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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cabot Oil & Gas Rebuilding Roads BEFORE Drilling


Anonymous said...

This is no surprise! They are doing for their own interests, not the publics! If they want to do something for the public DON'T BRING ALL THESE TRUCKS IN HERE!

They are re-doing the roads so their drivers don't go off them, and they don't beat their truck to death.

They are not doing this just to be benevolent!

For each million gallons of water they carry (to and from the Marcellus wells) it takes about 225 trucks that hold 4000 gallons of water! And the average Marcellus well takes over 5 MILLION gallons of water to frack! That is several hundred trucks for ONE Marcellus well!

Let's see how good they repair the roads when they are done!

Sure they are going to fix them first ..... but then they will ruin them again!

Anonymous said...

Some people are sooooo stupid!!!

Anonymous said...

First poster is Retarded

Anonymous said...

The first post has a lot to learn before running off at the mouth!

First of all the gas companies do not own the water tanker trucks, quit a few local people have purchased them and put local people to work! You know the local jobs that people are saying are not here! I know people that have purchased tank and dump trucks that have been looking for drivers for several weeks. No local jobs my butt, careerlink has all the information if anyone is looking.

Secondly the roads they are making better NOW will cost less later to fix after THEIR ROAD BOND THAT THEY PAY FOR is no longer needed and the road is inspected by Clearfield and any and all damage will be repaired or they are fined.

Know what you are talking about, by fixing the roads now they will hold up longer and be safer until the well work is done!

Anonymous said...

The first poster is right.the other two are drill babies.its easy to tell.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the first poster.., I hope I'm wrong, but.wait and see.

Retarded First Poster said...

..... And the roads need to be wide enough for two of their trucks to pass each other! They need trucks going both ways on the road constantly when they are fracking.

Ask ANYBODY who lives near an active Marcellus drilling site how bad the truck traffic is!

I'll bet ANY of you that they don't repave when they are all done, and the roads will not be in pristine condition when they leave here.

Posters 2 & 3 are just FOS!

Terry Wankel said...

For all of you that are so quick to jump all over the oil companies, even when they are trying to do something good, you should do your part to reduce our dependency on oil, quit typing on your PLASTIC KEYBOARD, don't read anything on your mostly PLASTIC MONITOR, throw out your mostly PLASTIC computer, quit talking on your PLASTIC cell phone, repaint your house every year instead of using OIL based paint, quit eating, drinking, or using anything that comes in a PLASTIC CONTAINER, and when you go to the hospital and almost every tool they use on you is PLASTIC, refuse treatment.

The fact of the matter is, is that we NEED oil. We need the products that come from oil. It's easy to complain if you have to deal with a few trucks or drive down a bumpy road, but keep in mind, almost everything that you use, every day, comes from oil.

Anonymous said...

This is classic NIMBY...we all want a regular supply of gas...oil...and it's the same with the windmills...cheap clean energy...but Not In My Back Yard.
It's pretty obvious they are doing it for their own interest to make sure the equipment can get back their safely and protecting local people's investments. But, if they didn't do it, it would have never been done at all.
Start making your own evergy and you won't look so foolish when you complain about how the natural resources that you demand are extracted.

Anonymous said...

"First of all the gas companies do not own the water tanker trucks".

Who cares who owns the trucks? Do you know why they are using the roads? TO CARRY WATER TO FRACK THE WELLS! "FOR THE OIL COMPANIES"!

The oil and gas producers CAN'T frack without water, THUS the water and the truck traffic is all for the oil and gas producers .... the "oil companies".

Some of the other posts are just way too stupid to respond to.

"Very temporary jobs at that" .... most filled by people brought in from other states.

Thanks a bunch for that!

And Terry, most of the wells in question, are Marcellus Gas wells and most of that is contracted to go to Canada! So much for your plastic making oil!

Plastic can now be made from Wheat that can be grown by American farmers on small family owned farms ... so much for your oil for plastic theory!

And Marcellus Gas sold to Canada is not used to make plastic.

"They fixed the roads for themselves" and they destroy many they don't fix! WE the taxpayers will foot the bill on many roads they leave behind destroyed!

And to show just how foolish some of you are, why is Cabbot Oil doing the road work if THEY don't own the trucks or they won't be ruining them? Cabbot Oil is the one financing the road work? Why is that?

Anonymous said...

You fanatical boneheads just aren't happy unless you are bitching about something are you?

Anonymous said...

A gas company tries to upgrade a road to reduce costs for repair in the future and people bitch.

Gas companies purchase right-of-ways to lay temporary water lines to transport river water to well sites to remove the trucks from the roads and the DEP makes them go through laborious permitting processes that take months to complete so there is no choice to put the trucks back on the roads, and people bitch.

For those of you saying that companies are doing this because drilling could not occur without it are sadly mistaken. I doubt any company would spend tens of millions of dollars to upgrade roads just to drive a few trucks down them.

Seems like everything the companies do, someone complains. Just goes to show you that you can never make everyone happy.

Anonymous said...

If you bloggers are so pissed off about the road conditions then CALL CLEARFIELD!

You will all be told these companies and or the truck owners MUST PAY TO BOND THEM. IF THE ROADS ARE DAMMAGED THE COMPANY/COMPANIES MUST REPAIR THE ROADS OR BE FINED, what part of that do you not understand????

I have nothing to do with the gas companies or the trucks involved but I have bonded roads in the Commonwealth of PA for over 20 years and they do have a system and it does work.

Just seems like there are a lot of people on here that think they know what they are talking about and don't!

No tax payer in PA has ever had to pay to repair roads we used/bonded, our company fixed any and all damage at no cost to any of you!!!

And by the way I AM POSTER #3 and I do know what I am talking about!

"Who cares who owns the trucks?"

I do because I am darn tired of people complaining about "no local jobs", "no local money being made", the people I know that have tanker and dump trucks are local owners putting local drivers to work!

Terry Wankel said...

Anonymous at 3:13 pm.

Oil in Canada isn't used to make plastic, eh stony? I just did a quick google search and found a ton of companies that make plastic products in canada. From the ropes that you use in your hiking trips, all the way to the plastic containers that you use to carry your water in and out of the woods.

Yes, plastic can be made from plant oils as well, but the supply of wheat would never meet the oil demands of this country, even if the entire country was one giant wheat field. The refineries smell worse than a paper making plant, and are causing outrage in towns where they are proposed to be built.

Also, if you would have watched the whole video, and not just the parts that gave you something to complain about, they explain that these roads were "DIRT ROADS", they were not paved in the first place. Cabot is widening, and paving them in concrete. "CONCRETE" a product made WITHOUT OIL.
Also, no one wants drilling in their neck of the woods, but what is one of the biggest parts of the paving substance "asphalt"? That's right, OIL! But I bet you still love it when the state lays down a few new miles of it so that your oil hating rear end doesn't have to feel any bumps..

Anonymous said...

All you stupid people that think all of this gas will be sent to canada really need to educate yourselves and learn how a gas transportation system works. You people really have know idea how any of this stuff works, and until them just keep your stupid comments to yourselves.

Terry Wankel said...

It's odd that all of this oil is transported to Canada, but when I was out working in the oil fields, I saw ARG trucks regularly picking up loads of crude and taking them back to ARG. Either Canada bought all of the land around ARG, or people that believe it all goes to Canada must be wrong.