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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Candidate For Governor Tom Corbett To Visit Coudersport Saturday

Tom Corbett To Visit Coudersport Saturday

Carl B. Long, Republican Party Chairman for Potter County has announced that Tom Corbett, current Pennsylvania Attorney General and Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania in November's General Election will be walking along Main Street Coudersport at 9:30 am this upcoming Saturday morning August 14, 2010.

Long said, "After that Corbett will then be meeting and greeting area residents at the Courthouse Gazebo at 10:00 am."

Long urged "If you are available on Saturday morning, I encourage you to make time to meet the Attorney General Tom Corbett and express some of your opinions, values, and concerns. He needs to know what Potter County is all about from the people that live and work here."


Anonymous said...

I won't be at the meeting, but someone can relay this message to him:
My husband worked two part time jobs last year, drove 52 miles round trip to do so, and made $14,000.

I got,got, got no time said...

I'm sure he'll gain total insight from his 30 minute stroll down main st followed of course by the obligatory meet and greet.

Why do we fawn all over our public servants as if they are some kind of royalty?

Maybe if we touch their coat some of it will rub off on us?

Until we can hold them personally and criminally liable for their promises to lower taxes, bring jobs to the area, take the burden off of small businesses and all the empty promises it matters little.

Either party is the same, one just goes slower than the other.

I work more than I used too.
I make less than I used too
I fill out more forms than I used too.
I am exposed to more bureaucratic instituted liability then ever
I pay more taxes than ever
My dollar is worth less than it ever has been

And they want me to take time off from my life to come see another political schmuck and tell him my concerns?

No Thanks. For those with better things to do here is the summary ahead of time.

Walk down main st will be in a shirt and tie, collar open at the neck for the purpose of looking like one of us working stiffs,sport coat folded over arm or possibly the radical Polo shirt option, but it is weather dependent.

Handshaking and waving will prevail as will an intent look of concern and the occasion question of something along the lines of "what would you like to see happen in this town"

Topics and conversation will include:

1.lower taxes

2.more jobs & better paying jobs values

4.keeping us safe from the big T

5.supporting the troops

6.clean water & air

7.responsible drilling revenue from the gas industry and oversight, road repair

9.hunting & fishing if is aides have done their homework

10.a smattering about the Pa wilds

11.Grants,Loans & paperwork in County government courtesy of the 3musketeers

12. state forest land,logging,gas, revenue etc

Practice your bow and curtsey, as you have convinced yourself the king is coming.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Concerning the first husband also does not have health insurance, nor do I. We are not poor enough to have it provided, or rich enough to buy it.

Wonder if Tom Corbett has a clue?

Also, hats off to the second poster.

Anonymous said...

Tom Corbett received considerably more campaign contributions from the gas & oil industry than any other candidate!
Draw your own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

12:01.....well done.

Anonymous said...

"The jobs are there, but if we keep extending unemployment, people are just going to sit there," Pennsylvania attorney general Tom Corbett told radio reporter Scott Detrow last week. "I've literally had construction companies tell me, 'I can't get people to come back to work until -- they say, 'We'll come back when unemployment runs out.'"

yeah, sure.

The circus comes to town said...

It appears the Pa Governorship is turning out to be on the job training for a $75,000 per month consultants job for the gas industry, ala Tom Ridge

This dog and pony show has been making the rounds all over the state for the last month.

Same thing, selling his small "businnes plan"

Just answer the question of Who, What Where and When. No generalities please.

I would be impressed if he said

"I will bring a long term tenant to the old Adelphia building by a certain date or I will resign as governor"

Put it on the line and stop stroking us and everybody else.

We'll fall for it though, because us peons have the master/servant relationship backwards.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that 12:01 has something constructive to bring to this dialogue and will do so in his second posting as the first one really is not helpful to anyone in any way.

Anonymous said...

It's not the governor's job to "bring a tenant to the old Adelphia building." That's not the role of government and I would not want a Republican nominee to make a promise to do something that runs so counter to my political philosophy.

Same old story,Same old song and dance said...

12:01 is pointing out the folly of being a republican or democratic lapdog, expecting and promoting the people who have caused this mess to fix it.

I am starting to think a third party; the Libertarians are our only hope for freedom

I believe the constructive point is to stop being a lapdog for both parties. Until you do, you are part of the problem.

Put government back to their constitutionally appointed limitations, let the free market work and get out of the way.

He is a paid servant, no greater than the guy who pumps my septic tank. As a matter of fact, I need the guy who pumps my septic more than I need to some hack, who has their hand in my pocket every time I turn around.

BTW, I'm betting on
1. Collared shirt with no tie, open at the neck.

2. Front page photo and headline, something like

"Future Emperor spends whole hour in Coudy with lackys in tow" or some such nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Why would he want to walk down coudersports main street?