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Friday, August 27, 2010

Port Allegany Man Sentenced

Port Allegany Man Sentenced to Probation
A Port Allegany man was sentenced Thursday in McKean County Court to five years probation after being accused of running a chop shop. 35 year-old Jason Daugherty was also ordered to repay over $118,000 dollars in restitution to customers. Daugherty's victims were from seven states.


Anonymous said...

probation? wow,sounds like the DA of Mckean County dropped the ball on this, $118,000.00 in restitution. and no jail time?. and there is more victims that never came forward. transformation restoration is his companys name.
seems like the tax collectors and these ppl are getting off stealing money.and only getting off with probation and restitution.
and this artical says he was accused?.. he plead guilty ppl

Anonymous said...

Don't be so quick to judge! I wasn't in the Court during sentencing nor do I have any experiance with that DA HOWEVER depending on this guys criminal history standard sentincing may just be probation. The DA can make a recomendation but the Judge decides the sentence.

As for the restitution, I think it makes more sense for these victims to start collecting on the money owed to them rather than this guy sitting in jail for months?

Locking everyone up and throwing away the key isn't the happy ending answer! Why have tax payers spend money for his jail time when we should be worried about the victims getting back their money?

Anonymous said...

That's FIVE years of Probation! Not one or two years, but FIVE!!!

That's a pretty hefty payment every month!!

Anonymous said...

I know this man and he is a good man who just took on too much work at once and couldn't finish it in time to make everyone happy. People took their cars home in the middle of the job and now he has to repay them.. even though most of them already had a lot of work done. So he messed up. Haven't we all!! He is not a bad person, just a young man who was in his first year of business and got in over his head. Everyone deserves a second chance to prove themselves and I believe he will do it.

Anonymous said...

first year of business?, whatever, he has been doing this work all his life,i know the guy pretty good, and he collected money and just did enough work on the cars to get the money and never finished the work, but he can sit his butt in a bar every nite. say what you want to, its theft by deception, promising to do the work and never doing it.taking money and promising to do the work and then NOT doing the work is a CRIME. 5 yrs probation is a slap on the wrist.yeah it is money in the goverments hand for him being on the probation, but what about the ppl that gave him thousands of dollars and never got their cars done. he switched vin tags and thats a crime in its self,in the least he shouldnt be able to screw ppl out of their hard earned money. and i know personally a few that never pressed charges on him. that are just hoping to get their cars done. all that said, friends or no friends, transfermation restoration, amd this guy are crooks, and what about this ex-wife, why wasnt she charged?

Anonymous said...

umm to answer that....i wasn't charged cause i had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with any of it and the person that said he spends all his time in the bar hit the nail on the head there!!!

Anonymous said...

As a customer of Jason's I have nothing but absolute respect and praise for him. The guy's work has won NATIONAL awards, not just rinky-dink local stuff. He got railroaded by a bunch of out-of-town slicksters over the internet. I feel bad for him but I know he will be fine. He's too good a man.

Karen said...

Just to clarify... I did not make any of the above comment.

Anonymous said...

anybody that knows jason and has saw the cars he has done knows that he is a good guy and that he is very good at what he does. one or two good cars and he will be paid in full and will be able to move on. he is young and has his whole life ahead of him.

Port Allegeny - We Support the Home Team No Matter What said...

"Good Guy" is now a FELON

He "pleaded" = no trial = deal

Hope he changes his ways around though.

SMETHPORT — The Port Allegany man accused of running a chop shop
between 2006 and 2009 pleaded guilty Thursday in McKean County Court
to charges relating to defrauding customers.

Jason Lyle Daugherty, 35, of South Main Street, Port Allegany — not
the same person as the Bradford City Police Officer by the same name
— pleaded guilty to altered or illegally obtained property and
deceptive business practices.

Between September of 2006 and March of 2009, while Daugherty was
operating Transformation Restorations, a classic car restoration
service in Port Allegany.

Assistant District Attorney Philip Clabaugh explained that during
that time, Daugherty switched a vehicle identification number — VIN —
from a “parts car” to a car he had accepted to restore, attempting to
pass one car off for the other. And during that time, he maintained a
website where he would post updates and photos maintaining it showed
progress on customers’ vehicles, when in fact it did not.
Senior Visiting Judge H. William White set the date for sentencing as
July 8.

"Also keep in mind, the seperate CIVIL case led by the PA Attorney Generals Office is still underway. Also, the PA District Attorney will hand off the details to the IRS so that the federal charges will come next"

Anonymous said...

The PA attorney general is the one that recommended the sentence if you were in court to hear the testimony that day.

Anybody directly involved with this case knows exactly what happened, and there are plenty of reasons why Mr. Daugherty wasn't immediately shut down and thrown in jail. There is alot of BS going around......

Anonymous said...

He is good person who made a mistake. He's never been in trouble before in his whole life. Never seen a courtroom or anything. Cmon people give him a people are being harder on him than on child molesters.Reading some of these comments you would think he was a lifetime hardcore criminal.Everybody who knows this entire family knows they are all great,kind and decent.They would give you the shirt off there backs and you all know it!I'm glad he didnt get any time.He deserves a second chance and i for one am going to give it to him.If a couple of bitter women he supported for years would get a grip and grow up there wouldnt be anything to talk about here.