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Monday, August 9, 2010

Shirlee Clarifies Town Wide Yard Sale Announcement

Dear Jim-

Perhaps I need to clarify something I wrote in the town-wide yard sale announcement earlier today.

Mr. Scott Wagner took exception to me saying that the commissioners were "nice enough to let us use the courthouse."

I agree the courthouse square belongs to the people. However, in writing this statement I simply meant that there have been times in the past when the courthouse was left in less than perfect condition after its use.

It's a shame that anyone has to take exception to something I'm doing for the community- free of charge- on my own time- to bring people into our area to help people who are hurting financially.

I would suggest that if someone else wants to take over my position and spend hours on the phone receiving calls in my home, in my car, in parking lots, writing everything down, and then typing them into my computer when I return home, they're more than welcome to it. In addition, it takes hours to go through the listings each year and search for address locations on the borough map and make sure every single yard sale is listed correctly.

Perhaps next year I'll think twice before tackling such a momumental task again. It's a shame that one or two people with agendas have to spoil it for the entire community.

Last year I had people tell me they paid their past due water bills with yard sale funds; others bought school clothes for their children, and yet others bought new winter tires so their families would be safe.

This is the only reason I do this.

I don't always agree with actions the county officials take, however keeping the courthouse clean and neat is their responsibility and I couldn't agree more that certain precautions must be adhered to in order to keep it that way.

Shirlee Leete


Debbie Petteys-Saulter said...

Perhaps if Mr. Wagner doesn't like the way Shirlee writes then maybe HE should take over for her. I can't even imagine the hours that Shirlee Leete puts into something like this. I DO KNOW THIS...SHE cares about Coudersport and what goes on in and about the area. I have known her for a number of years. If this Wagner fella has a problem with the way something was worded, I say to HIM...tough noogies.....try lending a hand instead of complaining about...bottom line...QUIT picking on Shirlee Leete...she does a great job.....

Anonymous said...

Don't let a few smart mouths make you feel like you aren't appreciated. You are!

Aaron said...

Why is Scott Wagner giving issue over the lands owned by the people of the county? It's not just his...is it?

Before you know, Mr. Wagner will be sitting on the square with an old broom on a rocking chair ready to shoo away those pesky kids...

Anonymous said...

You do an awsome job! You help so very many people, not just with this yard sale but I have seen first hand how you have helped so very many at christmas time too. If someone wants to make comments on how you do things, then yes, let them take over and see how much work you really put into everything that you do for not only this town but this county!

Anonymous said...

Shirlee, I have done my 20+ years of raising kids, volunteering in my community and school function after function. I learned years ago to accept that when you begin a project SOMEONE is going to have SOMETHING to say about this detail or that suggestion.

My view is, only 1 or 2 complaints this time? Kudos and BRAVO girlfriend! [We] did a good job. You have to accept that there will always be a "Happy Monday" sort of guy/gal spouting their 2 cents.

Shrug it off and keep up the good work.

BTW, at our yard sale we pooled our junk to sell and used our earnings to buy groceries for the group on vacation. You can bet we will do it again next time too!

Anonymous said...

Anyone with half a brain knew what you meant when you said that "they were nice enough to let us use the square" there are a lot of careless people who have nothing better to do than bash people on here criticizing every word and those are the same people who normally leave there trash and garbage everywhere.
Keep up the good work girl!! And don’t let people get to you .

Anonymous said...

she whines all the time though..

Anonymous said...

Shirlee, you can be very abrasive - and after all, you did have to clarify what you meant. We do appreciate your effort, but I don't appreciate you having to make a 'big deal' out of a small criticism about semantics. Your reaction seems over the top - asking for people to pay attention to the hours of volunteer work you offer. When a press release like your hits a web site like this, you havwe to expect people to pick it apart. It just goes along with the blog world. You should let it run off your back and not overreact like you did. Like John Rigas said about you once at Mickey's (for all to hear) - 'keep your friends close - and your enemies even closer.' (This was shortly after you criticized him in the newspaper for the condition of the Old Hickory). Keep up the good work you do Shirley - but never forget we all have enemies out there.

Anonymous said...

I have not lived in Coudersport for years, when I did I talked to Shirley many times and read about the amazing things she has done for the people of that town!!! Even now when I jump on Sollys word I read that Shirley has been up to nothing but goodness--Umm take the woman at Christmas time that had no money for gifts for her children, and who was it that jumped up and made sure that the woman had gifts for her children. I find Shirley to be the most amazing and caring woman and the people of Coudy should be darn proud to have such a woman who goes out of her way to do all the tings she does,while most time leaving her own household duties and life behind---Kudos Shirley, you go lady and if anyone couldn't figure out what you were meant then tough poopey for them !!!!!
Paula Cain Frantz

Anonymous said...

please tell me this isn't the same Wagner that has plagued the area for years with his divisive antics...or has another nut fallen from the tree? Remember those who can..Do...those who can't....talk about those that do...

Oz said...

12:43:00 AM
Becoming abrasive comes with age for some of us, I know I sure have and it comes from dealing with all types of diffacult people! But then again the busiest people do more work and or
volunteering than most!!

Keep up the good work Shirlee, and by the way you did NOT have to clarify what you meant to most of us readers, only a few!