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Friday, August 13, 2010

Gas Drillers Pitch In To Build In-Stream Fish Habitat

Anadarko joins team to preserve stream banks

Lock Haven Express
TROUT RUN - The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and the Bureau of Forestry have been working with volunteers from Anadarko Petroleum Corp. this week to construct in-stream fish habitat structures along Trout Run, a tributary to Pine Creek.

Last fall, Anadarko contributed $10,000 to the conservancy to purchase materials for a stream restoration project in the Pine Creek watershed. Anadarko employees volunteered to help with the installation at the time of the donation. This week, they kept their word with 20 Anadarko staff from Williamsport and Houston pounding sledge hammers , moving rock, and securing silt fabric to create the in-stream structures. More...


Anonymous said...

This is great! I'm glad "the industry" is finally taking an interest in our fisheries!

But if they really care about our trout streams in Pa, perhaps they should fund or participate in a study to see how removing mass quantities of cold water from our trout streams is affecting the fish!

AND they should immediately stop withdrawing water for their Marcellus Shale drilling! That would help a lot more than a bunch of guys building fish shelter on just one stream!

Now that we find out they are concerned about trout, they should address the much bigger problem of them removing millions of gallons of water from perhaps hundreds of different streams across our state!

It's great they care, and I'm sure their free PR for fixing one creek might impress some people, but step back and look at the big picture.

Their industry is destroying hundreds of our pristine trout waters, and they are bragging about helping to repair ONE stream.

And lets not forget that there are hundreds or thou stands of volunteers across the state who don't work for the industry who are also helping improve the streams. Some of us can do it without it being bragged about in the newspaper!

I'm glad that Anadarko is finally acknowledging that our fisheries are important .... now let's see them stop all water withdrawals! ..... To save our streams and trout!

Anonymous said...

Just more good will gestures from the Oil and Gas Companies. Where are the bashers?

Anonymous said...

THIS IS A CLASIC CASE OF A COMPANY TRYING TO MAKE THEMSELVES LOOK BETTER.what a waste of mony when the fish are going to die from frack water pollution.your not foolin anybody. spillem if you gotem!

Anonymous said...

You people bitch about everything. A company is willing to front $100,000 to benefit PA and the streams everyone says they are polluting and yet you still complain. They should just drill and produce gas and tell everyone to go to hell with the attitude they keep receiving.

Anonymous said...

poster 4:06pm
I read the article and know where did I read 100,000 dollars was contributed.It sais last fall Anardko contributed 10,000 to the stream restoration project!There is no other mention of dollar value that i saw in the article.Drop in the bucket for them!They claim they restored 6,000 feet of stream on 22 different sites.6,000 ft =1.136 miles which I don't consider much or nearly enough!The Pennsylvania Constitution states"The people have a right to clean air,pure water and to the preservation of the natural,scenic,historic and aesthetic values of the enviornment.Pennsylvania's public natural resources are the common property of all the people,including generations yet to come."So therefore if I feel like mine or my kids rights are being violated I have every right to bitch about it.Thank You!P.S We need to take the same actions as New York and impose a moratorium on the natural gas industry!