it was a 5. something on the Richter Scale, centered somewhere in Quebec, Canada.

I asked Terry to post a link on Solomon's words to give my readers the latest information.

When my daughter came out of the office she was visiting in the courthouse, she reported, "the papers were moving back and forth on the desk, and the hanging light was swinging back and forth."

I attempted to call Anne Holliday at WESB to give her a report from the courthouse, but the phone line rang busy. Anne reported on her 1490 NewsBlog that their station was swamped with calls.

The shaking was pretty strong, in an area that doesn't normally experience tremors. The last time in my recent memory was about twenty years ago, when a minor quake was felt in the area.

I want to thank my wife, Cynthia, and Terry Wankel for keeping you updated, in my absence from the newsroom.


Anonymous said...

I was pumping gas in Lawrenceville and I thought some one had their foot on my car teetering it up and down. I got out and walked all around my car and no one was there. This was the time they are reporting now about the earthquake.

Anonymous said...

It was not 5.? on Richter Scale. Richter has not been used for a while.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh news is reporting the epicenter in Ottawa Canada. Tremors felt as far as West Virgina.

Anonymous said...

I was sitting on the bench by the sidewalk in front of the courthouse when it happened. The wind was blowing and for a second I thought the wind was making the bench sway....then I realized that was impossible.

Anonymous said...

The Richter scale is still used...although they have introduced new magnitude scales they are all calibrated off of Richters original method.

Anonymous said...

We know we have hit the "Mother Load" when the quakes start.Never a better indicator of our success!
Drill Baby Drill!!!!

Anonymous said...

AMEN Brother 6:23pm!

Anonymous said...

i live in westfield pa and i was just sittin gon my couch and i felt the whole couch and lighting moving and i turned to my family and we all said it at the same time DID YOU FEEL THAT ! it was very scary and nothing i have ever felt before

Anonymous said...

I also felt it, and at first thought of calling someone.Then thought no...they all might say I am crazy. but then my daughter in law called me and said she was in olean at a doctors office, and wanted to know if I felt it. Well, I felt so much better..so I wasnt going crazy after all. LOL
I used to live out in california, and did feel the quakes, when I was a little child.

Anonymous said...

my husband was driving across a bridge in willamsport when he called me and aked if i felt the quake i told him no and thought he was joking until my aunt from bradford said her living room couch move