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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Austin Dam Plan Goes Public Today--Bring Us Your Ideas

Public Meeting Set Today
For Austin Dam Plan

The Borough of Austin, in partnership with the Austin Dam Memorial Association, will host a Public Input Session on Thursday, July 1, 2010 - 6:00 pm, at the Austin Volunteer Fire Department, 42 Main Street, Austin, PA 16720.

“We want residents of the Austin Borough and surrounding area to share their thoughts and ideas on how to enhance the appeal of the Borough and Austin Dam Memorial Park as an attraction within the PA Wilds,” said David Brooks, of the Potter County Visitors Association. “Among other items, we will talk about the Austin Dam and Bayless Pulp and Papermill ruins and what might be done to interpret the history, environment and cultural aspects of these features that mean so much to the community.”

Brooks notes, “Austin was known internationally due to the failure of the dam, and the loss of life, in 1911. It’s time we put Austin back on the map in a positive way that attracts visitors and tourists to our town and park. We have an opportunity not only to expand recreation opportunities, but we also have opportunities to capitalize on the economic development potential of visitors coming into town.”

This is the first of two public input sessions being held during the master planning process for the park. A second meeting will be held in the Fall. At that meeting, recommendations developed through the planning process will be presented to the community.

The master plan is being funded through grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. The plan is being prepared by Pashek Associates, a Landscape Architecture and Community Planning Firm located in Pittsburgh.


Anonymous said...

If you go to this whatever you do dont disagree if you do you will be made into a target by the boro council and the ADMA !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

tear it down, tear it down. Come on, we could put a Denny's in there or a family dollar. Wouldnt people rather see that than a pile of rubble?

Anonymous said...

AGREED!!!!!! Go to a Council meeting sometime........

Anonymous said...

Waste of time and money !!!

Anonymous said...

Thats just what Austin needs,more so called park and,an art gallery!!!

Anonymous said...

What part of public meeting don't you get? If you think its a waste then speak up, if you want to see something else put up there, speak up.

I think its a great opportunity for the town and the businesses that are left. The park and museum are just about the only things the town has going for it, why let it sit there and rot?

Sitting around doing nothing is the best way to make sure nothing happens.

Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous at 2:03": Tear It Down??? Are you kidding me? Whether or not the Austin Dam gets its state designation or not, it is obvious you have no respect for the 1911 flood victims or the descendants of their families. Maybe you view the dam ruins as a pile of rubble?? Had you lost a family member in the flood, perhaps you'd have a different perspective. IMHO, the ruins honor the lives lost, provides commemoration of the dead, acknowleges surviving families and stands as a reminder to the world of what can happen due to lack of proper dam engineering and adequate emergency preparedness, amongst other things. To tear down the ruins would be akin to taking down a 9/11 memorial! For those of us who appreciate the ruins and what it stands for, we applaud any action to preserve what is left of it, no matter who or what agency is involved in the process! Peddling your lack of appreciation for the dam is just the kind of thing that negates any positive progress for its preservation. If you don't like it, don't look at it!

Anonymous said...

Like i have said before in the past 25 years this project has done nothing for the town it has only lined the pockets of a select few ! The people of Austin do not want more park ! Read the first comment that is the way things are here !

Anonymous said...

The dam association records are open for inspection, if you think pockets are being lined through this project, think again. Most of the improvements are done by volunteers (no monitary exchange) and when money is exchanged it is usually at cost to the supplier, the businesses are very supportive.

The people who have taken it over and are involved now have been nothing but open and receptive to All ideas, begging for honest and fresh ideas and new helpers.

The people of Austin who don't want more park should have gotten off thier duff and come to the meeting then.

Anonymous said...

To 11:00 am - I'm sure if you were running things, you'd be skimming off the top but believe it or not there are actually people who honestly care. Most people who make statements such as yours do so because thats what they would do in the same situation.

Congrats to the people of Austin who are working to improve your community. Don't listen to the negativity.

Anonymous said...

There is one thing they are trying to hide and that is the cost of this study. Put the price tag of the study on the Message Board for all to see. If they had used half the money that went into this study to fix the road, the park would be a whole lot better off. That is what always happens when you get those dildines with the state department of this or that into an equation. A consultant gets a fat paycheck and everybody feels good about it but nothing actually gets accomplished. Please post the price of these studies here so people know the truth. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thats the trouble they won't ever tell the public how any of the tens of thousands of dollars have been spent!!! I would rather give my time and hard earned dollars to a worthwhile cause like the coudy pool,habitat house,churches,ccmh,cancer research,ect.That way you can see your dollars at work for a good thing!!(this last study and plan is about $60,000.00 tax dollars !!!)

Anonymous said...

Trying to hide what? This was I found on solomons in about 1 second. Additionally, both the endeavor and PLE have covered this project extensively, including the cost (which is ($61,000). Google it.

The third link is from April of 2009, so all the hiding talk is garbage.

They do not give out tax dollars for constuction without a professional plan in place, one that has public opinion and comment from the people, which is what is trying to be accomplished. The planning process includes upgrades for the road and the best and most efficient use of tax payer dollars something that is extemely important, which is why we are trying to do this the right way.

If there was a professional plan in place before the road was built, think of how much less time and money would be needed to fix/maintain it.

Also, there is a project website. if you click on client log-in on the lower right. username is austin, password is dam. This has the orginal scope of work (which is a complete list of what we will get for the $61k), meeting minutes, the works. This has been posted anywhere we can as well.

Anything else you want to know about the project just post your questions. All you have to do is ask.

Anonymous said...

Okay so $61,000 for a plan? There's the big drain on what little money there is for a project like this. Somebody made some fat paychecks getting paid $61,000 to produce a bunch of paperwork and maps and sketches.