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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When Hydrofracking Is Not Safe! What Can Happen

James Northrup - (Full 27 Minutes) from Sustainable Otsego on Vimeo.

James (Chip) Northrup, former gas/oil industry planning manager discusses some of the major problems of using high-volume slick-water horizontal hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracking) gas drilling method in NY.


Anonymous said...

A few things:

1. A "bomb" is instantaneous (seconds) release of energy whereas fracturing energy is spread out gradually over time (hours), this is not even a close comparison. Rock is not broken up, it creates fractures.
2. Porosity and permeability is how much pore space a certain rock formation has and the ability to flow through it. It does not determine how hard rock is...this is basic geology stuff. The chemcial makeup determines rock hardness.
3. Whether you frac a vertical or horizontal well, it is the same formation. How can it be "softer", it's the same formation.
4. He tries to compare CBM wells which are shallow to deeper conventional wells, that's like comparing grapes to grapefruit.
5. If fractures were reaching the surface, where are all the gysers of frac water shooting in the air?

I could go on, but in my opinion, this guy is no expert on fracturing.

Anonymous said...

Well in my opinion, I really don't care how it's done, I just know it's contaminating the water. It doesn't take a expert to see that. But, hey it's well worth it because of the money it brings in. Guess that'll change when CLEAN water costs more then gas. Some of the smartest people I see on the news turn out to be the dumbest. It's not rocket science to see what fracking is doing to our enviornment.

Anonymous said...

11:35 I could not agree with you more! I stopped listening to him when he said NY state is one of 3 states that do not receive tax money on drilling! Bottom line is his is attempting to create doubt in the minds of uneducated people. The fracturing created in the Marcellus Shale is not a "hole" it is a area of compressed sand used to create a porous area for the gas to pool. The Shale is a hard rock and therefore is both a source rock and a "cap rock". Meaning it traps the gas within itself. Seismic data on every well tells where the natural fractures are within the shale. They do not just frac a zone blindly.
I really liked his way to prevent gas from entering aquifers. Yes lets flare the well that will be so much better by releasing more methane into the ozone and having it come back to the earth as acid rain. Good idea some much better.
The point I'm attempting to make is that the oil and gas industry is here to stay. Do we need renewable energy, sure we do. But stopping the drilling will not give you most of the products everyone uses daily. Which includes the clothes on your back, the computer you are using, any everything made from plastic to name a few!

Anonymous said...

People of every county should listen to this. I certainly know now that my water is not safe and the drilling going on around us is un-necessary-un-safe and un-needed!!!

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned we should increase our use of foreign oil and gas and ruin their environment instead of ours. I'd much rather pay their prices for gas and oil than to have to pay for negative health effects that could come from the chemicals they're putting into our environment. I'd also much rather have water that is safe to drink and pay for foreign oil.

I'll put it one other way. I think it's cheaper to pay high prices for foriegn gas and oil than it is to pay high prices for domestic gas and oil that also results in environmental damage. Then I'll have to also have to pay high prices for water that's currently clean and FREE, I'll have to pay to go fishing in other places because our fishing will be gone, I'll have to pay to go hunting in other areas because the animals that don't die from these chemicals probably won't be fit to eat, like the cows in Tioga.

Gotta wonder how many oil rigs BP has in England versus the rest of the world. Think they're stupid enough to ruin their environment?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how I can buy stock in Charles Cole?Specificlly the Patterson Cancer center, as the cancer rate will triple around here the next 10 years just as it did out west when the drillers rolled into town!Finally got a chance to watch the movie Gasland online today for the first time that everyone is always talking about.I'm seriously sick to my stomach thinking all that happened out west and in Dimick is about to happen here in Gods Country!God help us all!

ChipTex said...

The pressures required to break up the shale are enormous - when compared to other types of wells. Real bombs, including a nuclear device have been tested in similar formations. See this:

Shale gas drillers routinely "gas" water wells. Cabot was cited on 8 of its wells near Dimock for gassing 10 water wells. Meaning 13% of the 62 wells that Cabot drilled gassed the aquifer. A copy of the Pa. DEP should be on the Otsego 2000 website.

Anonymous said...

6:06 What a load of bull...a 2nd grader would know you can't set off a nuclear device to frac a well without NRC approval and that will never happen in the USA.

And...gas drillers don't routinely "gas" water wells.

The problem is that a lot of misinformation is released on news sites without it being fact checked.