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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Corbett Stops In Coudersport On 6 County Tour of Northern Tier

Tom Corbett Visits Coudersport In Northern Tier Tour
Republican Nominee For Governor Of Pennsylvania

Tom Corbett with Potter County Republican Chairman Carl Long and family

Corbett with Ruth Gerhart and her son Bob discussing
Marcellus Shale natural gas business implications

Corbett with local Republican Irvin Duell (Mr. Corbett told
Irvin he concurs with the message on his ballcap)

Corbett with Commissioners Doug Morley (left) and Paul Heimel
Attorney General Corbett with the owners of Wagner Ace Hardware

Photos courtesy Potter County Republican Committee


Anonymous said...

Earlier blogger was correct about the open collar shirt:)

Did Mr. Corbett apologise for saying we want to stay on unemployment?

Anonymous said...

Corbett against drugs.

Who'da thunk it.

I knew we'd gain some piercing insight from his mere presence.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw these pictures posted I predicted to my husband that the forces of negativity that inhabit the Solomon's Words blogosphere would come out in full force and probably not one person would leave a comment thanking this candidate for taking the time to come to Potter County (where frankly he already has a huge majority vote in the bag) and hear what we all had to say. BTW, I am a staunch Democrat but I still appreciate the fact that he came here and I look forward to Mr. Onorato doing the same if he ever does.
We sound like a bunch of hillbilly buffoons when all we can talk about is what kind of shirt he is going to wear and when we blame him (the State Attorney General of all people) for issues we may have with the federal government's policies on unemployment compensation.

A little too deep,perhaps said...

"thanking this candidate for taking the time to come to Potter County" 1:01 you miss the point.

This is a well paid public SERVANT trying to continue being a Higher paid public Servant

The open shirt comment has nothing to do with his attire. It and other comments were made to illustrate the point that, like all political animals, they are well packaged by PR people and they are predictable. They sell what they think the people will buy.

The number one job of an elected official is to get re-elected.

If you believe republican or democratic politicians make things better, show me...

Are my taxes lower?

Do I have less regulation to abide by?

Is my dollar worth more?

Is there fiscal sanity and Frugality with my tax money?

Am I a freer person than I was 60 years ago?

And heaven help you if you own a small business.

Add up All taxes you pay on every good and service and you will find 50% of your income goes to support these hacks.

The middle class is being rubbed out.

As long as you treat them like royalty, rather than like you treat your plumber, you will remain gullible.

Yes, we should thank them for stoppin by, but don't be deceived into thinking this was nothing more than a Planned Public Relations Tour to get elected.

I can guarentee, if a Republicrat or Demopublican is elected not much changes but the speed in which it happens.

Anonymous said...

I think there are many great points made above. The only resolve: We should abolish the democratic system and appoint some private sector group to hire and fire those that create & reshape our laws. I haven't figured out who will appoint that group yet though because it certainly can't be the voters or we are right back to where we started. Still, the private sector concept would eliminate the need for 12 hours of political visits to the rural parts of PA on a Saturday and would enable those paid employees to focus on pleasing a smaller handful of employers. I love it! Makes complete sense.

Anonymous said...

Shame he didn't stick around to see this presentation.
Wednesday Aug. 18, 7pm
First Presbyterian Church, 402
N. Main Street, Coudersport. A Lecture by by Cornell University Professor Anthony Ingraffea

Here's a preview. Hope the commis's take a peek

Anonymous said...

I did not realize Irv was running for office.

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:18. That's old news, man. Click on the Marcellus Shale link at
Check out the counties newsletter from I think it was June or maybe even May of this year about the professor's speech. I saw it like 2 months ago. All you have to do is go to You Tube and type in the dude's last name. Where have you been?

Anonymous said...

I bet you realize that Morley and Heimel got THEIR POLITICAL PHOTO OPP. What have they done for their County except raise taxes and spend, spend, spend? Not one damned thing - honestly. Makes one pretty sick considering what was left to them.

Anonymous said...

Of course they got their photo op, it was to be expected. I appluad the third commisioner, democrat or not, for not sucking up on film at least.

Nothing changes until you do.

Anonymous said...

Irv could probably balance the budget better than whats going on now

Anonymous said...

Here are ten facts of American national politics that you must understand to get meaningful change.

1. You can't beat something with nothing.
2. 80% of politicians respond only to two things: (1) fear; (2) pain.
3. Bureaucrats (tenured) respond only to one thing: budget cuts.
4. Political reform never comes as long as the tax money flows in.
5. The #1 goal is to reduce the government's funds, not re-direct them.
6. Congress's club system sucks in 80% of new members by term #2.
7. Politicians listen to their peers, not to their constituents.
8. Money from the government buys off most voters.
9. Most citizens care little about politics and know less.
10. This gives influence to organized swing-vote blocs.

The political system was summed up a generation ago by the man I regard as the elder statesman of the hard-core wing of the American conservative movement, M. Stanton Evans: "Evans's Law of Political Perfidy."

When our friends get into power, they aren't our friends any more.

To this, I add North's Law of Partisan Politics:

When a movement is in either political party's hip pocket, it will be sat on.

Anonymous said...

I guess I see this differently. I am glad that at least two of our commissioners took advantage of this opportunity to meet with our next governor.