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Wednesday, July 28, 2010



There has NEVER been a plan to have a demonstration is response to the showing of the film, "Out in the Silence".

Nothing but a loving response has been indicated by myself and all other local Pastors.

While we do not believe it is appropriate to use a tax-supported library for a divisive, one-sided event, we have chosen to keep our response low-keyed.

In speaking to the Police, there have been no reports of threats. There has been no hateful response. In fact, only a total of 10 calls have been made to the library.

I can only assume that those who benefit from the publicity of sensationalism have created false reports.

I do not know the source of the crazy rumors, but it has not been us or any local Churches.

I am disappointed at local News outlets who have published these crazy rumors without verification.

I have only received one call locally to find out the truth.

We love all people. Yes, at times we disagree. But that should and can be done agreeably.

Pastor Pete Tremblay

Coudersport Free Methodist Church

**(Jim, I am very dissapointed.)


Anonymous said...

This sounds more like the county we should be. Thank you for your peaceful response. I hope there is a good turnout and that some people who are struggling with their sexuality feel they are supported. At the end of the day we are all people.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the filmmakers and the library issued a bogus press release to stir up the pot a bit.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarifying! Thank you for stating the truth about your church's involvement.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pastor Tremblay. The miniscule minority have once again manipulated things to try to make Christians look bad. Thanks for your loving attitude in the face of so much hatred...

Anonymous said...

Your response downplays the seriousness of the issue. Any time an individual or group attempts to influence a public library to censor its resources -- thereby challenging the public's First Amendment rights, it's a big deal -- whether it's done in the name of "love," religion or ignorance of the principles upon which this nation was founded. Opinions are one thing, attempted censorship is quite another, because once it gets a foothold, it only increases.

Anonymous said...

They say "those kind" mock marriage by wanting to get married.
However, don't "straight" people do it by getting divorced?

Recent studies indicate approx. 10% of the population is homosexual. That being said, there would be about 200+ running around Coudersport daily.

Ann DeHaven said...

Thank you, Pastor Tremblay, for clearing this up. It is unfortunate that so many have so eagerly used an undocumented report to display so much hatred for all things considered Christian. Yet it is the church that reaches out when people need funds or food. It is God's people who go to the hospital to comfort the sick and dying, and their families. It is those who believe the Word of God is The Standard for all Truth, who give and share and send teams of people, young and old, to needy areas of the world to bring hope and healing and the basic comforts of life. It is the church that pours its resources into our youth to give them a soft place to fall and teach them to live successfully in this life. So many of them come from hopeless situations. It is the people of God who give and go and pray. No doubt other groups and organizations do good works, not to minimize that fact. But I know of one church in our community that gives diapers and other necessities to new mothers in need. I know of two others at least that run a food bank that helps people weekly. And another who oversees a discount grocery program, another who puts on dinner on Christmas day for lonely people. And that is not the half of it. And I, for one, would be in a detrimental lifestyle today if not for someone showing me the love of God in a tangible way. When I was a single parent, my church family sustained and protected me, provided counseling, taught me how to live and raise my children in a positive environment. I did not have to resort to the barfly lifestyle, because God's people were there for me. And that has made all the difference. I will be eternally grateful to the church, the flawed and imperfect people who happen to love the True and Living God, for all I have and all I am. God bless and keep you all. And I am sorry for those who have not experienced the incredible grace of God working through His people. Jesus said to all who will hear, no matter who or WHAT you are, "Come to me all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest..."

Anonymous said...

4:36 - I believe the pastor's remarks show that no such censorship took place. People have shared their opinions, they have spoken freely and that is a freedom we have under the constitution, or have you forgotten? You who scream "censorship" are the same who attempt to snuff the right of others to state their opinions.

Anonymous said...

This is madness. Even though Coudersport has been known to not be the most progressive, it is filled with adults. As adults not only should fact be the only thing printed but also, the library should feel free to screen a movie to the adult public & not be scrutinized. It's very sad. Those who are questioning their sexuality can benefit from a movie like "Out in the Silence".

Anonymous said...

I agree with 4:36.
The person who wrote "sometimes you get the dil, sometimes you get the dine" hit the proverbial nail on the head.
Propaganda has run amok on both sides.
Ride the tiger and keep the faith. There is an ebb and a flow here so be patient and the truth will out.

Anonymous said...

"While we do not believe it is appropriate to use a tax-supported library for a divisive, one-sided event"

But churches get government grants and enjoy tax exemption all while swearing on a book that says homosexuals are an abomination that should be put to death.

Aren't you too busy talking the elderly out of their savings to find time to strong arm librarians anyway?

Anonymous said...

6:51 - I am not the person you quoted, but will put in my two cents anyhow. In all my years (and they be legion), I have never seen a church receive a government grant, but maybe some have. Not the norm, and quite rare, actually.

As for being tax exempt,that is because the government acknowledges (but probably not for long as things are going) that the church provides a LOT of social/public services, as mentioned by 5:59. One I know of provides space at no cost for a number of community groups, including the Multiple Sclerosis Group, TOPS, Penn State 4-H Club, etc. CCMH has used that same facility, at no cost, for seminars. A very large funeral for a non-member was recently held there. The women of the church provided a huge dinner for the near 200 people that stayed. Other churches host AA meetings, and other groups. Church property, i.e., tables, chairs, portable sound systems are loaned out to non members/adherents for nothing more than a sign-out. The Habitat for Humanity bicyclists going from CT to WA were housed in the above-mentioned church facility. Their chaperones/parents would not want them in any place but the safety of churches with church people providing their meals and arranging for their showers and other needs. I made two vats of iced tea for them (I make very good tea). Oh and I made the iced tea for the funeral too. You should try it. Since we are tax exempt, I won't have to charge you anything.

Another ministry group found emergency shelter within those walls just last week due to the torrential rain. Within a short time of getting their call (they found us on the internet), the church rose to the occasion to provide 30 complete strangers with sleeping quarters and lots of food. This was immediately after the funeral. But our gracious people, tired as they were, stepped up to the plate for them.

Oh! Yes. The BIBLE issue. My Bible teaches that ALL who do not believe in the only begotten Son of God will perish. I will not apologize for God's Word. It seems harsh even to me, but the point is, we are all sinners in need of forgiveness. God has made a Way (Jesus) for our sins to be washed away. Through the blood of Jesus, and His atoning death for our sin, we can be set free from any sin that holds us in bondage - IF we repent. Remember that. It is key to having a close relationship with the God that loves you. Through the mighty power of God, many homosexuals have come out of that lifestyle. It is possible. It has been done. Not easy. But there is HOPE. Just as it is not easy to forsake any "thing" that stands between us and God. Why, even your critical spirit can be changed! :)

Annddd... we do seem to have a number of elderly in our church. I guess I will soon be among them. Can you please name one that has been "talked out of their savings?" Just one? Thought not.

Any more questions? Oh, I forgot. You did not ask, you accused.

Anonymous said...

Yes the library is funded by OUR taxes and that includes the taxes paid by our gay community too! The library is there for the education of EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

this is disgusting and embarrassing! those who called all Christians "bigots" should be just as embarrassed as the christian who condemned a "sin" that can only be judged by God!

I can't get over the continued finger pointing when the real outrage should be directed towards those that falsely made these statements to our community!

Anonymous said...

I think this is laughable that when the "church side" saw that the opposition outnumbered them, that they then decided to cower away from their harsh stance and become "good Christians" when it was more convenient for them. A day or two ago, they were aggressors, and now when they were seen for their true colors, they became conciliatory.

An amazing over night transformation. It's not just the pastor, but all the members of the "church side" who made all those posts on two different threads over the past two days.

What, because they finally came up with a well thought out, well crafted response .... they are instantly off the hook?

A day ago they were screaming that gays will burn in hell and today they are saying "they" are gods children too and we should love them.

Don't anybody suspect that this might be pure BS?

The small minority of idiots who puffed up their chests and insisted they would have a "big protest" just simply turned coward when they saw how outnumbered they were and how unpopular their narrow-minded response to the film was.

I'm not buying this obviously "fake" revelation!

Anonymous said...

"It is key to having a close relationship with the God that loves you"

Or having a play date with an imaginary friend. But whatever floats your boat.

It is my opinion that religion teaches people to hate and judge people based on a book and what it says. The people that go to church might be good people, but I think it is basically an long line of brain washing and a tradition (oh, and they want your money too, don't forget that.)

"hate the sin, not the sinner":

People are so uptight about the gay and lesbian community and have such a terrible issue with accepting it. But if you think about it, being obese is a sin, and there are a lot of people who go to church who are obese, but people never shame them. Lying is a sin, but almost everyone tells even the smallest of lies, even if it was "oh, I didn't answer my phone because I was in the shower", when in fact they just didn't want to talk to that person right then. I find religion to be very hypocritical. People overlook the last two "sins" a lot quicker than a gay or lesbian relationship. When they are just as much as a sin as any other sin. It's just easier to single them out.

Anonymous said...

Yes, churches do offer help to some people but most pastors live pretty comfortably in the process as middle men. (although probably not as comfortably as in the past). I think the current generation of lost souls decided not to give 10% of their income to the church when the Catholics policy of "no child's behind left" came into light. It must be nice to oppose homosexual relationships and gay marriage while winking at alter boys and having male prostitutes on speed dial.

It certainly was kind of god to sacrifice himself, knowing he would just go back to being a god in order for humans to be forgiven for sin he made possible as a loophole around a rule he himself created and could have just changed.

The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 8:57:00 PM EDT

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that someone made up all this, I think the people that started the stink calmed down and realized their error and instead of admitting their wrong, they decide to take the cowardly route and say it never happened. Shame on you for blaming everyone else like the media, library, etc.

And Jim, I'm proud of you for posting ALL the news, the good, bad and controversial. Thank You

Anonymous said...

I am rather confused by Pastor Tremblay's comments. Initially, it appears he is speaking for the collective pastors in Coudersport, then switches to additional comments and personal opinion, closing with, again, a collective opinion. While denying that any form of protest or negative demonstration was in the works, he strongly states that (quote) "While we do not believe it is appropriate to use a tax-supported library for a divisive, one-sided event, we have chosen to keep our response low-keyed." (unquote). Would Pastor
Tremblay identify who 'we' are in referring to the above quote?
I would think if this statement was wholly supported by the Coudersport Ministerium, that those Pastors would graciously co-sign Pastor Tremblay's statement. It is especially interesting that in the first announcement to appear on Solomon's Words, dated 7/27/2010 12:42:00 AM, only the Free Methodist Church was mentioned of all the churches in the area. And reviewing that article, it appears that the library had some difficulty deciding whether or not to host the film due to hateful comments made to the staff. Something is awry here if we are to believe that only 10 people called the library. I would hate to think that 10 phone calls could change an event that quickly. As for the tax payer support of the library, please believe that all tax payers, regardless of race, religion, sex, color, creed or sexual preference support the library. And, again, as has been stated previously, if you do not want to attend, please exercise your right to stay home, but do not impinge upon my right to attend.

Anonymous said...

The "Coudersport Free Methodist God Hates Queers Church".

First they lied about there "going to be a big protest" and that the library would have hell to pay IF they showed the film. Then days later, they retroactively lied about their attempts to stop the film from being shown! LOL!

IF this above "announcement" had any truth to it at all, why didn't the pastor rush this over to Jim the very minute the first story showed up on Solomons Words to correct the story immediately?

The Church(s?) and the teabaggers are powerless and they didn't realize how outnumbered they were until the night of the event, THEN they concocted this "explanation" after the fact!

Pastor Pete Tremblay might be "very disappointed" in Jim, but a lot of us readers are VERY disappointed in Pastor Pete Tremblay, his church and the Potter County Teabaggers!

Anonymous said...

Excuse moi, 12:27AM. What part of "There has NEVER been a plan to have a demonstration..." do you not understand? And "all local pastors" - how hard is that to comprehend? Pastor Tremblay may or may not have spoken TO "all" pastors, but knowing that they were showing a loving response is enough to justify his statement. He clearly stated that there has been "no hateful response." You just can't stand the fact that the Christian community refuses to fit the mold you have created for us -"bullies, Bible thumpers, judgmental, hypocrites, bigots...etc." You crack me up! Go wallow in your so-called "confusion." It appears the old adage, "Ya can't fix Stupid," might apply here.

Ooops! Oh dear! Have I broken another of your "moldy" rules for Christians? No name calling, right? But Jesus called it like it was in His day. I forgot, silly me! Christians must keep their mouths shut (although everyone else in this country may speak their minds)...

It's time the library personnel come forward to clear this up, since the word of a Man of God is no good to the likes of you. But then, it's doubtful you could see the truth if it stared you in the face. So Library People! Can you help us understand from your perspective what is the truth? Did the library receive 10 calls? Or more? Who made them? Did the library feel threatened? And if so, by whom? Was there a promise of a protest? Who promised it? We need to hear from... "The Library."

Why should any intelligent individual have reason to doubt a man who has always been forthright and up front in his dealing with issues and people? Pastor Tremblay's statement, "I can only assume that those who benefit from the publicity of sensationalism have created false reports," is very clear.

Maybe you simply have a reading comprehension issue.

P.S. I do not attend Pastor T's church. Knowing the man's level of integrity and his honest character is enough for me.

Anonymous said...

July 29, 2010 12:27:00 AM. You are exactly right. Pastor Tremblay appears to falsely lump all local clerics together in their dissatisfaction of this event. That is unfair to those clerics who have neither expressed their opinion nor are in agreement with him. He should speak for himself and not for others. His use of the "we" term and not explaining who "we" is self-serving to his own opinions.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, July 29, 2010 12:27:00 AM EDT
To the poster above, stop making a bigger issue out of it then has already been made. Before you start trying to add more to the fire, do your homework!

So lets turn the table and ask YOU this: who do YOU think you are including ALL TAXPAYERS in your statement below?

As for the tax payer support of the library, please believe that all tax payers, regardless of race, religion, sex, color, creed or sexual preference support the library.

Hello? It looks to me as you you are doing the very thing you are accusing the Pastor of.

I am glad he stood up for morals and values, while some show cowardliness.