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Saturday, July 31, 2010

McKean County Jail Bursting At The Seams

McKean County Jail Overcrowding

From the Jeffersonian Democrat:

BROOKVILLE - Overcrowding in one county prison may prove to be a boon to the Jefferson County Jail.

Monday Jefferson County Jail Warden Tom Elbel said he has been in contact with McKean County about the possibility of housing prisoners for that county.

Read the full story here.


Anonymous said...

here's an idea.

let's lock up a few more kids for smoking dope.

Anonymous said...

This is just great what a waste of our tax money for crying out loud STOP WASTING OUR TAX MONEY ON THESE DAM POTHEADS.There are fare better things that money can be used for this is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah.. send a message that smoking pot is ok.. lets not lock these idiots up.. tie them to a stake,people pot and all other drugs are a major pronlem here..

Anonymous said...

Im glad to hear people are not worried about there tax money being wasted on pot heads. when the funny thing is that in another ten years it is not going to matter just like in a few other states that woke up and said now thats an idea hhhhmmm lets make money on this instead of spend it.But its ok to be a drunk or a smoker and get ssi and waste even more of our money.Must be you dont want to retire when you get old becouse at this rate SSI is not going to be there.Well see ya at walmart and dont for get to say have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say some drugs aren't bad and ruin lives, because they do.

But people with those REAL problems with HARD drugs need medical help. Not prison.
Locking them up only makes them career criminals.

And yes, we should send a message that smoking pot is ok,
if you can be a responsible adult about it.

Just like drinking and any other adult activity.

people are right. prohibition just doesn't work.

evidence shows the war on drugs has only made the business more profitable and the drug cartels stronger. (our grandparents saw something similar happen when they banned booze)
you arrest one dealer, dozens more are ready to fill his place. this isn't opinion, it's fact.

do like we did with the mob & booze, legalize, regulate and educate.
take the money and the drugs out of the hands of gangs and criminals.

teach your children to be responsible REGARDLESS of the life choices they are going to make.

you can't throw all the bad things in the world in jail, you can't shelter your children to protect them. only teach them to be smart.

look around you.
the people you're afraid you are going to create already exist, they always have and they always will.
we aren't lowering their numbers... just the opposite.

Filling prisons and making criminals out of otherwise normal and productive members of society doesn't fix anything. SAVE OUR PRISONS FOR ACTUAL CRIMINALS

It's not a war on drugs.
It's a war on our own citizens

Time to do away with the silly ideas that Anslinger and Nixon brought us.

it's time to deal with these issues like rational responsible adults.

here, don't take it from me
EDUCATE yourself. learn some facts. read up on why these things were REALLY made illegal:


don't miss that section on arrests and incarceration.

pay EXTRA attention to the section on Socio-economic effects

and then remember, the problem is continuing to get WORSE.

we all want a better country. we all want cleaner and safer communities.

the current methods however have proven themselves to make the problems we have worse, not better.

Anonymous said...

SSI?? Walmart??
what have you been smoking?

stop throwing otherwise productive citizens in prison.

save prison for violent criminals

scared for the children?
teach them to grow into responsible adults.

send a message pot is ok? sure, why not.
i think that's what people are saying when they say legalize it :)

it's just as ok as alcohol, tobacco, sex, any other adult activity.

we can teach our children to be responsible adults.

we can help the addicts in our society get better

or we can just have our war on citizens *cough* sorry, war on 'drugs' and keep filling our prisons with possible productive members of society. keep the criminal factories going strong.

do some research on our war on drugs. read some facts:

while your at it, do some more research on what happens to a young man or woman once they have a criminal record. even the most minor one. goodbye good jobs, goodbye education, goodbye any chance society wants you... wonder where they turn after that? (more crime perhaps?)

see how well we 'rehabilitate' them, what the statistics are. i'll give you a spoiler, we make them into career criminals for otherwise harmless activities / medical problems

but sure. walmart and ssi, and drugs are BAD.
we should make a list of all the BAD things and make them all felonies. i'll start
-premarital sex
-etc etc etc

land of the free?
believe that and i have some beach front property to sell ya.

time to fix the system, prohibition doesn't work, the problems are getting worse not better.

how many decades of failure do we need before we learn the current methods aren't working?

Anonymous said...

11:34....11:57, how many times do you need to post the same thing over and over before you realize, along with the rest of us, that your delusions *cough* thought process would better be used by writing the Great American Drug War Conspiracy than boring us continuously here on little ole Solomons Blog! Geez!!

Anonymous said...

They were selling prescription pills, not smoking pot. they were stealing prescription pills from their children and selling them, not smoking pot. Got it ? Morphine, hydrocodone,oxycontin,oxycodone. not pot......

Anonymous said...

who said it had anything to do with the pills i think we where talking about all the people in jail for weed witch is taking up more room in the jail and costing tax payers even more money