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Thursday, July 29, 2010



By Pastor Peter Tremblay
Coudersport Free Methodist Church


Can you believe it? An activist group comes to the small town of Coudersport, Pa. to show the documentary, "Out in The Silence" - "detailing the struggle to survive of a gay teen". at the local Library. According to the Blog by the activist group the result is a backlash of anger and the threat of a large protest.

The blog is at; Dated Monday July 26, 2010. The title of the Blog is, "Clergy Threaten Public Library -- Promise “Large Protests” over Gay Documentary " Let me give you some highlights.

"We've received phone calls all morning from clergy “screaming at us”, reported a library staff member. “They're threatening large protests and we don't know what to do.” "

"But a week before the event, the librarian tried to postpone, citing concerns by the Board of Directors about “possible protests and community concerns.” "

"But on the morning of Monday July 26, the library suddenly changed its mind yet again. They wrote Wilson canceling the event, stating that the library “cannot be involved” due to the large number of calls they had received from conservative ministers in the area. "

A local area news Blog began to buzz with activity and anonymous comments are made on both sides of the issue. Suggestions are made that there have been "death threats". The character of local Pastors is called into question. Wow! Certainly this is proof that small town America is bigoted; proof that the activist claims are correct; proof of discrimination; proof of victimization.


Coudersport, you have been played! You have been lied to. You have been victimized by a group who uses tactics of sensationalism in order to manipulate your feelings and to convince you they are victims. The true victims are the local people whose characters have been assassinated, the local Churches who have been vilified, and most importantly - THE TRUTH is a victim.

The true story is that a few local Pastors met on Monday evening the week of the movie's showing to discuss how to respond in Christian love. While these Pastors - only about 5 of those in the community - disagreed strongly with the avowed objective of the activists (same-sex marriage); these few Pastor decided that they would keep any response low-keyed. First, they would watch the film privately. Second, they would address the issue in Christian love at a future date. Third, they would pray about the event and the issue in their local churches. Being one of the Pastors at that meeting I can attest to these facts.

There was no call for "large protests".

Only one local Pastor (myself) asked church people to call the Library in Christian love and ask that the movie be shown elsewhere rather than a "tax-payer" supported venue. But nothing more was requested. We found out later that only 10 phone calls had been received by the library; 5 for and 5 against continuing the event. There was NO DEATH THREATS. Local Pastors DID NOT CALL IN ALL MORNING as the activist reported. They did not "scream" at the Library staff. In fact, local Pastors were largely silent on the matter.

One account is true and reported on the activist's blog, "Wilson and Hamer have alerted the media, the state Human Relations Commission, and local law enforcement about the flap and threatened protests."

On Wednesday, I received a call from the local Police asking about this supposed protest. My response to the officer was immediate laughter as I told him that no protest had been planned and that his officers had nothing to worry about. The officer is the one that informed me that only 10 telephone calls had been made to the Library; 5 for and 5 against and there were no death threats made.

Coudersport and Potter County! Whatever your feeling are about the issue of "same-sex marriage", how do like being lied to? How do like being treated as "gullible hicks" by shady characters, who distort the truth, assassinate the characters of local people, churches, and Pastors? How do you like your police department given false information? How do you like your media manipulated to create sensationalism for the purpose of a political agenda?

Diane Bramley of the American Family Association of Pa. was made the villain on the documentary simply because she would not participate in it. But that did not stop Wilson and Hammer from using every technique at their disposal to make her the enemy. Wilson and Hammer can create villains wherever one is needed by the careful use of sound bites, video clips and innuendo. If that's not good enough they will create false stories.

Diane Bramley writes, "This past fall Hamer and Wilson began showing their completed “documentary” on some Public Television stations and in colleges and universities across Pennsylvania, as well as in some locations outside PA. A closer look at their website shows that Pennsylvania is being used as a guinea pig to try out their ‘Community Engagement Campaign.”

I spoke to Diane over the phone and was informed that these tactics were similar to those used by Wilson and Hammer in Oil City. Diane was accused in the documentary of calling for a boycott of the Theater owned by a Lesbian couple. That was another false claim made by Wilson and Hammer. Diane never called for a boycott. But in similar manner, Wilson and Hammer called local media, the Human Rights Commission and Local Police because of threatened protests. Of course such protests never materialized.

Coudersport, you have just experienced Wilson and Hammer's 'Community Engagement Campaign'. How did it taste?


Pastor Peter Tremblay

Coudersport Free Methodist Church


Editor's note--This is a news release from Pastor Tremblay as were the news releases from the film makers who sent information on the movie. Solomon's words allows access to all sides. We did not express an opinion on this controversy. We will try to more clearly indicate the authors of controversial news releases in the future, as we have done with this release from Pastor Tremblay.


Anonymous said...

It's ironic that a person of the cloth is calling ANYONE else out on histrionics and manipulation of peoples' emotions. Apparently this guy feels that HIS profession is the only one allowed to play on human emotions and the conflicts of life.
The organizations of Christian religion are responsible for more pain and suffering inflicted on others than any movie could ever hope to achieve, if that is the goal.
Pastor, even if you preface your calls to action with the words 'Christian love', it is still the organized religions like yours in this world that persecute and try to shame people for loving another person of the same sex.
That's the part of Christianity that drove people like me from the church.
Loving someone is not wrong, and not a sin. There isn't enough love in the world as it is, and seeing yet another religious leader trying to explain to his flock how the gay people are manipulating them is amusing at best, and seemingly evil at its worst.
Please Pastor, pray for more love instead of less, and you might be suprised at who and how many show up in your church on Sunday mornings.
Jim Russell, Smethport

Anonymous said...

My question for Pastor Tremblay is this, why is it not okay for a public library (insert a tax, government and publicly-supported institution) to show this film, but it is acceptable for the Right to Life group to have their annual anti-abortion chain and prayers on the grounds of the county courthouse? Both are controversial issues and yet one is seen as being perfectly acceptable on tax supported property and the other isn't? I would be interested in your response.

Peace to all who read this!

Anonymous said...

Everybody put on your tinfoil hats!

It's a conspiracy....

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Mr. Russell.

Anonymous said...

Jim Russell is the best example of how and why this rural community was lied to by Wilson and Hammer!!

No matter what the common sense or the complete honesty our churches, Pastor's and "most" christians display, people such has him can continue this argument by blaming it on the lack of love shown by our churches when they are to blind to see that it's all they have shown!

Seriously?! We are victims of a scam and yet we still turn on each other...again, no wonder they chose that method for this community!

Anonymous said...

To the poster on July 29 11:00 pm.
You certainly sound like either Wilson or Hamer or someone that is still continuing to keep the rhetoric on here going. Having read all the comments posted on here you've people have done more to turn me off having anything to do going to this movie than Pastor Tremblay. At least this guy had to courage to come on Solomon’s explaining what happened and yet you continue to slam all Christians and act as if we're burning gays and lesbians at the stake. So what if he called and asked it not be shown at the library that's HIS right. Just as it is your right to call them and show your support for the film. Stop trying to brwo beat all of us into your way of thinking. As a Christian I have the right to believe in the bible and its teachings. Just as you have the right to believe in whatever it is that you believe in. I just wonder why you’re making a big stink over this and why you’re not on here posting against the Muslim extremists that KILL in the name of their religion. No your more content on attacking Christians as long as it promotes your file and your way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

"You have been played" so says By Pastor Peter Tremblay
Coudersport Free Methodist Church.

But it's a bit unclear who did the playing! This guy calls himself a pastor, yet, I'll quote from his own words:
"activist claims", he calls the writers and producers of the film "activists" a la Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck. "Activist" is an inflamatory and derogatory term the right loves to throw around to incite people. They are more like "educators", teachers or lecturers than "activists". Pastor Tremblay meant to use that term in the most negative way. Then he goes on to say "you have been lied to", escentially calling those in support of the film liars. Even though there seems to be no proof of that. For all we know, he is lying. It seems it comes down to his word against the word of people at the library who ansered the phone, and to be quite frank, I would tend to believe the library staff over this "man of god". Just him calling others liars and using that word makes me think he is more judgemental than a man in his position should be. A rational pastor or minister wouldn't make an absolute statement like that without the benefit of know all the true facts, which he dosen't. If we wasn't there at the library answering all the calls, he has no idea who called and said what. Therefore he can be wrong or lieing about those he called liars, telling lies! "It takes one to know one comes to mind".

Then he comments: "You have been victimized by a group who uses tactics of sensationalism". It's funny coming from a guy who is in the process of wrting a post that "uses tactics of sensationalism" itself! Think "pot calling the kettle black" when you read that!

"There was no call for large protests". How would Pastor Tremblay know that if he didn't personally answer each and every phone call or monitor the phone calls?

"How do like being treated as "gullible hicks" by shady characters, who distort the truth, assassinate the characters of local people, churches, and Pastors"? Does being gay make you a shady character who lies? I doubt it. ..... But speaking of "shady characters who distort the truth!

"How do you like your police department given false information"? IF that were true, that would be a crime and should be prosecuted.

"How do you like your media manipulated to create sensationalism for the purpose of a political agenda? Then or now? Or did he mean to say "religious/political agenda"?

"Wilson and Hammer can create villains wherever one is needed by the careful use of sound bites, video clips and innuendo. If that's not good enough they will create false stories". Yep, call the gay guys liars again .... with your un-provable "innuendos"! He sure likes to call people liars a lot for a man of the cloth! Forget about casting the first stone ... this Pastor wants to cast all the stones he can get his hands on!

"Coudersport, you have just experienced Wilson and Hammer's 'Community Engagement Campaign'. How did it taste"? This is just wrong! Don’t go there! (taste!)!!! Tell me THAT wasn't a calculated move to use the word "taste" about something imagined that a couple of gay guys did to us?

"How did that taste" .... Really Pastor Tremblay .... how low will you go? "A couple of god-less gay guys came into town and left a bad taste in our mouths".

Shame on you Pastor Tremblay! There will be some in town who will realize the truth and see the real liars for who they are. The truth has a way of always coming out in the end!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Russell. A representative of your "people" has lied, falsely accused, created public hysteria, with the deliberate intent to destroy the fabric of unity and tolerance within our community, and you are judging the church?

If my people were behaving as dishonestly as those representing your people, I would want nothing to do with them. It is clear to me that not all hypocrites are in church.

12:14. You are confused. It is the right of citizens to peacefully protest their concerns in public and in keeping with the law. Showing a controversial film in a public facility is not a constitutional right. It is a privilege. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Like the person wrote yesterday, Wednesday you got the dil and today the pastor comes back with the dine.
This is the eternal pendulum swinging.
It will never stop.

Anonymous said...

Best I can say is that churches and religion are experts at the use of propaganda and playing peoples' emotions. Sadly, I think many times the Church's goal is to increase it's financial standings, either through direct contributions or through filling the pews so the take on Sundays is better.

When reading between the lines, sounds like the pastor is a bit miffed because someone else is using propaganda and he thinks propaganda should be left to the experts, the Church.

Anonymous said...

Hey, "Just sayin'", where did all this "public hysteria" that you mention take place? Did you get any photos or video of it?

I'm just curious because I, and others never noticed any "created public hysteria" and somebody reading this might think YOU are exaggerating or might be FOS!

I missed all this "created public hysteria" and would like to see evidence, photos or a video of it.

I'm "just saying"!

Anonymous said...

thursday, July 29, 2010 1:36:00 PM EDT

great post!

Anonymous said...

I stand neutral on this issue; I believe both sides have some loud screamers and big talkers and any balanced person could see that neither side is 100% right.

However, I do not think it is fair to aim below the belt and start winging wild accusations like sayig that all ministers are trying to get rich, rob senior citizens' savings account, etc.. I grew up with my Father as a minister and I saw first hand how many hours per week he worked and how little he got paid. How many of you would work 100+ hours for less than 20 grand a year (and that did NOT include a parsonage). The vast majority of ministers make much less than the average person and work much more than the average person, giving tirelessly of themselves day in and day out. To just start aiming below the belt and blanket include all ministers, many who never uttered a word in this whole dramatic mess, is really unfair and you should be ashamed of yourselves for doing so.

Anonymous said...

Jim Russell you've done more here by your postings to turn the average citizen off from this movie than anyone else on here. This constant bashing of Christians is getting old. If these posting against Pastor Tremblay are an example of how the gay community reacts than I want nothing to do with you, the gay community or your movie.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for the gay community in this area, Hamer and Wilson have smeared a stain on gays everywhere that will be long remembered around here. You all need to consider holding them accountable. When the leaders in the church err, they get held accountable. Nobody wants bad press. Neither should you. There is bad and good in gays as there is bad and good in the church. The good gays need to be speaking out against the ruthless and evil destruction being wreaked by Hamer and Wilson, who claim to be representing your lifestyle. They have done nothing but turn me against it, and if you who support the gay lifestyle do not speak out, one can only assume you are all just like them. Hard to believe, but it's your call. All I have read on here is gay supporters who are supporting liars, and evil & deceitful manipulators, simply because they are gay. There must be some of you with a decent bone in your body. In fact, I know there are, I am related to one. And I love that one very much. He/she is one of THE most awesome people I know. So much for your theory that Christians hate gays.

Anonymous said...

the staple argument for every Liberal to support their claim: There is no God and Christians are foolish!!

I missed the part that was based on the fact that any local Christian started this by saying that God exists and Christians are always right?

Liberals turned this into a "religion" debate!

Anonymous said...

some of the "liberals" who are posting here are Christians... myself included...

the bible is one of the most liberal documents ever published...

Anonymous said...

haha!! so none of our local churches made any "threats," or "demonstrated" yet NOW this has turned into a religous debate!

we are the poster community for why liberal/malicious/false advertisement works wonders!


Anonymous said...

Thursday, July 29, 2010 1:36:00 PM EDT

Guess what, I think your way off the mark here. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

Pastor, I am very disappointed.

enough said!!

Anonymous said...

by the way the American Family Association is pretty much nothing but an anti gay hate group that has in the past advocated for arresting Gays and supports laws outlawing homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

I think that I may be missing something here......Did the Library staff ever confirm or deny that they had received calls and/or threats?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and Preachers & Ministers and Priest never lie or twist the truth??? Or molest little boys either for that matter!!! How do we know if that this preacher is saying is true???

Anonymous said...

Where is the librarians' response to this? None of them have made any claims that the producers' accounts of the story are false. Sounds like the Reverend is just out to bump up his collection this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest. Why this film was brought to your community is beyond me. Your county is 97.6% white and probably the same percentage heterosexual. No one from the African-American or gay community wants to be caught dead in rural Pennsylvania. This is obviously true since hardly any live there and by reading these posts I can't blame them. I have a black family next door, a Puerto Rican man on the other side, a lesbian couple 2 doors down, a gay couple next to them, and an Asian lady across the street. When you walk out your door all you see is people that look like you. Again, give it a rest. You don't know anything about diversity so stop pretending you do.

P.S. How is the bible the "Word of God" when it was written by a human being a few thousand years ago? Seems like someone's opinion to me.

Anonymous said...

So far having read the digs against the American Family Association I feel like I have heard the dil but I am waiting for someone to come to their defense so that we have the dine. I feel incomplete right now. Something tells me it would be best for our community if we just decided to put this movie screening and discussion behind us. Was there any report of how many people attended the event? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Liberals seems to assume that in order for anyone to be a Christian, they must also believe that their Christianity should be promoted, endorsed, favored, and perhaps even enforced by the government!?

Christians don't believe this....Liberals do!!

Jim Russell, the gay community is not manipulating anyone nor was it ever suggested, the Liberal media is maniputlating you!

"Pastor, even if you preface your calls to action with the words 'Christian love', it is still the organized religions like yours in this world that persecute and try to shame people for loving another person of the same sex."

My religon and my Pastor do not allow this, my Faith is in God and my job is to Love my neighbor.

Don't allow a bitter taste that another religon/christian has put off on you to define me!

Anonymous said...

Pastor Tremblay,I am also disapointed in you.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Tremblay, You are a classic bully. First you try to intimidate the library and local gays by ganging up on them with "your mislead flock." When your tactics do not work and you realize your bullying is not working you claim to be the victim. Did you go and voice your opinion as many others did? Why are you "dissapointed" with Jim?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I was just called a "gullible hick" by a closed minded minister from Coudersport!
Ugh...that hurts!
So even if what he writes is all true... the fact that the church leaders of this community had this little meeting to view the movie and then complete this "low key" response by praying and spreading God's Word is really sad in MY world. In MY world people should love and accept everyone despite their race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religous beliefs. So Paster Tremblay...I am praying for YOU. I do Pray that you are more accepting of your fellow human beings and start spreading THAT word instead of the judgmental word of HATE that you currently spread.

Anonymous said...

I think this whole thing is a joke. People arguing over this petty stuff. The world is not going to end because someone is showing some movie. Let bygones be bygones and move the hell on. Its all he said she said bs.

Anonymous said...

Gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and trans-genders spend 100's of dollars a day in Coudersport. What would happen if they stopped?

Straight" people shop, visit, and eat at several gay owned businesses in Coudersport.

Many gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual people are employeed in Coudersport every day.

May receive tax-funded assistance in Coudersport evey day.

Anonymous said...

The 2 men that made the film were gentlemen; the crowd was eager to listen, learn and discuss. Then, the man carrying a bible started yelling something as he left the group, pointing his finger at a lady who expressed her feelings and stating that she was a christian. Then, there was a minister who was rude, continued to interrupt, and felt he was not getting his say! Another man, who appeared to be quite radical,was asked more than one time to allow others to speak,continued to not hear anyone only himself! IMO the christian ministers set anything but a good example, and were far from the mark of what Jesus said that "we should love one another". Poor example set by these "Christian men". Very rude. I felt very sad when I left the library. I believe something is bothering them, but it's not same sex marriages. They all better do some soul searching. The young people in the crowd had more manners then the adults.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so this is how I understand this whole story. One man and his congregation decide to try to outlaw a movie based on what they believe or what their "religion" tells them to believe and then he comes back and states he didn't do anything wrong. I've also heard mention of what would happen if a religious movie were shown. Are you kidding me??? It happens all the time, in fact I just saw an advertisement for a showing in Shinglehouse which is being put on by a local church there, and you know what? No one is condemning them. I also remember 3-4 yrs ago the local churches in Ulysses put on a play at the Northern Potter high school (which ran for 4 nights I believe) and no one boycotted that. I went to see it and found it very offensive, but I being of a mature mind never threw a fit and to my knowledge I dont believe anyone else gave them any slack either, so you bible thumpers (your word not mine) need to quit playing the victim card, it seems to me you have pretty much had free rein in these small towns with no one giving you static and this time it back fired on you because the local people refused to let you bully the local library into your way of thinking.
Just my opinion and how I see it.

Anonymous said...

We do a lot of hurtful things in the name of "Christian love", don't we. Merely calling something "Christian love" doesn't make it so.

Anonymous said...

This is sad, so many mean people living in such a small area. Sad, you all treat others the way you do!

Anonymous said...

The Holy Bible is very clear regarding sexuality between like genders. This should be obvious just based on the difference in the design of each gender - another clue why same-sex intimate relationships aren't meant to be. Loving someone of the same gender is one thing; intentionally coupling with someone of the same gender is something else. Yet the eternal consequence of these homosexual choices lies with each individual. May God have mercy on all. Christians, we are charged with making God's Word known. When it falls on deaf ears we can only pray.

Anonymous said...

i agree sad , there is enough hate in the world ,love one another as they would love you , really remember the thought behind the saying,

Anonymous said...

man, the manipulation is flying around. what power would you think would want to stir up all this strife and discourse? and this is directed to no one in particular but -- this whole situation is just sickening. I'm not referring to a film or protests or "no protest" I'm referring to the way individuals are treating one another and trying to claim any part of this is Christian, either tearing down or defending of. Just because the word is thrown around and defiled by some doesn't mean that Christ Jesus has or had a thing to do with this whole situation---I would think it would greive him actually to have any people treat one another so. People are ripping one another apart over a film that will be forgotten and turn to dust long, long, long before the Lamb of God will ever be. He died for us all.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that a marine who lost his life fighting for one of our inalienable rights that we are all utilizing (freedom of speech) received all but 4 comments and this, 40+!. I have recently moved to Coudersport and find a majority of these posts (from both sides) to be very sad:(